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May 1916 : Henry Street, Dublin, after the shelling of the rebels. 1916 Rising Postcards

James Joyce as a boy. Curran Collection photographs

Pat, 19th-century satire. Pat

Roman silver coin, UCD Classical Museum. Roman Republican Coins

Michael Collins & hurlers. Desmond FitzGerald Photographs

Stephens Green (1898) Thom's Directory Maps

Irish Free State Army soldiers Desmond FitzGerald Photographs

Page from a diary. Fr Francis A. Gleeson Papers

Housing Plans for Greater Dublin. Dublin Town Planning Competition 1914

Cork, Patrick Street (1920). Desmond FitzGerald Photographs

Drawing water, Omeath, Co. Louth. Folklore Photographs

Limburg POW camp. Boehm/Casement Papers

Georgian architecture. Domestic sites in Dublin

Visual resources. Beranger watercolours

History & politics. de Valera press photos

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New Collections

  • 1916 Rising Postcards
    1916 Rising Postcards An excellent contemporary pictorial record of the damage done to Dublin during the 1916 Rising.
  • Fr Francis A. Gleeson Papers
    Gleeson Papers and diaries of the Chaplain to the 2nd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers in World War I, giving a poignant perspective into life at the front.
  • Pat
    Pat "Artistic, literary, humorous, satirical...", Pat was a weekly periodical, published between 1879 and 1883, focusing on the current events of the era.

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Cultural heritage repositories at UCD hold unique resources that reflect the heritage and history of Ireland. UCD Digital Library provides access to resources from many UCD cultural repositories, including: UCD Library Special Collections; UCD Archives; the National Folklore Collection UCD; the UCD Irish Dialect Archive; map collections in the Schools of UCD School of Geological Sciences and Geography, Planning & Environmental Policy; the UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy; the UCD Classical Museum; and more.

Many collections in the Digital Library are also published to Europeana, the digital online gateway to European cultural heritage collections.

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New Features

A new approach to digital images has been introduced to enhance users' experience and to support scholarly research and innovation.

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Support for the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) has been upgraded and expanded, making tens of thousands of high-resolution deep-zoomable images in the UCD Digital Library useable in new ways. This includes support for the innovative Mirador image viewer, now selectable as the default image viewer from the Options tool in the Digital Library page header.

Try out Mirador and experience the benefits of the IIIF approach to disseminating images at our demo page.

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