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Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ballykilmurry (school) (Ballykilmurry, Co. Offaly), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Bean Uí Odhráin.

Original reference: 0807/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Offaly schools

  1. Ballykilmurry (p. 051-052)
  2. On Ballykilmurry School (p. 053-054)
  3. On the Mass Bush in Killiskea (p. 055-056)
  4. In olden times before Tullamore was built there was a town in Aughnanana, the remains of scores of old houses are to be seen to this day... (p. 057)
  5. Bell Hole in Rahan (p. 058)
  6. Story (p. 059)
  7. On the Priests Hole in Ballykilmurry (p. 060)
  8. Once upon a time there was a Killina Priest asked to offer up Mass for a certain person... (p. 062-063)
  9. Once upon a time there was a girl away at work and she went home every night... (p. 064)
  10. A few years ago there was a young man who did something wrong... (p. 065-066)
  11. Holy Wells (p. 068-069)
  12. On Saint Brigid's Well (p. 070-071)
  13. About two hundred yards from our house there is a crossroads called the Rahan cross although it is three miles from Rahan... (p. 072-073)
  14. There is a clump near our house and about eighty years ago there were little old women going about... (p. 074)
  15. Games (p. 076-081)
  16. On the Fair on Ballycowan (p. 082-083)
  17. On the Fairs Long Ago (p. 084-085)
  18. Fair of Ballycowan (p. 086-087)
  19. On Ballykilmurry (p. 088)
  20. Pond in Ballykilmurry (p. 089-093)
  21. History of Ballykilmurry (p. 090-091)
  22. On Ballykilmurry Castle (p. 092-093)
  23. On Ballykilmurry (p. 094)
  24. On Slí Fada (p. 095)
  25. There is a field in Ballykilmur and it is called the grave... (p. 096)
  26. On Saint Colmcille (p. 097)
  27. On a Graveyard (p. 098-099)
  28. Ballykilmurry Castle (p. 100-101)
  29. Ballycowan Castle (p. 102-103)
  30. On Ballycowan Castle (p. 104)
  31. On Ballycowan Castle (p. 105-106)
  32. On Ballycowan Castle (p. 107-108)
  33. On Ballycowan Castle (p. 109-110)
  34. Aharney Castle (p. 111)
  35. Aharney Castle (p. 112-113)
  36. Giant's Grave (p. 114)
  37. Lynally is about four miles from Tullamore... (p. 115)
  38. On Barnalick (p. 116-117)
  39. Round Tower in Kilclare (p. 118-119)
  40. On Our Fields (p. 120-121)
  41. On a Lime-Kiln (p. 122-123)
  42. On Teely (p. 124)
  43. Signs of Rain (p. 126)
  44. Signs of Good Weather (p. 127)
  45. Some years ago in the townsland of Ballycowans adjacent to the old castle as my father was working in the fields... (p. 128-129)
  46. On a Rush Candlestick (p. 130-131)
  47. Stone in Lynally (p. 132-133)
  48. On Kilbride (p. 134-135)
  49. In Kilbride there is a field where people say a man dug his own grave... (p. 136-137)
  50. Old Cures (p. 138-139)
  51. Riddles (p. 140-141)
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Ballykilmurry, Co. Offaly
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BallykilmurryBaile Mhic Giolla MhuireBallykilmurryKilbrideBallycowanOffaly
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Original reference: 0807/2

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