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Towards 2016

Abstract: Material taken from UCD Archives and UCD Special Collections relating to the events of Easter 1916.

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  1. Index of the Desmond Ryan Papers relating to 1916 in UCD Archives.
  2. Index for the O'Rahilly Papers, UCD Archives.
  3. Index of specific 1916-related items held in UCD Archives.
  4. Index stock list of UCD Archives material relating to 1916 Rising.
  5. Index of specific 1916-related items held in UCD Special Collections.
  6. Drawing of cell in Wormwood Scrubs, 21 July 1916.
  7. Permit to access Dublin in the aftermath of the rising.
  8. Booklet entitled 'Dublin and the Sinn Féin Rising' 1916.
  9. Text of a speech by Terence MacSwiney and a poem on the opposite side.
  10. Invitation to commemorative GAA all-Ireland hurling final 1966.
  11. Fourteen photographs of the aftermath of the rising by an unknown photographer.
  12. Postcard commemorating the rising, depicting James Connolly 'Irish Rebellion May 1916'.
  13. Booklet detailing the dead 'Fianna Heroes of 1916'.
  14. Poster evoking the rising 'Easter week repeats itself - The IRA still defends the Republic'.
  15. 'Dublin After the Six Days Insurrection'.
  16. The 'Sinn Féin' Revolt illustrated April 1916.
  17. Poster of General Richard Mulcahy, 'Brilliant Strategist of Easter Week'.
  18. '1916 Before and After', 1937.
  19. Various items regarding the republican movement, including a postcard depicting Eamonn Ceannt, commemorative of the 'Irish Rebellion May 1916', a copy of Ceannt's last statement, and a copy of MacDonagh's last letter to his wife Muriel.
  20. Poems written by Kevin O'Higgins in his early days.
  21. Membership card for James McGowan for the Irish Citizens Army.
  22. Postcard from the 1920s Easter commemoration depicts an Irish soldier with a rifle next to a gravestone adorned with a wreath, inscribed 'For Faith and Fatherland' and 'To The Dead' entitled 'Easter'.
  23. Memorabilia from 1916-1923, including a ticket to an Irish Volunteer concert, a small 4 page leaflet detailing anniversary masses for all the leaders of the rising, and a postcard 'Irish Rebellion May 1916' depicting Con Keating.
  24. Booklet 'Patrick H. Pearse A Sketch of His Life'. / By Coilin.
  25. Coloured postcard from 1919 of the 'Peace Conference', depicting John Bull, and Ireland as an Irish Volunteer being introduced to the table by Uncle Sam.
  26. Prison notebook used by Sean McEntee in 1916-1917.
  27. Prison photograph of Sean McEntee.
  28. Toast given at Kevin O'Higgins' wedding by his best man, Rory O'Connor.
  29. 1916 - 1922... a comparison, Dublin. / By a 'republican'.
  30. Who fears to speak of Easter Week, who dares its fate deplore? / By 'Coln'
  31. The Sinn Féin leaders of 1916 with fourteen illustrations and complete lists of deportees, casualties.
  32. Poets of the Insurrection, (incl. Pearse, MacDonagh, Plunkett, MacEntee).
  33. Aftermath of Easter Week, Irish National Aid and Volunteers' Dependent Fund.
  34. 'A Fragment of 1916 History'.
  35. The Irish-American verdict on Easter week, report of meeting held on May 1916 at Carnegie Hall.
  36. Remember Ashe! / By Phil O'Neill.
  37. The Bold Volunteer. / By Peadar Ó Ceannaig.
  38. Gather Round the Flag. / By Peadar Ó Ceannaig.
  39. Let me carry your cross for Ireland, Lord. / By Thomas Ashe.
  40. Beneath our Flag Green White and Gold.
  41. The Home Coming (Lewes to Dublin, June 18th, 1917). / By Alice Milligan
  42. Various postcards depicting the Easter Rising.
  43. Handwritten account by J.R. Clark, a civil servant with the Office of Public Works, of his experiences during Easter Week, 1916
  44. Interview with Liam Manahan (1878-1972) by Ernie O'Malley. Note: Ernie O'Malley begins writing on the right-hand side page and then continues on the left.
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The aim of the Towards 2016 project was to survey University College Dublin's holdings of material relating to the 1916 Rising and to digitise a selection of this material in order to make it available on the IVRLA. The material which has been selected is of considerable historical and cultural significance and provides an insight into disseminated interpretations of the Rising in the years immediately after it and later. This project also provides indexes detailing UCD's holdings of this type of material which will be of use to scholars, researchers, members of the public and those involved in future digitisation projects.
Postcards, poems, songbooks, photographs, pamphlets, commemorative material, ephemera and accounts of the Rising, which are housed in UCD Archives and Special Collections in the James Joyce Library have been digitised for this project. This material reveals the narratives and interpretations of the 1916 Rising that emerged in its wake. The project has also digitised two significant first-hand accounts of the rising: the diary of J.R. Clark (which contains a graphic account of the events, sights and sounds of Easter Week in Dublin's city centre) and Ernie O'Malley's interview with Liam Manahan (together with an interview transcript, courtesy of Cormac O'Malley). The papers of Ernie O'Malley, housed in UCD Archives, containing over 450 interviews with people active in the revolutionary period, are very helpful in elucidating the events associated with the 1916 Rising; this project has also digitised a significant number of these for preservation purposes. Finally, five indexes of relevant material have been compiled detailing publications and ephemera held by UCD Special Collections, listing UCD Archive collections related to 1916, and providing significant detail of relevant material included in the O'Rahilly papers, the Desmond Ryan papers, and other UCD Archive collections. Together, these digitised materials and indexes will allow scholars greater access to contemporary accounts of the 1916 Rising and to both subsequent understanding and cultural responses to this important event in Ireland's history.
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