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Luke Wadding Papers

Abstract Correspondence relating to Fr Luke Wadding OFM and the Irish Friars Minor at St. Isidore’s College, Rome, on ecclesiastical and political matters; and concerning his interests as historian of the Franciscan Order.

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Biographical History
Luke Wadding was born in Waterford on 16 October 1588, the eleventh of fourteen children. He was baptised two days later on the Feast of St. Luke. His family were originally from the baronies of Forth and Bargy in County Wexford. His father Walter was a well-established Waterford merchant and his mother Anastasia a kinswoman of the prominent Lombard family of Waterford. After the death of his parents, Luke left Ireland with his elder brother, Matthew, who enrolled him at the Irish Jesuits’ College in Lisbon. At seventeen years of age, Wadding made his way to Matozinhos in northern Portugal, near Oporto, where he entered the Franciscan Order.
On completion of his noviciate, Wadding’s superiors sent him to the University of Coimbra and from there, to Salamanca. At Easter 1613, Luke Wadding was ordained to the priesthood after his studies. He was then appointed as a professor of theology at the Franciscan College of León and later at Salamanca.
Such was the distinction Wadding achieved in Spain that he was chosen by Philip III for the office of theologian in the embassy sent to defend the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception at the papal court. Several decades later, by letters patent of 1642, the Council of the Confederation of Kilkenny appointed Wadding its accredited agent in Rome. He lived there for almost forty years, in which time he founded St. Isidore’s Franciscan College, the Ludovisian College for Irish secular clergy and, a year before his death in 1657, a noviciate at the friary of Our Lady of the Plain, Capranica.
In total, Luke Wadding compiled or edited about fifty learned volumes on theological and historical subjects, averaging out at well over a volume a year. In 1639, for instance, he published at Lyons a complete edition of the writings of John Duns Scotus in 16 volumes. His greatest literary achievement was the Annales Minorum. First published in eight volumes, it traces the history of the Franciscan Order from its beginnings to the year 1540.
Luke Wadding completed his scholarly works in 1654. Three years later, after a month’s illness he died on Sunday morning, 18 November 1657 and he was buried in the Church of St. Isidore.
Acquisition Information
The papers in this collection were transferred to UCD Archives from the Franciscan Library, Killiney, County Dublin.
Scope and Content
This online collection, UCD-OFM, MSS. D.01, represents the first five volumes of Luke Wadding’s Papers. Previously uncatalogued, this amounts to 1,080 pages which have been disbound, cleaned and strengthened by professional conservator Susan Corr and then databased by Benjamin Hazard. By reason of Luke Wadding’s office as consultor to the Holy See, a selection of these papers came into his hands and, under his supervision, Irish Franciscan friars made exact copies of documents from the Vatican Archive and Library. The collection includes manuscript correspondence, contemporary transcripts and printed matter. This reflects the wide variety of activity engaged in at St. Isidore’s College – from theological scholarship to diplomacy and politics, from Franciscan relations with other religious orders to concerns about patronage and the day-to-day running of the college.
The collection preserves two main types of documents: correspondence, and material for research into ecclesiastical history. Centred upon the years 1618-1657, it starts with the period of Wadding’s career at St. Isidore’s to his death, encompassing his work as Irish agent in Rome and his scholarly interests as a historian. After Wadding’s death, Fr Francis Harold OFM, a nephew of Luke Wadding and his first biographer, continued to add to the collection which was subsequently maintained by the archivists at St. Isidore’s College, Rome, before its transfer to Dublin in 1872. At times, however, the handwriting is difficult to decipher and the material is quite fragmentary. These documents were written and compiled from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries.
The overall arrangement is broadly chronological but the repositioning of documents in these five volumes reflects the regular disruption witnessed in their compilation since the early seventeenth century. For instance, it should be noted that, before being bound in the twentieth century, each of these documents was foliated. After binding, each volume was paginated. The material can therefore appear rather disjointed. The division between the contents of these volumes is not absolute but the material can be categorized as follows: -
Franciscan correspondence and historiography, especially for the Irish Province of the Order; material concerned with the Irish Colleges in Italy, the Low Countries, Spain and Prague; documents relating to the Confederation of Kilkenny and Luke Wadding’s work as their accredited agent in Rome; material from Wadding’s own research as an ecclesiastical historian, such as his interest in the foundation of Irish friaries and abbeys; historical tracts written in defence of Ireland and the Irish; printed matter and transcripts thereof; items of interest from the Jacobite period; letters of the Irish clergy, hierarchy and laity to the offices of the Holy See.
