Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from The Rower (C.), Inistioge (school) (The Rower, Co. Kilkenny), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Labhaoise Nic Liam.

Original reference: 0847/2

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Kilkenny schools

  1. Ancient Prayer to the Blessed Virgin (Translated from the Irish of the 8th Century) (p. 169-173)
  2. When my grandfather was a boy he was crossing the fields one moon-light night (p. 173-174)
  3. Funny Story (p. 174)
  4. Old Story (p. 175-177)
  5. Old Story (p. 177-178)
  6. Other Stories (p. 178-180)
  7. There was once a rich man who had an ugly nose. (p. 181-183)
  8. Once upon a time an old man was married to a young woman. (p. 184-185)
  9. Hidden Treasure (p. 186-188)
  10. Once there lived in the Parish of Inistioge, a man known as Freyne The Robber. (p. 189-190)
  11. Old people say there are several crocks of gold hidden in Brandon-hill. (p. 190-193)
  12. Once upon a time an old couple lived in a small thatched house in Sallybog near Graigue. (p. 194-195)
  13. Story of the Bean Bán (p. 195-198)
  14. There is a legend told of a woman who lived in Ballylogue hundreds of years ago down on the marshes. (p. 198-200)
  15. The old people around Ballylogue would tell you that around the marshes some where near the house two men were cutting hay. (p. 200-201)
  16. There was a black hound supposed to be seen in olden times. between Ballylogue and Grange. (p. 201)
  17. The old people would tell you that a headless coach was often seen around Cool. (p. 201)
  18. Ruins in Grange (p. 201-202)
  19. The most notable man in the Rower about the period of which we are writing was a man named William Shea. (p. 202-205)
  20. Hidden Treasure (p. 205-206)
  21. In St. Moling's monastery there is a hidden treasure in one of the old walls. (p. 206-207)
  22. Customs of Certain Days (p. 208-211)
  23. Crafts of Former Days - Candle-Making (p. 212-213)
  24. Burning of Lime (p. 213-215)
  25. Making of Nails (p. 215-217)
  26. Thatching (p. 217-219)
  27. Spinning and Weaving (p. 219-221)
  28. Basket Making (p. 221-222)
  29. Gobán Saor (p. 223-225)
  30. How the Gobán Saor Got His Wife (p. 225-226)
  31. Local Riddles (p. 226-227)
  32. Proverbs (p. 227-229)
  33. Local Proverbs (p. 229-231)
  34. Proverbs (p. 231-233)
  35. Proverbs (p. 233-234)
  36. Churning (p. 235-237)
  37. William Raftis said the milk was going on him. (p. 237-241)
  38. Superstitions (p. 241-242)
  39. In the beginning of the 18th Century a family named Tierney, Inistioge made breeches from sheep-skins. (p. 243)
  40. Another Story (p. 243-244)
  41. Bird-Lore (p. 245-248)
  42. Bird-Lore (p. 249-253)
  43. Olden Cures (p. 254)
  44. There was a man and a woman living wan time in a cottage on the side of Brandon Hill, The Rower. (p. 255-257)
  45. Extract from Statistical Observations. of County Kilkenny, Written by, William Tighe, Woodstock, Inistioge. In the year 1800. (p. 258-261)
  46. Story (p. 262-263)
  47. Extract from Statistical Observations. of County Kilkenny, Written by, William Tighe, Woodstock. In the year 1800. (p. 264-275)
  48. Baskets were made by a family of Knockatore, named Dunn. (p. 276)
  49. Basket Making (p. 277)
  50. There is a bridge over the river Barrow, between Co. Wexford and Co. Kilkenny, known as Ferry Mount Garrett. (p. 277-279)
  51. Proverbs (p. 279-280)
  52. Riddles (p. 280-281)
  53. Local Riddles (p. 281-282)
  54. Thatching (p. 283-285)
  55. In the early part of the 18th Century there were no Reapers and Binders nor mowing machines nor even many Scythers (p. 285-287)
  56. Local Riddles (p. 288-290)
  57. Once upon a time, there lived a rich man who owned a great estate in the North of Kilkenny. (p. 291-293)
  58. Proverbs (p. 293-294)
  59. About one hundred years ago, there lived in a house not far from the church of the Rower a farmer and his wife who were famous for giving charity (p. 295-297)
  60. In years gone by there was a toll on the Ferry Mount Garret bridge (p. 298)
  61. Long ago there was a Church and graveyard in Kiltown. (p. 299)
  62. Once upon a time there was a man that led a very bad life. (p. 300)
  63. At first flax was sowed in ridges as corn was sowed long ago. (p. 301)
  64. In the olden times all the houses were thatched with straw or rushes. (p. 302)
  65. Spinning and Weaving (p. 303-304)
  66. Funny Story (p. 304-305)
  67. Coolhill Castle (p. 306-307)
  68. There was once an old woman and her two sons living in a little hut upon a hill. (p. 307-308)
  69. Local Graveyards (p. 308-309)
  70. Leprechaun (p. 309-311)
  71. Mermaid (p. 311-312)
  72. Without title (p. 312)
  73. Ghost Story (p. 313-314)
  74. Forge Work (p. 315-316)
  75. Comparisons (p. 317-318)
  76. Kinds of Bread of Long Ago (p. 319-321)
  77. Funny Song (p. 322-324)
  78. Local Fields - Coolrainey, The Rower (p. 325)
  79. Games I Play (p. 326-327)
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