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82 Grafton Street, Dublin : photographic data

Abstract: Consists of an orthorectified image of the structure in Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) format. The orthorectified image has been derived from one or more photographic images that are included as layers in the original Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) file. The composite and all other image layers have been extracted and saved in TIFF image files, and JPEG files in various resolutions have been derived from the flattened image layer to facilitate inspection.

  • Clarke, Julie [Compiler, Investigator] (University College Dublin)
  • Laefer, Debra L. [Research team head, Principal Investigator] (University College Dublin)

In collection Dataset comprising photographic documentation of 444 buildings in Dublin, Ireland

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82 Grafton Street.psd 1 still image
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1925x3384 pixels
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TIFF image derived from layer 0 of the original Adobe PhotoShop (PSD) file using ImageMagick software 1 still image file image/tiff
8107x4868 pixels
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Richview, Clonskeagh Road, Dublin 4, Ireland : UCD School of Architecture Landscape & Civil Engineering
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still image
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1 still image
44578672 bytes
1925x3384 pixels (image/vnd.adobe.photoshop) (image/jpeg)
An orthorectified composite image of the structure has been created using Adobe PhotoShop; individual layers in the PSD image represent the images from which the composite has been constructed.
Original source image is in Adobe PhotoShop format (PSD). A TIFF image of the flattened PSD file and of each image layer has been derived for preservation purposes, and JPEG files in various resolutions have been derived from the flattened image layer, using ImageMagick software, to facilitate inspection. — Digital origin: born digital
Brickwork structure, 4 levels above ground, constructed 1861.
Dataset   linked data (dct) Photographs   linked data (gmgpc)
Dublin (Ireland)--Buildings, structures, etc   linked data (naf)
82 Grafton Street, Dublin
Funded by an award from the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET), Embark Initiative Postgraduate Scholarship, grant identifier RS/2011/435.

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Dataset describing attributes and condition of 449 buildings in Dublin, Ireland, compiled in 2013. //digital.ucd.ie/view/ucdlib:31057
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