Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Leath-árdán (school) (Lahardaun, Co. Mayo), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Máirtín Ó Ceallaigh.

Original reference: 0150/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Mayo schools

  1. Tobar Naomh Áine (p. 1-2)
  2. Tobar Naomh Finánn (p. 3)
  3. Scéal a Chualas ó Mhuintir na hÁite seo faoi Thaibhse (p. 4)
  4. My Native Village (p. 5-6)
  5. My Native Village (p. 7)
  6. My Native Village (p. 8)
  7. My Native Village (p. 9)
  8. Dyeing Wool with Moss (p. 10)
  9. Art of Thatching (p. 11-12)
  10. Customs at Deaths and Burials (p. 13-14)
  11. Death and Funerals (p. 15-17)
  12. Local Fairs (p. 18-19)
  13. Local Customs Carried on November Night (p. 20-22)
  14. Steam-Rolling from Crossmolina to Pontoon (p. 23-24)
  15. Steam-Rolling the Road from Crossmolina to Pontoon (p. 25-26)
  16. Tea in this Locality (p. 27-28)
  17. Digging Potatoes in this Locality (p. 29-31)
  18. Old Houses Long Ago in this Locality (p. 32-33)
  19. Making Bread Long Ago in this Locality (p. 34-36)
  20. Poaching Rivers at Night in this Locality (p. 37-38)
  21. Lahardane Old School (p. 39-41)
  22. Old Nephin Hill (p. 42-43)
  23. Local Story (p. 45-47)
  24. Carrowskeheen Family (p. 48-50)
  25. Local Story I Heard about Fairies (p. 51-52)
  26. Addergoole Cemetery (p. 53-55)
  27. True Fairy Story (p. 56)
  28. Addergoole Cemetery (p. 57-58)
  29. Local Story I Heard about Fairies (p. 59)
  30. Night of the Big Wind (p. 60)
  31. Night of the Big Wind (p. 61)
  32. Diseases with their Local Cures (p. 62-64)
  33. Local Cures (p. 65-66)
  34. Our Farm (p. 67-68)
  35. Our Farm (p. 69-71)
  36. Our Farm (p. 72-73)
  37. Proverbs (p. 74)
  38. Riddles (p. 75)
  39. Strawboys (p. 76-77)
  40. How People in this Locality Burn Lime (p. 78)
  41. Our Farm (p. 79)
  42. Little Old Arts Which the People of this Locality Still Have (p. 80)
  43. Man Who Was Noted for Curing Animals (p. 81-82)
  44. Man I Heard about that Was Noted for His Strength (p. 83-84)
  45. Local Story I Heard about a Carrowskeheen Family (p. 85-86)
  46. Local Poet (p. 87-88)
  47. Sweet Carrowkeel (p. 89-90)
  48. Carrowskeheen Poet (p. 91-94)
  49. Story about a Sea-Horse that Was Seen in Lough Conn (p. 95)
  50. Another Story about a Sea-Horse Was Seen in Lough Conn (p. 95)
  51. Proverbs (p. 96)
  52. Calls for the Different Domestic Animals and Birds (p. 97)
  53. Marriages Long Ago in this Locality (p. 98)
  54. Riabhach Days (p. 100)
  55. Comparisons in this Locality (p. 101-102)
  56. Games Locally Played (p. 103-105)
  57. The Games We Play in this Locality (p. 106-107)
  58. Proghouge (p. 108)
  59. Knockfarnaught Stone Circles (p. 109-110)
  60. Short Prayers Said Locally (p. 111-113)
  61. Local Story (p. 114-115)
  62. Ghost Story (p. 116-117)
  63. Local Story about Fairies (p. 118-119)
  64. Local Story (p. 120-122)
  65. Different Methods of Sowing Potatoes (p. 123-124)
  66. Methods of Sowing Potatoes (p. 125-127)
  67. Way People Sow Potatoes in this Locality (p. 128-130)
  68. Different Kinds of Herbs (p. 131-132)
  69. Weeds that Grow on Our Farm (p. 133-135)
  70. Herbs in this Locality (p. 136-138)
  71. My Native Village (p. 139-140)
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Lahardaun, Co. Mayo
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1 chapter (vol. 150, p. 1a-140)
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University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0150/1

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