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Slade Harbour, County Wexford (Minor Harbours of Ireland)

Abstract: This collection contains files which describe the construction and evolution of Slade Harbour, County Wexford, from its earliest structure to its current form.

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Dublin, Ireland : University College Dublin
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Physical description: Files include LiDAR point cloud data, and a bibliography of materials such as manuscripts, images, and printed materials relating to Slade Harbour.
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The north pier at Slade, known as the old quay, was built by Henry Loftus in 1684 (Hore 1858). Michael Moore, of the National Monuments Service, has suggested in a recent report that it was built in two phases, the first, cut into the limestone bedrock at the west and using large dimensioned limestone blocks on which smaller limestone was later deployed to raise the surface of the pier (NIAH). Moore also notes the discrepancy in the length of the pier as shown at about half its current length in the 1839 OSI plan, as it is in the fair plan. The pier is known to have been in a state of disrepair by the late 18th century, as mentioned in several reports and coasting pilots of the period (Mackenzie 1776, Anon. 1808). Yet by 1846, when designs are made for a new east pier it is drawn as it currently appears, though of a slightly smaller dimension, 145 feet or 44 meters, than noted by Moore (Office of Public Works 1822-54). A proposal had been made in 1822 by John Breen, the tenant of the lands at the time, to effect repairs on the pier at a cost of £793 to the plans of Edward Saunders (ibid.). Petitions were made to both the Port of Waterford and the Commissioners of Irish Fisheries for support, with Waterford declining to assist. It would appear, from the record of OSI maps that this work was not undertaken at this time, however the work was finally undertaken during the later work on the east pier in 1847 (ibid.). A quay on the south, adjacent to the saltworks (in ruin) and a pier were built in the 1690s by Henry Mansell, related to the Loftus family through marriage, for importing and exporting material associated with the saltworks, also built by Mansell (Colfer 2004). Though described as ruinous, this quay and pier was shown on coasting pilot charts in the late eighteenth century, which show not one but two piers perpendicular to the south quay wall. By 1847, following a petition to the Board of Public Works, funding was obtained for building a new east pier, which likely included rebuilding of the south quay wall. The pier and quay, built of coursed and dressed ashlar limestone, was designed by Barry Gibbons, Engineer to the Board of Public Works, and built by Pat Maher at a cost of £1400 (Office of Public Works 1822-54). As part of this contract Gibbons estimated the repairs to the north pier and clearing the basin to be £1200 (ibid.). In the early 20th century two cross walls were added to the interior of the harbour, likely to provide more shelter (Underwater 2002). The date of construction of the quay and slip at the west edge of the harbour is unclear, but would have occurred after 1848.
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Alternative Names: None.
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County: Wexford.
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Irish National Grid Coordinates: 274685, 98532.
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National Monuments Service/National Inventory of Architectural Heritage reference: 15705410 [East Pier]; West Pier and Salt Works scheduled for inclusion in the next revision of the RMP with extensive description provided by Moore online.
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Geomorphological: Sandy cove.
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Date of Construction: North pier [1684, possibly repaired 1846]; East pier [1690s, rebuilt 1846]; south quay wall [1690s, rebuilt 1846]; West quay wall and slipway [unknown]; Internal walls [20th century].
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Form: Quays, slipway and two piers.
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Builder: Henry Loftus [1684]; William Mansell [1690s]; Pat Maher [1846].
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Engineer: Unknown [1684, 1694]; Barry Gibbons [1846].
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Ownership: Loftus Family [1684-1917]; Wexford County Council [present].
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Building Material: Limestone.
Harbours, Ireland, Maritime, Engineering, Heritage at Risk, LiDAR, Transportable Data, Slade, Wexford, 17th century, 19th century, Henry Loftus, William Mansell, Pat Maher, Barry Gibbons, Loftus Family, Wexford County Council, limestone.
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52.13411297,-6.910025133 (WGS84 (EPSG:4326))
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southlimit=52.133503; westlimit=-6.911448; northlimit=52.134762; eastlimit=-6.908723 (WGS84 (EPSG:4326))
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Slade Harbour (Ireland)
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Rough blockwork (dry stone)
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Ashlar (dressed stone)
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Reinforced concrete cast-in-situ
Intermittent rocky foreshore
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University College Dublin, School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy. Elizabeth Shotton . MHI/SLADE
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"Slade Harbour, County Wexford (Minor Harbours of Ireland)," held by Elizabeth Shotton. © University College Dublin; and Elizabeth Shotton. Digital content by University College Dublin; and Elizabeth Shotton, published by UCD Library, University College Dublin <>
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