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LD4S SPARQL Endpoint

Abstract SPARQL Endpoint to allow browsing the data stored through the LD4S API (http://spitfire-project.eu/incontextsensing/apiDocumentation.php). Please submit a POST request to http://spitfire-project.eu:8182/ld4s/sparql with the SPARQL query included in a JSON field labelled "query".

Example: curl --request post --data '{"query": ["PREFIX spt: SELECT * {GRAPH ?g {?x a ?t}}"]}' --header "Accept: application/rdf+xml" --header "Content-type: application/json" http://spitfire-project.eu:8182/ld4s/sparql

Please, note that the data in the Triple Store is organized into named graphs. Consequently, you need to address specific named graphs in your query in order to access the stored triples (e.g., select ... where { graph ?namedGraphURI {...} }). The above example will let you discover which are all the available named graph URIs.

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Dublin, Ireland : UCD Library, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
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software, multimedia
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semantic database (application/rdf+xml)
LD4Sensors is a Web service that supports the average user in annotating sensor and sensor-related data while using the SPITFIRE ontology and following both the Linked Data principles and previously identified best-practices.
Sensor and Sensor-related data semantically annotated using the SPITFIRE ontology thanks to the LD4S web service.
Dataset   linked data (dct) Cartographic dataset
Data analytics
Linked Data
Linked sensor data
Semantic web
Sensor data
LD4S SPARQL Endpoint
Science Foundation Ireland

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