Church history--Ireland

Other Descriptive Information
These five volumes serve a number of research uses. Principal among these is the study of the Franciscan Order, the writing of Irish history, the study of the histories of Irish Colleges established across Europe in the early-modern period and the personalities who worked within them. The collection also casts light on the intellectual atmosphere amongst the global Irish in the early-modern era. Some of these documents have been brought to print by historians since their return to Dublin. The two most notable publications are G. D. Burtchaell and J. M. Rigg (eds.), Historical Manuscripts Commission Report on Franciscan Mss. preserved at the Convent, Merchants’ Quay, Dublin (Dublin: H.M.C., 1906); and Brendan Jennings (ed.), Wadding Papers, 1614-1638 (Dublin: Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1953). Where this occurs, both the foliation and the pagination are recorded.
It should be noted that the appearance of Fr Luke Wadding’s name and those of his near contemporaries can differ from one document to another due to the variety of languages in use and the lack of standard spelling during the period dealt with in these documents. Variants are therefore recorded to avoid confusion.

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1 [Tract written in praise of Captain Patrick O'Donnelly.]   [View...]
2 [Copy of papal brief from Julius III to Reginald Cardinal Pole, St Peter’s, Rome, 28th June 1554.]   [View...]
3 [Anonymous Catholic letter on the subject of Protestant literature.]   [View...]
4 [Copy of 'Briefe Relation of Irland and the diversity of Irish in the same' by Philip O'Sullivan Beare.]   [View...]
5 [Report on the Catholic bishoprics of Ireland prepared for the Sacred Congregation de Propaganda Fide, entitled 'De Episcopi Hiberniae Anno 1666'.]   [View...]
6 [Letter from Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM to the Cardinal Protector, Dublin, 17th November 1624.]   [View...]
7 [Questions concerning Irish ecclesiastical affairs for resolution at Rome.]   [View...]
8 [Prose composition written by Fr Luke Wadding OFM giving thanks and praise to the Spanish vice-regent, the senate and nobility of Naples.]   [View...]
9 [Report on the events in Ireland, entitled 'Brevis relatio afflicti status Hiberniae Anno 1656'.]   [View...]
10 [Letter of Fr J. Egan OFM to Fr Andrew Egan OFM, Milan, 27th August 1705.]   [View...]
11 [Fragment relating to the controversy caused by Fr Raymond Caron OFM in the interests of Ormond.]   [View...]
12 [Portion of a petition relating to Rinuccini's excommunication of those who favoured the Inchiquin truce.]   [View...]
13 [Letter of Thomas Fleming, Catholic archbishop of Dublin, to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, Dublin, 13th September 1639.]   [View...]
14 [Fragmentary transcripts relating to the repudiation of Ormond by Irish Catholic bishops on 12th August 1650.]   [View...]
15 [Points made by the Sacred Congregation to the regular clergy of Ireland on preaching about Catholic marriage and the baptism of infants, Feria, 9th November 1672.]   [View...]
16 'Copia il Giorno della Nascita di Su Mta molto benigna. Sofia Carlotta Regina della Gran Brettagna a Sua Altezza Reale Il Principe Augusto d'Inghilterra'.   [View...]
17 [Copy of a medical tract on the subject of bloodletting and natural evacuation.]   [View...]
18 [A portion of a tract by Fray Laureano de La Cruz OFM, about Franciscan journeys along the Amazon from Ecuador to Brazil, 1650-1652.]   [View...]
19 [Copy of roll of honour for the Franciscan order, 1648.]   [View...]
20 [Copy of a tribute to the prince of Sicily and Naples on the occasion of his wedding, entitled: 'A Sua Reale Alteza Il Principe Francesco Borbone. Sopra il suo felice Matrimonio. Anacreontica'.]   [View...]
21 [Pen-trials, alphabets, eight lines of Gaelic devotional verse, a short tract on St Patrick, and ciphers, written at St Isidore's, Rome.]   [View...]
