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Remote sensor imagery collected over an area of around 1 square km in Dublin city in 2007

Abstract: Three datasets of images of approximately 1 square km of land area in Dublin City in 2007. Images were captured through use of the Fugro FLI-MAP family of LiDAR systems which capture LiDAR and still camera imagery simultaneously during a fly-over survey. Each dataset includes “forward” and “mapping” imagery comprising complementary data files in ECW and SDIA formats.

  • Laefer, Debra L. [Research team head, Principal Investigator] (University College Dublin)

In collection Urban Modelling Group (UMG)

Origin information
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland : UCD Library, University College Dublin
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Type of Resource
still image
Physical description
3 datasets of image files in Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW) format with corresponding files of attribute data in SDIA format — Digital origin: born digital (application/x-raster-ecw) (application/zip) (application/octet-stream)
Source characteristics: The still imagery data was collected in Fugro’s proprietary SDI format which, besides the image raster data, also contains attribute data. The files in this dataset were derived from the SDI format: ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) is a proprietary wavelet compression image format optimised for aerial and satellite imagery and files in this format have the file extension “exw.” Other files, which have the same file names as the related ECW files, have the file extension “sdia” and include attribute data; SDIA is a proprietary file format.
Source characteristics: ECW images are spatially referenced in Irish Grid - EPSG: 29902.
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Map bounding box
southlimit=53.3382; westlimit=-6.2703; northlimit=53.3455; eastlimit=-6.2494 (WGS84 (EPSG:4326))
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Area of interest
Dublin, Ireland
University College Dublin. UCD Digital Library. Aerial laser scanning (ALS) data collected over an area of around 1 square km in Dublin city in 2007
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Aerial laser scanning (ALS) data collected over an area of around 1 square km in Dublin city in 2007
SFI Principal Investigator Career Advancement (PICA) Programme, I850
EPA (ERTDI Programme 2000-2006 Sub-Measure 2), 2005-CD-U1-M1

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human prepared, with emendations introduced during automated workflow processing

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