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HIBERNIA : Streets data in CSV format

Abstract: Information for 93 streets in Dublin (Ireland) in CSV representation extracted from FileMakerPro, version 7.

  • Laefer, Debra L. [Research team head, Principal Investigator] (University College Dublin)

In collection HIBERNIA : Streets data in CSV format

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Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland : UCD Library, University College Dublin
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The HIBERNIA project was made possible by funding from the Heritage Council (Grant 15014) and UCD's Institute for Sustainable Development under the auspices of Urban Institute Ireland. The preparation of this inventory would not have been possible without the comprehensive work previously done by the students and staff of UCD's School of Architecture, Landscape, and Civil Engineering in the surveying and compilation of the original Dublin Environmental and Dublin Docklands Inventories and assistance from the UCD Richview Library.
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Heritage Council, 15014

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Metadata creation date: 2013-08 — Record identifier: info:fedora/ucdlib:24091

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