22 [An Irish ode to the newborn child of George III.]   [View...]
23 [A poem of four couplets, entitled: 'Enigma'.]   [View...]
24 [Copy of 'Ex Henrico Knyghton Lib. 3o de Eventibus Angliae. Anno gratiae 1286'.]   [View...]
25 [Transcripts of the deliberations of the Catholic prelates of the Province of Cashel, and of the renewed proclamation banishing all Catholic clergy from Ireland.]   [View...]
26 [Copy of a letter from the earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnell to Paul V.]   [View...]
27 [Copy of letter from the mayor and citizens of Cork to King Henry IV.]   [View...]
28 [Copy of Urban VIII's papal bull in favour of all Irish colleges founded or to be founded in Spain, France and Flanders, 10th July 1626.]   [View...]
29 [Portion of a tract on religious houses in late Tudor Ireland, relating to the attempted recovery of Franciscan foundations in Ireland.]   [View...]
30 'The form of the Oath of Abjuration'.   [View...]
32 [Last will and testament of Captain Patrick Fleming, son of Christopher Lord Baron of Slane, Aire-sur-la-Lys, 1st December 1637.]   [View...]
33 [Pamphlet, entitled: 'Heads of a Bill for a Register of Popish Priests'.]   [View...]
34 'Philippi O Sullevani Relationes Adversus Anglorum scriptorum vituperia in Hiberniam et Hibernos ex originali M.S'.   [View...]
35 [Copy of a letter of the Catholic bishops of the province of Armagh to Urban VIII , 12th July 1632]   [View...]
36 [Manifesto of Hugh Balldearg O'Donnell, Conde de Tyrconnell.]   [View...]
37 'A breeffe and true relation of the Archbishopps proceedings with Paul Harris'.   [View...]
38 'A Journal of ye most remarkable occurrences had between His Majesty’s army and Marischal Schomberg in Irland from ye 12th of Aug., to ye 23 of 8bre 1689'.   [View...]
39 [Fragment of 'Philippi O Sullevani Relationes Adversus Anglorum scriptorum vituperia in Hiberniam et Hibernos ex originali M.S'.]   [View...]
40 [Copy of a letter of William Basil, Attorney General of Ireland, Kilkenny, 4th November 1650.]   [View...]
41 [Transcript of news from Ireland, 2nd November 1640.]   [View...]
42 [Copy of the oath of the Kilkenny Confederates.]   [View...]
43 [Letter from the supreme council of the Confederate Catholics to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, Galway, 27th April 1644.]   [View...]
44 [Letter of Fr Matthew O'Hartegan SJ to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, 19th August 1643.]   [View...]
45 'Dimanda della natione fiaminga, per haver una Chiesa in Waterfordia'.   [View...]
46 [Copy of a letter from the secular clergy of Ireland to Pope Alexander VII, 20th July 1660.]   [View...]
47 [Letter of the Catholic archbishops and bishops of Ireland to Charles Emmanuel II, duke of Savoy, 13th December 1649.]   [View...]
48 [Information provided by the Catholic bishop of Waterford and Lismore concerning the Cistercians in Ireland.]   [View...]
49 'A breefe and methodicall relation of the moste cruell and tyrannical persecution, which the most Reverend and zelous prelat the Lord Bishoppe Joan O Cullinan Bishope of Raphoe suffers in Ireland of late'.   [View...]
50 [Transcript of a printed proclamation by Charles II, 13th March 1673.]   [View...]
51 [Letter of Owen Roe O'Neill to Cardinal Pancirolo, papal secretary of state, Cavan, 18th May 1649.]   [View...]
52 [An account of the accusations made against the papal nuncio, Giovanni Battista Rinuccini, forwarded to Pope Innocent X by the supreme council at Kilkenny.]   [View...]
53 [Letter of Fr James Fitzsimmons OFM to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, London, 20th March 1643.]   [View...]
54 [Letter of Dermot O'Brien, Tadhg O'Brien and Terence McMahon, Brussels, with seal, 17th May 1656.]   [View...]
55 [Transcripts of news reports on Oliver Cromwell's military advance in Ireland, April 1650.]   [View...]
