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Ballycar, Cuinche

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ballycar, Cuinche (school) (Ballycar, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Liam Mac Clúin.

Original reference: 0599/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. Story of "Cnoc Tuighe" (p. 139-140)
  2. Poor Scholars (p. 141-142)
  3. Curse of the Friars (p. 143-145)
  4. The Creagh Crest (p. 146-147)
  5. Story of the Cholera Years (p. 148-149)
  6. Davy the Poet (p. 150-151)
  7. Story of the Silver Chalice (p. 152-153)
  8. Carn Éithigh (p. 154)
  9. Cathair Caoin (p. 155)
  10. Cnoc Bartúin (p. 156)
  11. You evicted your peasants, ¶ To make room for the pheasants, ¶ And I want none of your presents (p. 157)
  12. The yeomanry had barracks in Quin and during '98 they captured a man who refused to divulge any information to them (p. 159)
  13. Piseoga (p. 160-162)
  14. About seventy years ago Mr Smyth lived in Ardsollus Cottage. (p. 163-167)
  15. Story (p. 168)
  16. Story (p. 169-170)
  17. Prayers (p. 171-172)
  18. O'Duffy '98 Man (p. 173-174)
  19. Browne of Newgrove (p. 175)
  20. Ballycar Gold Find (p. 176-177)
  21. Mrs Murphy's daughter complained of a pain in her right leg (p. 178-180)
  22. Dennis Mc Inerney (p. 181-182)
  23. Cáit Ní Chiurc (p. 183)
  24. Leprechaun (p. 184-185)
  25. About forty years ago lived Mr John Blood in Ballykilty. (p. 186-187)
  26. Lorgadán (p. 188-189)
  27. There is a large stone in Ballyhannon Farm convenient ro Culshainroge Farm. (p. 190-192)
  28. Mause (p. 193-194)
  29. tAdhastairín Buí (p. 195)
  30. There was a woman in Newmarket-on-Fergus and she dreamt that there was gold hid in lug a' bhaile. (p. 196-197)
  31. A quarell arose in a bog between two men (p. 197-198)
  32. A farmer was carting home hay one autumn evening. (p. 198-199)
  33. One time a man in North Clare dreamt that there was gold hidden in Thomond Bridge. (p. 200-201)
  34. There was a man one time, and he had a very disobedient, headstrong son (p. 202)
  35. One time the husband, son and brother of a certain woman were condemned to death (p. 203)
  36. Trí saghas fear - fear grafaigh (p. 204-205)
  37. Michael Markham and Pat Corbett were bosom companions (p. 206)
  38. There is a fort within twenty feet of his dwelling house (p. 207)
  39. An Féar Gorta (p. 208-212)
  40. Cholera Stone (p. 212-213)
  41. Quin Abbey (p. 214-215)
  42. Maggie Malone (p. 216-219)
  43. Going Astray (p. 220-224)
  44. Tom O'Dea was an indifferent character (p. 225-226)
  45. Two brothers Jack and Paddy lived with their mother in a ramshackle of a thatched house. (p. 227-228)
  46. Night of the Big Wind (p. 229-231)
  47. The Enchanted Lake (p. 232-236)
  48. Long ago there was a certain man living in Ralahine, Newmarket-on-Fergus (p. 237)
  49. Long ago there was a man and he had about ten cows. (p. 237-238)
  50. Long ago there was a man and he was not obeying the Penal Laws (p. 238-239)
  51. Long ago there was a man living in Bunratty and the way he had for a living was by playing a fiddle (p. 239-240)
  52. Once upon a time a farmer lived in the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus. (p. 240-242)
  53. Biddy Early was a famous Clare witch that lived during the early half of the last century (p. 243)
  54. Long ago three giants were living together in Co. Clare. (p. 243-244)
  55. Long ago the mermaid used to be seen in Fenloe Lake and she combing her hair with a golden comb (p. 244-245)
  56. Piseoga (p. 245-246)
  57. May Eve (p. 246-247)
  58. When there was a dairy in Ralahine demesne there was a bleach yard which contained one acre (p. 247)
