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Charleville, Tullamore

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Charleville, Tullamore (school) (Charleville Demesne, Co. Offaly), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher S. Ó Bhealóg.

Original reference: 0808/1

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Offaly schools

  1. Weather-Lore (p. 002-003)
  2. Weather-Lore (p. 003-004)
  3. Weather-Lore (p. 004-005)
  4. Weather-Lore (p. 005-006)
  5. My Home District (p. 007-008)
  6. My Home District (p. 009)
  7. My Home District (p. 010)
  8. My Home District (p. 011)
  9. Home Cures (p. 012-013)
  10. Home Cures (p. 013-014)
  11. Home Cures (p. 015-016)
  12. Home Cures (p. 017)
  13. Home Cures (p. 017-018)
  14. The food which was used long ago was mostly potatoes and meal cakes. (p. 019)
  15. Long ago the people had three meals a day: they were breakfast, dinner and supper. (p. 019-020)
  16. Long ago the people used to eat two meals a day. They had breakfast and supper. (p. 021)
  17. There was once an old man who had a son, and he used to be very frightened of thing. (p. 023)
  18. One dark night a girl and her sister were walking along a road where there was a man killed and just as they were going corner... (p. 023-024)
  19. Once there was a family and they used to churn cream and when they were churning every week an old woman used to come and get... (p. 025)
  20. Q) How would you make a thin baby fat. ¶ A) Take it and put it out through the window and let it fall down plump. (p. 026-028)
  21. There is one tailor and tailoress in my district. Both of them work in their own homes. (p. 029-030)
  22. One moonlight night when a woman was asleep, she heard chains rattling. (p. 032)
  23. Q. What is the greatest wonder in the map of Europe. ¶ A. That Hungary did not eat Turkey. (p. 033-035)
  24. Q What is it the more is taken from it the bigger is gets. ¶ A When you are digging a hole. (p. 036-037)
  25. What is it that goes round the wood and yet never touches it. ¶ A. An echo. (p. 037-039)
  26. Q. Why does a hen pick a dish ¶ A. Because she cannot lick it. (p. 039-040)
  27. Live horse and you get grass. A still tongue makes a wise head. (p. 041)
  28. 1 The juice of a cow is good dead or alive... (p. 042)
  29. 1) Never put off for to-morrow what you can do to-day. (p. 043)
  30. Marriage Customs (p. 044)
  31. Marriage Customs (p. 044-045)
  32. Forts (p. 046-047)
  33. There is a fort in Muckleagh. (p. 047-048)
  34. There is a fort in the Meelaghans it is not a very large one. (p. 049)
  35. Long ago people used to make candles of grease and rushes and a piece of cotton in the middle. (p. 050)
  36. The people used to put a piece of iron in with the hatching eggs; they say that thunder will not kill the chickens. (p. 051)
  37. Bread (p. 052-053)
  38. Bread (p. 054)
  39. Birds and Their Habits (p. 055)
  40. Durrow and Its History (p. 056-057)
  41. Herbs (p. 058)
  42. Churn (p. 059)
  43. Graveyards (p. 060)
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Charleville Demesne, Co. Offaly
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Charleville DemesneBaile an BhóthairCharleville DemesneLynallyBallycowanOffaly
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Original reference: 0808/1

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