56 [Transcript of 'Newes out of the Gazette printed at London 28 August 1650'.]   [View...]
57 [A poem on the dorso side of the preceding document, in a different hand, relating to the Guildhall Assembly of 11th December 1688.]   [View...]
58 [Transcripts of letters from Colonel John Hewson, governor of Dublin, and William Basil, attorney general of Ireland, June-July 1651.]   [View...]
59 [Letter of Richard Bellings, secretary of the supreme council, to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, Kilkenny, 7th June 1643.]   [View...]
60 [Short tract on the granting of indulgences in Prague.]   [View...]
61 ['Letter of Henry O'Neill, Ros', 6th March 1643.]   [View...]
62 [Letter of Owen Roe O'Neill to [?] Fr Luke Wadding OFM, 8th July 1641.]   [View...]
63 [Letter of Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Brussels, with seal, 15th January 1643.]   [View...]
64 [Letter of Fr Matthew O'Hartegan S.J. to Luke Wadding, Paris, with seal, 21st August 1643.]   [View...]
65 [Letter of Fr Bernard Fallon OFM to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, Vienna, with seal, 14th November 1646.]   [View...]
66 [Copy of an early sixteenth-century tract relating to the miraculous escape of a man abducted by the Saracens.]   [View...]
67 [Letter of Fr Matthew O'Hartegan SJ to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, 14th February 1643.]   [View...]
68 [Letter of Nicholas French, Catholic bishop of Ferns, to John de Burgo, Catholic archbishop of Tuam, Nantes, 30th January 1654.]   [View...]
69 [Transcript of the civil articles of Limerick, agreed upon 3rd October 1691.]   [View...]
70 [Transcript of the military articles of Limerick, followed by a copy of the letter written from St Germain by James II to the Irish army, 27th November 1691.]   [View...]
71 'Prigentio de Kersaintgily' [otherwise blank.]   [View...]
72 [Transcript of the articles agreed by the opposing sides upon the surrender of Limerick in October 1651.]   [View...]
73 [Extract from a letter to Edmund O'Reilly, Catholic archbishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland, 25th August 1668.]   [View...]
74 [Letter of Fr James Taaffe OFM, London, 12th May 1669.]   [View...]
75 [Certified copies of three letters from Cardinal Francesco Barberini concerning Fr James Taaffe OFM, Rome, 25th August 1668.]   [View...]
76 [Copy of a letter written by Carlo Cardinal Roberti de Vittorii to Fr Francis Molloy OFM, Ravenna, 1st October 1668.]   [View...]
77 [Certified copy of a letter from Secretary Baldeschi of the Sacra Congregatione de Propaganda Fide to Claudio Agretti of the Flanders internunciature, Rome, 29th September 1668.]   [View...]
78 [Letter of William Goold to Andrew French, Catholic bishop of Kilfenora, Cork, with seal, 8th July 1668.]   [View...]
79 [Certified copy of letter of Dominic Roche, vicar-general of Cork, and Edmond Sarsfield, chancellor of Cork, Cork, 22nd June 1668.]   [View...]
80 [Certified copy of a letter relating to the controversy surrounding Fr James Taaffe OFM and his followers, Cork, 8th July 1668.]   [View...]
81 [Copy of the attestations of Irish vicar-generals in favour of the Irish Franciscan mission, June-October 1661.]   [View...]
82 [Copy of the attestations of vicar-generals in favour of the Irish Franciscan mission, May-September 1662.]   [View...]
83 [Copy of 'His Magestyes Declaration to all his loving Subjects concearning lyberty of Conscience'.]   [View...]
84 [A refutation by Fr Luke Wadding OFM of Thomas Ryves' defence of English administration in Ireland.]   [View...]
85 [Copy of a printed protestation by the exiled king of England, James II.]   [View...]
86 [Copy of a printed memorial of the deposed James II of England, stating why the Catholic rulers of Europe should assist in his restoration.]   [View...]
87 [Copy of James II's speech to both Houses of Parliament in Dublin on 7th May 1689, and their joint reply.]   [View...]
88 [Tract relating to the imprisonment of Peter Creagh, entitled: 'Romana Depredationis […] Causa Hibernorum incarceratorum Romae anno 1695'.]   [View...]
