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Diary of Arthur Oram : 1st January - 31st December 1907

Hely's scribbling diary for 1907

Abstract: The 22nd of 33 diaries of John Oram’s son, Arthur Oram, farmer and land agent, County Mayo. Covers the period January–December 1907 with some entries for January 1908 at the end. Arthur's diaries record his day-to-day work on the farm, the management of the land under his care, the management of the animals and crops, the buying and selling of livestock at local markets. Also repairing fences, farm buildings, roads and ensuring their upkeep. The diaries also note the weather for each day, his commitments at the Assizes, attendance at the Petty Sessions and other community work relevant to his social standing. He alludes to his work as an elected representative on the Board of Conservators, his membership of the Drainage Committee and the Railway Committee, the surveying and valuing of land, the advertising and awarding of tenders, and the commissioning and inspection of work carried out in respect of these two committees. Arthur also refers frequently to the difficulty in collecting rents from tenants. The diaries record rents received, name of tenant and amount. He refers to events and milestones reached in his own family, attendance at church and the regular company the Orams kept with their neighbours and extended family. The diaries also make reference to current affairs.

In collection Diaries of John and Arthur Oram

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Burrishoole, Co. Mayo : Arthur Oram
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Includes: - Remarks that a presentation of a clock was made to Miss Edgar, the school teacher (2 January 1907). - Remarks that he travelled to Tully to meet with Mr Northcote where he had a 'satisfactory' meeting but 'nothing definite' (3 January 1907). - Remarks that the new teacher Miss Hopson cannot start until February (8 January 1907). - Refers to Mr O'Dowd accepting Mr Northcote's offer for Tully (17 January 1907). - Remarks that he received a wire informing him of his father's death (15 April 1907). - Refers to his father's funeral and the contents of his will (18 April 1907). - Notes that he received a letter from Mr Anketell-Jones and a cheque for £74 [.3] from the sale of the tenanted portion of the Estate '… which I consider very small and inadequate under all the circumstances.' (8 May 1907). - Remarks that Alex Sweeney called to say good bye to him having sold his holding before leaving for America with his brother and sister (17 May 1907). - Remarks that he received a wire from Attie concerning his success in his exams and that he has been called for honours (3 July 1907). - Refers to an unexpected meeting with Mr E Sweeney and Mr F Chambers concerning Teevemore but that nothing was resolved (10 September 1907). - Remarks that he went to Castlebar to consult Mr Robertson, Solicitor about the Teevemore case and Miss Hope's case (21 September 1907). - Refers again to Teevemore and the agreement finally reached to pay the rent due and for Arthur Oram to be allowed back as caretaker with exclusive use of the farm until 1 January 1908 (30 September 1907). - Remarks that he attended the conferring ceremony at the Royal University where his son Arthur was awarded a BE degree (1 November 1907). - Describes an accident with his horse and trap and remarks that he was lucky to escape with a slight scratch (4 November 1907). - Remarks that the Clogher tenants ask for abatement owing to bad crops and Mr Carey agrees (12 November 1907). - Remarks that he remained at home '… rather suddenly taken with a bad back lumbago or whatever it is, the old complaint, had to keep indoors …' (20 November 1907). - Refers to the Aughness tenants who asked for abatement due to bad crops and referring to the other Ballycroy tenants who had asked for abatements '…and pending an answer they did not like to be the first to pay, after a long palaver they paid …' (6 December 1907). - Refers to the death of Mrs Rose (27 December 1907).
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