abstract: Story collected by a student at Páirc an Iarla school (Rathpeak, Co. Roscommon) (no informant identified).

Original reference: 0273/1/21

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Riddles [duchas:4880748]

Problem. Why is a bad picture like weak tea?
Solution.Because it is not well drawn.
P. What has an eye but cannot see?
S. A needle. 
P. What bed is made nice, soft, and warm and is not made for sleeping on?
S. A flower bed.
P. Which day of the week is the strongest?
S. Sunday because all the rest are week days.
P. Ink ank under the bank ten drawing four?
S. A woman milking a cow.
P. Head again back, back again ground Riddle me that and I will give you a pound?

Riddles [duchas:4880749]

S. A woman milking a goat.
P. Under the water over the water and never touches the water?
S. An egg in a duck.
P. As I looked out the window I saw the dead carrying the live?
S. A person on a bicycle.
P. Twenty  sick sheep went out a gap one died how many were left?
S. Nineteen.
P. Twenty sheep went out a gap twenty more after that six, seven, ten, eleven, three and two how many is that?
S. Five.
P. It is all pains and never sick?
S. A window.
P. Hitty, hatty on the wall, Hitty, hatty got a great fall, ten men and ten more wouldn't put Hitty, hatty as it was before?
S. A broken egg.
P. As round as an apple as deep as a scull and it never cracks until you pull?
S. A bell.
P. What God never sees what a king seldom sees what we see everyday?
S. An equal.

Riddles [duchas:4880750]

P. I had a room full and I could'ent take a spoonfull?
S. Smoke.
P. No boy has it, every girl has it and Mrs. Mulligan has it twice in the one spot?
S. The letter L.
P. As I looked out my grandfather's window I saw twenty little divels rooting up the ground?
S. A harrow.
P. I see said the blind man there is a hole in the wall  you are a liar said the dummy you can't see it all?
S. A lie.
P. What do you cut to make long?
S.  A grave.
P. If one yard of cloth made a suit for a child what would make one for a man?
S. A tailor.
P. Said the child to the father how does it come your my father and I am not your son?
S. Because it was a daughter.
P. There was a weaver in Athlone who has a brother a tailor and the tailor has no brother a waver?
S. The waver is a sister.

Riddles [duchas:4880751]

P. Round the wood, round the wood naked, dear boys which of ye will take it.
S. A woman churning.
P. Look at your hand and you will see what always was and always will be?
S. One finger longer than the rest.
P. A round lump in the middle of the wood?
S. Butter in a churn.
P. What's around the house in the day and sleeps in the corner at night?
S. A broom.

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Rathpeak, Co. Roscommon
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p. 037-040
Volume 0273
Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Ss. Ó Maonaigh.
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University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0273/1/21

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Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Ss. Ó Maonaigh.
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