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Druim Bréan Lios

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Druim Bréan Lios (school) (Drumbreanlis, Co. Leitrim), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Eibhlín Nic Ghuidhir.

Original reference: 0228/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Leitrim schools

  1. Errew a quarter of a mile from this school contains a graveyard, said to be the second oldest in Ireland. (p. 069)
  2. Frank Doyle's Cave (p. 071)
  3. Saint Patrick's Well (p. 073)
  4. Errew Lake (p. 074)
  5. Drumbreanlis (p. 075)
  6. Beliefs Concerning Taking of Butter by Witchcraft (p. 076)
  7. Another Story (p. 077)
  8. Story (p. 078)
  9. Story (p. 079)
  10. Banshee (p. 080)
  11. When Mrs McManus was about twenty years of age she and her sister Mrs Brady, who is now dead... (p. 081)
  12. There is a corn mill still in Aughawillian. When Dan Kiernan was a young man about 70 years ago... (p. 082)
  13. Ghost Story (p. 083)
  14. Story about Fairies (p. 084)
  15. Food Used by the People in this Locality 40 Years Ago (p. 085-087)
  16. Food Used on Black Fast Days in Lent (p. 088)
  17. How the Festival of Easter Was Kept here 40 Years Ago (p. 089)
  18. Festival of Christmas (p. 089-094)
  19. St John's Eve (p. 094-095)
  20. St Stephen's Day (p. 095-096)
  21. About thirty years ago a man named Reilly lived in Mullahorn. (p. 097)
  22. In this parish about 35 years ago lived a girl called Quinn. (p. 098)
  23. Funerals and Wakes in this Part of the Country 70 Years Ago (p. 099-101)
  24. Hidden Treasures (p. 102)
  25. Hidden Treasures (p. 102)
  26. Feats of Strength (p. 103)
  27. Hidden Treasures (p. 103)
  28. Great Mowers (p. 104)
  29. Quick Runners (p. 104-105)
  30. Accounts of Great Storms (p. 106)
  31. A woman named Leavy lived in Fihora about 70 years ago. (p. 107-108)
  32. Local Landlords of Long Ago (p. 109)
  33. Fairy Story (p. 110)
  34. Hedge-School in this District (p. 111)
  35. Story about Hidden Treasures (p. 112)
  36. Local Cures (p. 113-114)
  37. Fairy Story (p. 115)
  38. Tricks that Used to Be Played on Halloween (p. 116)
  39. Catherine Quinn of Gulladoo (dead now about 40 years) was hired in John Doyle's Errew. (p. 117)
  40. Version of Will-o'-the-Wisp (p. 118)
  41. Superstitions Connected with a Forge (p. 118)
  42. Marriage Customs in this Part (p. 119-121)
  43. Ten Commandments in Verse (p. 122-123)
  44. How Poteen Used to Be Made here (p. 124-125)
  45. Seven Sacraments in Verse (p. 126)
  46. Walker's Ghost (p. 127-135)
  47. Paddy the Lad's Shop (p. 136-140)
  48. Grabber O'Neill (p. 141-147)
  49. Madam's Ass (p. 148-152)
  50. Briody's Flitting Trousseau (p. 153-158)
  51. Jimmy Murphy's Shop (p. 159-165)
  52. Great Frost and Snowstorms (p. 166-167)
  53. Ghost Story (p. 168)
  54. Story Told about Errew Graveyard (p. 169)
  55. Another Story Told about Errew Graveyard (p. 170)
  56. Story about the Fairies (p. 171)
  57. I was knitting a shawl for my mother and did not know how to put the fringe on it... (p. 172-173)
  58. Story Told about the Same Fields (p. 174-175)
  59. I was coming off my Kaly (céilidhe) one night in January 1932 from a friends house... (p. 176-177)
  60. I went over the night before the fair of Arva 28th June 1918 to Hugh Maguire's... (p. 178-179)
  61. In the winter of 1926 a neighbour of mine got very sick. (p. 180)
  62. A little boy named Connolly was drowned in the bog... (p. 181)
  63. James Doyle, uncle to Mrs Dan Kiernan went a 'céilidhe' to William Clerkin's, Errew. (p. 182)
  64. I went for a suit of clothes to Jim Mastersons (Jim the tailors) Cornafest. (p. 183-184)
  65. A man named P. O'Rourke was going to Carrigallen from Bredagh... (p. 185)
  66. Forts in this District (p. 186)
  67. Games Played by Children in this Neighbourhood (p. 187-190)
  68. Lucky and Unlucky Days for Doing Certain Actions (p. 190-191)
  69. Ghost Story (p. 192-193)
  70. Tom Kiernan Cornafest was one Sunday evening sitting in Cornafest fort. (p. 194)
  71. When Tom Duffy Corglass uncle to Hugh Duffy was a young man... (p. 195)
  72. Superstitions Concerning Errew Fort (p. 196)
  73. In the parish of Columcille, Longford about fifteen miles from here lived a girl forty years ago who went to her room and refused to take any food. (p. 197-198)
  74. Mularvy's Ghost (p. 198-200)
  75. McEntyre's Ghost (p. 201-202)
  76. Shee Lights on the Bog Road (p. 203)
  77. Story about a Man that Horses Could Not Draw His Corpse (p. 204)
  78. Puffer's Ghost (p. 205)
  79. Old Prayer (p. 206)
  80. Old Prayer (p. 206)
  81. Another Prayer Taught to me by My Mother (p. 207)
  82. Abide with me (p. 207)
  83. Night Prayer (p. 208-209)
  84. Old Houses in these Parts (p. 210-211)
  85. Old Houses in These Parts (p. 209-212)
  86. Travelling Folk (p. 213)
  87. Place Names in this District and what they Probably Mean (p. 214-215)
  88. Song Made by James McEntyre (p. 216-218)
  89. This is the version of Mularveys ghost given by Paddy Reilly Drumbreanlis who says his father lived in the locality the time the ghost was banished. (p. 219-221)
  90. Ghost Story (p. 222-225)
  91. Strange Happening Not Far from this Locality about 70 Years Ago (p. 225-226)
  92. Song about Cornadrum (p. 226-228)
  93. There is an island on Lough Gowna called Inis Mór on which St Columcille erected a monastery. (p. 229)
  94. The following song was composed by James McEntyre Behamore, Carrigallen on the sinking of the Titanic. (p. 230-236)
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Original reference: 0228/2

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