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Ballynacargy (C.)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Ballynacargy (C.) (school) (Ballynacarrigy, Co. Westmeath), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Bean Mhic Óda.

Original reference: 0740/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Westmeath schools

  1. John Daly lives in Ballynacorky. (p. 257)
  2. In a place called Irishtown a man named John Lyons was digging in his garden and he found a collar of gold but a little piece was broken off. (p. 258)
  3. In a place near Moyvore there was a pot of gold found nearly 100 years ago by a farmer named John Mulvanny. (p. 259)
  4. In a graveyard called Aughora on border of Westmeath and Longford there is a big building composed of big rocks about three or four tons weight. (p. 260)
  5. There was a man named Matt Mahon who lived in Mearscourt at one time but is now living in Ballymore. (p. 261)
  6. One day about 20 years ago a man named James Grehan was cutting turf in Ballallan bog. (p. 262)
  7. There is a fort in a field owned by Gibney Victualler, Ballinacargy and the fairies are supposed to be there every night. (p. 263-264)
  8. There is a fairy fort in a field belonging to James Heduvan and they call the field 'the hungry grass'. (p. 265)
  9. There was a farmer who lived in Milltown parish Westmeath. (p. 266-267)
  10. Old Crafts (p. 268-270)
  11. Homemade Toys (p. 271-273)
  12. There was a man by the name of James Farrell who lived in Castletown. (p. 274)
  13. This story was told by an old lady Miss Drew in Ballynacargy it is a very true story. (p. 275-276)
  14. Weather Signs (p. 277-280)
  15. Kilmacnevin Graveyard (p. 281-282)
  16. Among the many famous old places of interest there is one around here known as Collierstown. (p. 283-284)
  17. Long, long ago, it is believed, there was a lake near Laragh. (p. 285-286)
  18. About twenty five years ago in the parish of Milltown. (p. 287)
  19. In a place near Milltown in the village of Piercestown there is the ruins of an old Mill and a stream running up a hill and flowing into a pond. (p. 288-289)
  20. One of the strangest things in Fore is a well called St. Fenchen's well. (p. 290)
  21. Thomas Noonan found about four stone weight of silver coins and a few gold coins. (p. 291-292)
  22. The soldier's acre ... (p. 293-296)
  23. There is a field in Ballinacroghy known as the Bull Ring. (p. 297)
  24. There is a field called The Rocks in old Ballynacargy. (p. 298-299)
  25. Cures (p. 300-301)
  26. Cures (p. 302-305)
  27. Cures (p. 306)
  28. Cures (p. 307-308)
  29. Cures (p. 309-310)
  30. Cures (p. 311-313)
  31. Cures (p. 314-315)
  32. Potato Crop (p. 316-321)
  33. Riddles (p. 322-326)
  34. Riddles (p. 327-330)
  35. Riddles (p. 331-333)
  36. Riddles (p. 334-337)
  37. Riddles (p. 338-341)
  38. Flail (p. 342-343)
  39. My Home District (p. 344-345)
  40. My Home District (p. 346-348)
  41. My Home District (p. 349)
  42. My Home District (p. 350-351)
  43. Rush Candles (p. 352-353)
  44. Cures (p. 354-355)
  45. There is a record of two poets who lived in my district between three and four hundred years ago. (p. 356-357)
  46. Irish homesteads like those of the Indians are noted for their collection of domestic animals. (p. 358-361)
  47. One night three men went rambling to a neighbour's house. (p. 362-363)
  48. Story (p. 364-367)
  49. Games I Play (p. 368-374)
  50. Local Forges (p. 375-377)
  51. Local Roads (p. 378-380)
  52. Local Heroes (p. 381-383)
  53. Local Heroes (p. 384-386)
  54. Herbs (p. 387-389)
  55. Weeds and Herbs (p. 390-392)
  56. Local Fairs (p. 393-395)
  57. Food in Olden Times (p. 396-399)
  58. Local Happenings (p. 400-402)
  59. Local Marriages (p. 403-405)
  60. Famine Times (p. 406-409)
  61. Churning (p. 410-412)
  62. Old Houses (p. 413-414)
  63. Severe Weather (p. 415-417)
  64. Old Story (p. 418-420)
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Ballynacarrigy, Co. Westmeath
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BallynacarrigyBaile na CarraigeBallynacarrigyMoygoishWestmeath
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Original reference: 0740/3

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