89 [Copy of a letter of Nicholas French, Catholic bishop of Ferns, Patrick Plunkett, Catholic bishop of Ardagh, and Robert Barry, Catholic bishop of Cork and Cloyne, Nantes, 28th April 1656.]   [View...]
90 [Printed broadside entitled: 'Compliment fait A Son Altesse Royale Charles Edward Prince de Galles, Regent de la Grande Bretagne and c'.]   [View...]
91 [Copy of a petition from the Irish Catholic subjects to the king of England.]   [View...]
92 [Copy of a royal edict issued in the fourth year of James II's reign, Whitehall, 28th September 1688.]   [View...]
93 [Copy of petition of exiled Irish Catholic nobles to Pope Clement XI.]   [View...]
94 [Initialed title to oath of fidelity. Otherwise blank.]   [View...]
95 [Copy of a permit for six Irishmen to travel, Saint Malo, 22nd February 1695, endorsed by Commissioner Ducros, Marseilles, April 1695.]   [View...]
96 [Copy of letter of James II, Saint Germain-en-Laye, 5th February 1694.]   [View...]
97 [Treatise relating to the conflict between the Protestants and Catholics of Ireland up to the conclusion of peace.]   [View...]
98 [Report of the conversion of a 27 year-old Lutheran nobleman on seeing the image of Our Lady of Loreto at Domus Lauretana.]   [View...]
99 [Censure of the theological faculty at the University of Leuven on the declaration of loyalty of the Irish to Charles II of England.]   [View...]
100 [Transcript of letter from Louis XIV, king of France and Navarre, to Clement XI, explaining the motives for the war in Savoy, Versailles, 14th January 1704.]   [View...]
101 [Copy of letter from King Louis XIV to Pope Clement XI, Versailles, 14th January 1704.]   [View...]
102 [Letter of Roger Palmer, earl of Castlemaine, to Fr Francis Porter OFM, 30th March 1688.]   [View...]
103 [Notes on payments made and occurrences at the monastery followed by Latin poetry, 6th-8th June 1658.]   [View...]
104 [Description of events in Ireland from February 1646 to July 1647.]   [View...]
105 [Short tract on the major languages of Europe followed by a description of the counties of Ulster and the Catholic bishoprics of Ireland.]   [View...]
106 [Copy of letter of the earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnell to Urban VIII.]   [View...]
107 [Fragmentary tracts on religious persecution in Ireland.]   [View...]
108 [Copy of a letter written after the death of Pope Alexander VIII, Rome, 4th April 1692.]   [View...]
109 [Petition of Catherine MacMahon, widow of Colonel Hugh MacMahon, to James II.]   [View...]
110 [Copy of a declaration by the exiled Stuart king, James III and VIII, Rome, 1720.]   [View...]
111 [Copy of Acts of Parliament, January 1673.]   [View...]
112 [Copy of a letter addressed to Pope Alexander VIII.]   [View...]
113 [Letter of Nicholas French, Catholic bishop of Ferns, to Pope Alexander VII, Compostela, 15th October 1665.]   [View...]
114 [Copy of an appeal for protection by Fr George Dillon OFM to the French parliament.]   [View...]
115 [A printed reply by Edward Roche, Trabolgan, 15th October 1798, to a proclamation signed by T. J. Fitzgerald, sheriff.]   [View...]
116 [Letter of Fabio da Lagonissa, papal nuncio at Brussels, to Fr Francis Matthews OFM, Brussels, with seal, 3rd November 1630.]   [View...]
117 [Fragmentary remonstrance to the exiled court at St Germain-en-Laye with an appended copy of a letter 18th September 1707.]   [View...]
118 [Letter of Charles, marquis of Thomond, to Fr James Naughten OFM, Paris, 20th December 1755.]   [View...]
119 [Letter of the Catholic clergy and nobility of Ossory to the Cardinals of Propaganda Fide, underwritten by Nicholas French, Catholic bishop of Ferns.]   [View...]
120 [Letter of Charles, marquis of Thomond, to Fr James Naughten OFM, with seal, 25th January 1757.]   [View...]
121 [Fragment of a letter of Patrick MacDonagh, Catholic bishop of Killaloe.]   [View...]