  59. Long ago there was a nice man in Ballycar who owned a valuable stallion (p. 248-249)
  60. Long ago there was a girl and she was very ill (p. 249-250)
  61. Long ago there was a man and he had seven horses (p. 251)
  62. Long ago there was a cruel steward in Ralahine (p. 251-252)
  63. Once upon a time there was a man in Moohane named Purcell (p. 253)
  64. Long ago a certain woman living in Newmarket-on-Fergus had unexpected visitors (p. 253-254)
  65. A man and his companion went hunting rabbits in Crusheen one day (p. 254-255)
  66. Patt Moylan of Madara Quin Co Clare was going to Limerick with a creel of pigs to sell (p. 256-257)
  67. Wm Slattery Moyriesk Quin Co Clare was very friendly with Mr Tom Singleton a protestant gentleman (p. 257-259)
  68. Biddy Early's Bottle (p. 260)
  69. In the bad times the poor people had no land to sow potatoes (p. 261-262)
  70. Long ago when tge railway line was being made between Ennis and Limerick (p. 263)
  71. There was a very rich man one time (p. 264)
  72. When Mr Quinlan died about thirty years ago, an old woman named Mrs Mc Namara caoined over him. (p. 265)
  73. Long ago when the Mail Coach was passing Cnoc Barton a man jumped from inside a wall and robbed it (p. 265-266)
  74. About fifty years ago there was a mermaid in Newhall Lake (p. 266-267)
  75. There was a man in Drumbingle called Bawney O' Leary (p. 268-270)
  76. When Martin Fahy was a young man he used to go in his cuaird to Creevagh (p. 270-271)
  77. There was a man tralle, travelling from Galway to Limerick one day. (p. 271)
  78. There is an old stone in Mr Hewitt's field (p. 272)
  79. There is, was a main road from Limerick to Galway (p. 272-273)
  80. Some years ago a man went from Ballycar to Manchester to work (p. 274-275)
  81. About a hundred years ago sheep were very plentiful in Ireland (p. 276)
  82. A cuairdaidhe that used to visit his house every night got ill (p. 276-277)
  83. Long ago the mermaid used to be seen in Fenloe lake and she combing her hair with a golden comb (p. 278)
  84. Long ago there was a mill in Ralahine (p. 279)
  85. His neighbour Pat Hogan was going to the fair of Ennis one summer morning (p. 280)
  86. Long ago an old hag was in Rahaline fort. (p. 281)
  87. Seán buidhe was a jockey that lived in Dromoland in olden days (p. 282)
  88. When St Colman was a little boy, he lived with a farmer in Co. Galway (p. 282-283)
  89. Long ago it was the custom that when May Morning would come every farmer would go and see if any of his crops were gone (p. 284)
  90. There is a place near my house garrdha árd. (p. 285)
  91. There was a man in the parish of Newmarket named Mack a few years ago (p. 285-286)
  92. Long ago when anyone would get a pain in his or her head three spoons of tea (p. 287)
  93. Long ago there was a poor man and he only had one cow (p. 287-288)
  94. There is a field in Ralahine called crag buide because it is covered with bushes (p. 288-289)
  95. There was a man one time and he used to go in his cuaird to a special house (p. 290)
  96. When he brought the silver from Quin he dug the hole better and put the silver into it (p. 291-292)
  97. A cuardaithe that used to visit his house every night got ill, (p. 292-293)
  98. His neighbour Pat Hogan was going to the fair of Ennis one summer morning (p. 293-294)
  99. The ruins of an ancient church are to be seen there (p. 294-295)
  100. Ballycar was once a quaint old place (p. 295)
  101. Long ago in the famine years the poor people used to be provided with porridge every day. (p. 296)
  102. Tom Crowe was in his cuaird in Rylane one night (p. 297)
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