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Dubhloch, Cill Mháille

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Dubhloch, Cill Mháille (school) (Doolough, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Tadhg Ó Maoldhomhnaigh.

Original reference: 0625/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. Holy Wells (p. 101-102)
  2. Cabhailíní na mBráthar (p. 105-106)
  3. Lochlann an tSaighdiúra - The Soldier's Haggard (p. 107)
  4. Mill (p. 107-108)
  5. Hidden Gold (p. 111-112)
  6. Crocks of Gold (p. 112-113)
  7. Crocks of Gold (p. 113-114)
  8. Customs Relating to Marriage (p. 115-116)
  9. Superstitions and Omens (p. 117-118)
  10. Cill Stuifín (p. 119)
  11. Cill Stuifín (p. 119-120)
  12. Cromlechs and Dolmens - Leaba Dhiarmuda agus Gráinne (p. 121)
  13. Leacht Chonáin Mhaol (p. 122-123)
  14. Ráthanna agus Liosanna (p. 123-124)
  15. Wakes and Funerals (p. 125-126)
  16. Storms (p. 127-128)
  17. Place Names (p. 129-130)
  18. Seanscoileanna (p. 131-132)
  19. An tAonach - Aonach Stuaic (p. 133)
  20. Scéal Grinn (p. 133-134)
  21. Cluichí (p. 135-138)
  22. Prátaí (p. 139-142)
  23. Ainmhithe Neamhshaolta (p. 143)
  24. Ainmhithe Neamhshaolta (p. 144)
  25. Ainmhithe Neamhshaolta (p. 145)
  26. Ainmhithe Neamhshaolta (p. 145-146)
  27. Ainmhithe Neamhshaolta (p. 147)
  28. Ainmhithe Neamhshaolta (p. 148)
  29. Scéal (p. 149)
  30. Scéal (p. 149)
  31. Rásanna Sióga (p. 150)
  32. In this locality there is a house which is supposed to be visited by fairies... (p. 150)
  33. Chuigeann (p. 151-152)
  34. Once upon a time a man lived in the district and he had nine or ten cows... (p. 152-153)
  35. When the butter is made it is known by the sound of the buttermilk inside the churn... (p. 153)
  36. Once upon a time a man lived in Inagh who had a charm for making people dance... (p. 154)
  37. Éadaí (p. 155-156)
  38. Seanchas i dtaobh na hAimsire (p. 157-158)
  39. Cruatan (p. 159-160)
  40. Seancheirdeanna (p. 161-162)
  41. Leigheasanna (p. 165-166)
  42. Laethanta Áirithe (p. 167-168)
  43. Lucht Siúil (p. 169)
  44. A woman living in Clounlaheen wanted soap for domestic purposes, and hearing that the price of soap in Milltown was 2 1/2d and in Ennis 2d she chose to go to Ennis for the 2d soap rather than lose an extra 1/2d on the soap in Milltown Malbay... (p. 169)
  45. Tinkers (p. 170)
  46. Bóithre an Cheantair (p. 171-172)
  47. Luibheanna (p. 173)
  48. It is said that the Crown of Thorns put on Our Lord was made from whitethorn and it is not right for anybody to have a whitethorn walking stick... (p. 174)
  49. Níl ac cúpla luibheanna san áit seo go bhfuil nimh ionta "hemlock" agus "meacan a' táthú"... (p. 174)
  50. Ainmhithe na Feirme (p. 177)
  51. Cúram na gCos (p. 179)
  52. Gabha agus an Cheárta (p. 181)
  53. An Tiarna Talún (p. 185)
  54. Seanscéal (p. 189)
  55. Amhrán (p. 191)
  56. Scéalta Crábhaidh (p. 193-194)
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Doolough, Co. Clare
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1 chapter (vol. 625, p. 100-194)
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University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0625/2

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