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Meelin Grabbers

Abstract: Story collected by Michael Riordan, a student at Templeglantine (B.) school (Templeglentan, Co. Limerick) from informant Richard Hartnett.

Original reference: 0492/1/22

Loading...School Templeglantine (B.) [Vol. 0492, Chapter 0001]

County The Schools' Manuscript Collection : County Limerick Schools

Hartnett, Richard

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The Meelin Grabbers [duchas:4914757]

Come all you Irish Fenians
Your guns and sabres gleaming
Come draw your swords for freedom
At captain moonlights call.
There valiant and there daring
There non but of the bravest
No one should prove a tratior
But proudly hold the field.
With air and admiration
With joy and exultation
I'll sing for you a verse or two
Of what Irish men can do.
It been on Sunday evening
Convenient to policemen
When a raid was made
on Meelin

The Meelin Grabbers [duchas:4914758]

The granner was shot down.
This man was often cautioned
But he headed not the warning
I'll die before I'll part it
Said the hungry reptile Brown.
But when the captain heard of it
No man of his men dreaded
He called his men together
And thus to them did say.
Tis in Meelin we are wanted
O'Sullivans farm is grabbing
We have no time for chatting
Go home boys and prepare.
Those men obeyed his orders
Each man with his firearms
Swept off his boots and

The Meelin Grabbers [duchas:4914759]

In a moment were away.
They travelled many a weary mile
O'er mossy land and mountains high
And in the river hallow
They quickly lost their way.
But the sky illuminated
They spied a peeler station
Ten yards off in front of them
Stood Sergeant Ryan's brave crew.
Backward they retreated
Those boys being tired and weary
On the bank they all
sat down

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Templeglentan, Co. Limerick
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p. 083-088
Volume 0492
Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Maitiú Ó Duilleáin.
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Land management--Riaradh talún
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Secret societies--Cumainn rúnda
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Folk poetry--Filíocht na ndaoine
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TempleglentanTeampall an GhleanntáinTempleglentanMonagayGlenquinLimerick
University College Dublin. National Folklore Collection UCD .

Original reference: 0492/1/22

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Collected as part of the Schools' Folklore scheme, 1937-1938, under the supervision of teacher Maitiú Ó Duilleáin.
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