122 [A list of 12 questions 'relating to ye interest of Ierland', St Isidore's College, Rome.]   [View...]
123 [Portion of a tract relating to the articles of peace signed after the surrender of Limerick and the Acts of Parliament assented to by William of Orange.]   [View...]
124 [Letter of the vicar general of Ferns to the Cardinals of Sacra Congregatione de Propaganda Fide, Feria, 29th November 1672.]   [View...]
125 [Letter of Fr Felix Clery OFM to [Peter McCormick], Waterford, 24th April 1750.]   [View...]
126 [An appeal by the Catholic clergy of Raphoe to raise Fr Bonaventure Gallagher OFM, lector at St Isidore's College, Rome, to the see of Raphoe.]   [View...]
127 [Letter of Oliver Plunkett, Catholic archbishop of Armagh and primate of Ireland, with seal, 28th September 1671.]   [View...]
128 [Inventory of the books and other items left to St Isidore's College, Rome, by Peter Creagh, Catholic bishop of Cork.]   [View...]
129 [Letter of Dr Peter Creagh to the Sacra Congregatione de Propaganda Fide.]   [View...]
130 [Endorsed copy of letter of Cardinal Guadagni, nephew of Pope Clement XII, with seal, 8th July 1741.]   [View...]
131 [Letter of the Irish Catholic clergy to Pope Alexander VII, 20th July 1660.]   [View...]
132 [Copy of Napoleon I's decree in favour of the Irish missionaries in Paris, entitled: 'Copia del Decreto di S. M. Imperiale e Reale Napoleon I. In favore dei Missionarii Irlandesi in Parigi'.]   [View...]
133 [Transcript from the Gazette d'Utrecht, Friday 27th November 1750, made by James Nugent, apostolic notary, Rome, relating to misconduct by Irish mendicant friars. ]   [View...]
134 [Copy of the last speech of Oliver Plunkett, Catholic archbishop of Armagh and primate of Ireland.]   [View...]
135 [Certification provided to Captain Paul Creane by Fr Bonaventure Welche OFM, Rome, 20th September 1695.]   [View...]
136 [Questions for intending students of the Ludovisian College for Irish secular clergy, Rome.]   [View...]
137 [Copy of letter from the exiled James II to the Edinburgh assembly convened under the authority of the Prince of Orange.]   [View...]
138 [Letter of Pierce Butler, London, 25th February 1689.]   [View...]
139 [Copy of the king of France's address to the king of England before they parted from one another.]   [View...]
140 [Fragment of a polemical tract relating the abuse of spiritual and temporal power in penal times.]   [View...]
141 [Portion of a letter from Geoffrey Baron to [Fr Luke Wadding] OFM, Brussels, 22nd March 1643.]   [View...]
142 [Register of Irish Franciscan friars and their respective provinces in Ireland, with seal.]   [View...]
143 [Printed attestation to Propaganda Fide in favour of Fr William Egan by Peter Ferriter, Clonmel, secretary to the Sodality of St Paul and public notary.]   [View...]
144 [Index of thirty-three documents relating to the history of Irish mendicant friars]   [View...]
145 [Letter patent of Fr Flaithrí Ó Maoil Chonaire OFM, minister provincial, Leuven, with seal, 23rd November 1607.]   [View...]
146 [Endorsed declaration on the rule to be observed at St Anthony's College, by Archbishop Flaithrí Ó Maoil Chonaire OFM, Madrid, with seal, 13th February 1613.]   [View...]
147 [An agreement between Fr James Garnier OFM and Fr Donagh Mooney OFM, Balmetum, 26th September 1608.]   [View...]
148 [Mandate of Fr Donagh Mooney OFM, minister provincial, Kilkenny, 8th October 1616.]   [View...]
149 [Authenticated copy of letter from the Franciscan community at Bundrowes to Fr Valentine Browne OFM, Bundrowes, 18th October 1631.]   [View...]
150 [Letter of Fr John Barnewall OFM to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Dublin, 7th September 1641.]   [View...]
151 [Letter of Fr John Barnewall OFM to [Fr Hugh de Burgo] OFM, Dublin, 7th September 1641.]   [View...]
152 [Letter of Fr John Barnewall OFM to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Dublin, 18th May 1640.]   [View...]
