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RRC 269/1 (2061)

In collection UCD Classical Museum : Roman Republican Coins

Origin information
Rome, Latium (Roman Republic) : C. Caecilius Metellus Caprarius
Date created:
Type of Resource
three dimensional object
still image
Physical description
1 coin (Silver) ; Diameter:
18 mm ; Weight:
2.95 g
Axis: 4
Material: Metal (Silver)  
Condition: Worn, corrosion on both obverse and reverse exposing base metal core - conservation recommended
Ancient copy
Rome, Latium
Other identifier
Card no. 36
Obverse control
Lower r., *
Obverse legend
Obverse type
Head of Roma r., wearing winged Phrygian helmet; dotted border.
Reverse legend
Reverse type
Jupiter driving biga of elephants l., holding thunderbolt in l. hand, reins in r. hand, crowned by Victory flying r.; dotted border.
Fouree - this silver plated base metal issue may be an official emission or an ancient imitation.
Date of origin
125 BC
Roman Republican Coinage (Crawford 1974) no. 269/1
Coin   linked data (nomisma)
Coins, Roman   linked data (lcsh)
Roma (Roman deity)
Rome, Latium   linked data (pleiades)
Denarius   nomisma
University College, Dublin. University College, Dublin. Classical Museum. Roman Republican Coins. UCD number 2061 http://dx.doi.org/10.7925/drs1.ucdclm_72
UCD Seed Funding Award 2012 (to Dr Philip de Souza).
UCD College of Arts and Celtic Studies Research Project / Initiative Scheme 2013 (to Dr Jo Day).

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