Lios Gúl, Mainistir na Corann

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Lios Gúl, Mainistir na Corann (school) (Lisgoold North, Co. Cork), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Pádraig Ó Cathasaigh.

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In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Cork schools

  1. Sgéal iseadh í seo a thuit ammach roinnt bliadhan ó shoin... (p. 001)
  2. There is a well at the end of our farm. ... (p. 002)
  3. Some years ago a farmer living in Lisgoold west, ... (p. 002-003)
  4. In the famine time there was a landlord where... (p. 003-004)
  5. There was once a traveller going around... (p. 004-005)
  6. The juice of a plant called dandelion which grows... (p. 005-006)
  7. When Doctors were few the cures they had in this Parish were... (p. 006-007)
  8. In the olden days Doctors were scarce and people had... (p. 007-008)
  9. A person who has warts gets a snail and rubs him... (p. 008)
  10. Story (p. 009)
  11. There were many cures there long ago. ... (p. 009-010)
  12. The name of my townland is Lisgoold... (p. 010-012)
  13. Our town land is situated in the parish of Lisgoold... (p. 013)
  14. Blessed Wells (p. 014-015)
  15. Blessed Wells (p. 015-016)
  16. Blessed Well (p. 017)
  17. Blessed Wells (p. 018-019)
  18. Blessed Well (p. 019-020)
  19. There are four churchyards in our parish. ... (p. 020-022)
  20. There are five churchyards in this parish, ... (p. 022-023)
  21. There are four graveyards in this Parish and one of them is... (p. 023-024)
  22. There are five Churchyards in this parish. ... (p. 024-025)
  23. It is supposed there was a graveyard by the road side... (p. 025-026)
  24. There is a graveyard in Templebodan. ... (p. 026-027)
  25. Once there was only one fire in Norway. ... (p. 027)
  26. There are several forts in the Parish. ... (p. 027-028)
  27. There are several old forts in this parish... (p. 028-029)
  28. The robin has a red breast. ... (p. 029-031)
  29. The Lanlord for Ballyera was Robert-Mac-Bride who... (p. 031-032)
  30. The name of the local landlords were Davis and General Raines... (p. 032-033)
  31. One day Saint Brigid was walking along the road and she met... (p. 034)
  32. One day St Brigid was walking along the road... (p. 035)
  33. One day as Bridget was in the school teaching she saw... (p. 036)
  34. In olden times people used to get married in... (p. 036-037)
  35. Many of the old marriage customs of years ago have now almost disappeared. ... (p. 037-038)
  36. In olden times the matches were made in (Advend)... (p. 038-039)
  37. Shrove was one certain time they had for people to be married... (p. 040)
  38. If any news was rumoured and to have some people say that it was... (p. 041)
  39. God suits the back to the burthen. ... (p. 042)
  40. Proverbs are old sayings which are heard locally... (p. 042-043)
  41. After a gathering comes a scattering. ... (p. 043-044)
  42. These are some proverbs. ... (p. 044)
  43. We play several games at school... (p. 044-045)
  44. The games I play in Winter are "hunt" and fox and hounds"... (p. 046)
  45. The nicest game I play is hide - , ang , and - go - seek. ... (p. 047-048)
  46. The chief food of the people when the potatoes failed was Indian meal... (p. 048-049)
  47. All potatoes were sown in ridges long ago... (p. 049-050)
  48. One of the games I play is blind man's buff. ... (p. 051)
  49. The game I play is "All the birds in the air will be fishes in the sea". ... (p. 052)
  50. It is a sign of bad luck to burn an alder tree. ... (p. 053)
  51. The years of the famine were 1846, 1847 and 1848. ... (p. 053-054)
  52. The nicest game I play is "All the birds in the air". ... (p. 054-055)
  53. Superstitions (p. 055-056)
  54. Local Superstitions (p. 057)
  55. There are many local place names. ... (p. 058)
  56. There are several local placenames to be heard in this townland. ... (p. 058-059)
  57. There are several local place names such as the Carrigeen field... (p. 059-060)
  58. The famine occurred in the years eighteen forty six and forty seven... (p. 060-061)
  59. There are many place names such as Hannah's field. ... (p. 062)
  60. There are many place names on fields at home. ... (p. 062-063)
  61. One of our fields is called "pairc na ndaoine". ... (p. 063-064)
  62. The Smith's field we call one of the fields in our farm. ... (p. 064-065)
  63. The lake field is the name of Mr Barry's. ... (p. 065-066)
  64. Local Place Names (p. 066-067)
  65. In the olden times the people had names for all their fields. ... (p. 067-068)
  66. In olden times the people had names for all their field. ... (p. 068-069)
  67. There are three forges in this parish,... (p. 070)
  68. There are three forges in this Parish. ... (p. 071)
  69. There are three forges in this parish-... (p. 072)
  70. There are three forges in this parish -... (p. 073)
  71. There are three forges in this parish. ... (p. 074)
  72. There are three forges in this parish. ... (p. 074-075)
  73. There are three forges in this parish... (p. 075-076)
  74. The two local fairs are held at Midleton and Fermoy. ... (p. 076-077)
  75. The three local fairs are namely - Midleton fair, Fermoy fair, and Watergrasshill fair. ... (p. 077-078)
  76. Some years ago when Mr Ahern's Grandfather was working in... (p. 078)
  77. There is a fair held in Midleton, Fermoy,... (p. 078-079)
  78. Long ago they had three meals a day. ... (p. 079-080)
  79. There are three fairs held which people here go to. ... (p. 080-081)
  80. There is an old path in Lisgoold and it is... (p. 081-082)
  81. There is a story about smiths. ... (p. 082)
  82. In the beginning of the ninteenth century... (p. 082-083)
  83. There is no tailor in the district now but... (p. 084)
  84. The number of people that play on each side are called teams. ... (p. 085)
  85. There is one tailor and three dressmakers in this parish. ... (p. 085-086)
  86. There was a tailor in Cloyne by the name of Cornelius Duhig. ... (p. 086-087)
  87. The hurling and football matches were played much different long ago... (p. 087-088)
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Original reference: 0387/1

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