153 [Letter patent of Fr Pedro Manero OFM, minister general, to the Irish Franciscan province, Ara Coeli, Rome, with seal, 13th June 1651.]   [View...]
154 [Copy of a decree by the Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, Rome, 30th November 1630.]   [View...]
155 [Copy of a decree by the Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, Rome, in favour of the Irish friars minor and their houses, 3rd of February 1656.]   [View...]
156 [Letter of Fr John Barnewall OFM, minister provincial, to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Dublin, 18th December 1640.]   [View...]
157 [Letter of Fr Valentine Browne OFM to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Dublin, with seal, 29th August 1641.]   [View...]
158 [Letter of Fr Valentine Browne OFM to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, 12th March 1643.]   [View...]
159 [Letter of Fr Valentine Browne OFM to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Galway, 21st December 1644.]   [View...]
160 [Letter of Fr Thomas MacKiernan OFM, provincial of the Irish Franciscans, to Fr John Colgan OFM, and Fr Bernadine Barry OFM, 14th October 1647.]   [View...]
161 [Authenticated copy of the decree issued at the Kilconnell chapter by Irish Franciscan definitors, 22nd June 1649.]   [View...]
162 [Decree against apostasy issued at the Kilconnell chapter by Irish Franciscan definitors, 1649.]   [View...]
163 [Copy of letter of Fr Thomas MacKiernan OFM, Irish Franciscan minister provincial, Galway, 2nd July 1649.]   [View...]
164 [Copy of letter of Fr Anthony de Burgo OFM, Cavan, 5th January 1648.]   [View...]
165 [Letter patent of Fr Francis O'Sullivan OFM to Fr John Colgan OFM, Kilconnell, with seal, 22nd August 1650.]   [View...]
166 [Copy of letter of Fr James O'Mahony OSA, Irish provincial, to all the prelates of his order and especially to the provincial of the Roman province, July 1653.]   [View...]
167 [Letter of Fr Francis Farrell OFM, to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM [?], Prague, 27th August 1644.]   [View...]
168 [Letter of Fr Francis Farrell OFM to Fr Hugh de Burgo OFM, Prague, with seal, 7th June 1642.]   [View...]
169 [Authenticated copy of Fr Francis Farrell's commendation of Fr Anthony Gearnon OFM, 4th September 1656.]   [View...]
170 [Authenticated copy of a letter of commendation from Fr Thomas MacKiernan OFM on behalf of Fr Anthony Gearnon OFM, guardian of Dublin, 4th September 1656.]   [View...]
171 [Authenticated copy of testimonial by Fr Thomas Quin SJ in favour of Fr Anthony Gearnon OFM, Dublin, 28th August 1656.]   [View...]
172 [Authenticated copy of decree of exile, Dublin, 30th July 1656.]    [View...]
173 [Authenticated copy of permission from the chief judge for Fr Anthony Gearnon OFM to travel to France, Dublin, 28th August 1656.]   [View...]
174 [Letter of Fr Philip O'Reilly OFM to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, Prague, with seal, 31st January 1652.]   [View...]
175 [Verified copy of the proceedings of the Irish Franciscan chapter held in Dublin, July 1666, under the presidency of Fr Mark Brown OFM, Dublin, with seal, 7th August 1666.]   [View...]
176 [Letter of Fr Francis Matthews OFM to Fr Luke Wadding OFM, Leuven, 4th December 1631.]   [View...]
177 [Copy of request and confirmation of special dispensation granted to the friars of the Irish Franciscan province in 1663.]   [View...]
178 [Copy of a papal brief of Alexander VII to the Irish Franciscan province, 3rd July 1656.]   [View...]
179 [Letter of the Irish Franciscan minister provincial and other superiors against Fr Peter Walsh OFM, Jamestown, County Leitrim, 1st July 1662.]   [View...]
180 [Fr Anthony Docherty OFM to the Franciscan minister general and commissary general, 12th September 1662.]   [View...]
181 [Letter of Fr Anthony Docherty OFM to Fr Francis Molloy OFM, 18th July 1663.]   [View...]
182 [Authenticated copy of two letters patent to conduct a visitation of Ireland, 1st August 1663 and 26th March 1664.]   [View...]
