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Balbriggan Harbour photographic survey June 16, 2016

Abstract: Representative selection of photographic site survey of Balbriggan Harbour.

In collection Balbriggan Harbour, County Fingal (Minor Harbours of Ireland)

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Balbriggan : University College Dublin
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still image
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37 photographs : col.
Physical description: Photographs taken with Canon digital SLR camera, post processed with Adobe Photoshop to include file data.
Harbours, Ireland, Maritime, Engineering, Heritage at Risk, LiDAR, Transportable Data, Balbriggan, 18th century, 19th century, James Kinffe, Oliver Grace, Christopher Myers, Thomas Eyre, James Donnell, Barry Gibbons, Bindon Blood Stoney, Barnewall, Viscount Kingsland, Hamilton Family, Dublin Port, Fingal County Council, Stone, Fingal.
Table of Contents
Lighthouse 18th century -- Work shed attached to lighthouse -- Head of main pier -- Workshed, main pier -- Joint in stonework of storm wall -- Vertical stonework in storm wall, common, indicative of lower wall? -- Storm wall main pier -- Storm wall -- Joint at concrete repair -- Storm wall and lighthouse main pier -- Concrete repair 1978/79? -- Concrete repair to stonework -- Shift in stonework on storm wall -- Stonework at base of storm wall to pier deck -- Change in height of storm wall -- Shift in stone work from bottom to top -- Infill repairs? -- Cast steps -- Parapet wall -- Parapet wall at road to main pier -- Stonework in road wall -- Road wall to slip beyond harbour -- End of road wall to slip beyond harbour
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Harbors--Ireland--Dublin (County)
Balbriggan Harbour (Ireland)
University College Dublin, School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy. Elizabeth Shotton . MHI/BALBRIGGAN/PHOTOSURVEY2
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"Balbriggan Harbour photographic survey June 16, 2016," held by Elizabeth Shotton. © University College Dublin; and Elizabeth Shotton. Digital content by University College Dublin; and Elizabeth Shotton, published by UCD Library, University College Dublin <>

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Descriptions created by staff of UCD Library, University College Dublin based on information provided by the Minor Harbours project team. — Metadata creation date: 2017-12-21

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