183 [Letter of Fr James White OFM to Fr Francis Harold OFM, Clonmel, 4th December 1668.]   [View...]
184 [Letter of Fr James White OFM to Fr Francis Harold OFM, Clonmel, 29th December 1669.]   [View...]
185 [Letter of Fr James White OFM to Fr Francis Harold OFM, Clonmel, 21st April 1670.]   [View...]
186 [Letter of Fr James White OFM to Fr Francis Harold OFM, Clonmel, 2nd December 1670.]   [View...]
187 [Petition for the division of the Franciscan province of Ireland, Buttevant, 24th January 1672, signed by Franciscan superiors.]   [View...]
188 [Letter of Fr Eugene Callanan OFM, minister provincial, Fr Jeremiah Herbert OFM, secretary and definitor, and Fr Anthony de Burgo OFM, commissary, to Fr Francis Porter OFM, Athlone, 28 August 1678.]   [View...]
189 [Endorsed copy of the attestation of priests and brothers of the Irish Franciscan province on behalf of Fr James Darcy OFM, 23rd August 1684.]   [View...]
190 [Letter of Fr Anthony Kelly to Fr Patrick Porter OFM, Leuven, 29th January 1699.]   [View...]
191 [Letter of Fr Ludovico McNamara OFM to Fr James Cody OFM, Prague, 4th March 1693.]   [View...]
192 [Portion of letter of Fr John de Burgo OFM, with seal, 16th February 1710.]   [View...]
193 [Letter of Fr Lewis O'Neill OFM to Fr Michael Toner OFM, Prague, 22nd November 1690.]   [View...]
194 [Authenticated copy of letter from the chapter of the Irish Franciscan province to the minister general, 23rd August 1684.]   [View...]
195 [Printed declaration on the dispute over the right of all ex-ministers provincials to vote at the meetings of the definitory or governing body of the Franciscan province of Ireland, issued at Rome, 1711.]   [View...]
196 [Endorsed copy of the Bull of Foundation for St Anthony’s College, Leuven.]   [View...]
197 [Authenticated copy of 1613 declaration by Archbishop Flaithrí Ó Maoil Chonaire OFM and the Commissary General’s approbation of 1617.]   [View...]
198 [Authenticated copies of letters of Philip III to the Archdukes Albert and Isabel, and to the Marqués Spínola, El Escorial, 21st September 1606.]   [View...]
199 [Copy of letter of Fr James McDavitt OFM, former minister provincial to the guardian of St Anthony's College, Leuven, 1781.]   [View...]
201 [Copy of a papal bull addressed to Fr James Taaffe OFM, 10th August 1667.]   [View...]
202 [A description of the journey made to Ireland by Fr James Taaffe OFM and of his eventual recall to St Isidore's, Rome.]   [View...]
203 [Notes on the organisation of military units and the rate of pay for their commissioned officers.]   [View...]
204 [Copies of two draft letters to the papacy, written by Prior John Cronin OSA and Fr Anthony Garraghan OFM, minister provincial.]   [View...]
205 [Fragment of 'a briefe and small relation of ye miseries of ye poore Catholickes of Ireland'.]   [View...]
206 [Copy of letter to James Francis Edward Stuart, known to his followers as James III and VIII of England and Scotland, from his Irish subjects serving in France.]   [View...]
207 [Declaration by Fr Anthony Gearnon OFM, of his support for the Irish Remonstrance of Fr Peter Walsh OFM, London, 1st February 1665.]   [View...]
208 [A list of the churches and the names of their patrons in the diocese of Derry.]   [View...]
209 [Copy of 'His Majesties letter to his privy Council of Scotland' and 'The answer of ye Lords of ye Council to his Majesties Letter', 1687.]   [View...]
210 [Declaration of conscientious objections to the oath of supremacy to the English monarchy.]   [View...]
211 [A report of the trial and condemnation of Oliver Plunkett, Catholic archbishop of Armagh and primate of Ireland.]   [View...]
212 [A list of the first twenty-nine students of the Ludovisian College for Irish secular clergy, Rome.]   [View...]
213 [Copy of a dialogue between Oliver Cromwell and Sir Charles Coote.]   [View...]

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