Curraigh (B.)

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Curraigh (B.) (school) (Curry, Co. Sligo), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Peadar Ó Braonáin.

Original reference: 0170/5

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Sligo schools

  1. Queen of the Fairies (p. 0387-0388)
  2. Once upon a time a man was going to the bog for a bag of turf. (p. 0389)
  3. One night a man was coming from the fair of Ballina. (p. 0390-0391)
  4. Once upon a time there was a man who was going to a fair in Charlestown on May morning. (p. 0392)
  5. There was a man going to a fair once. (p. 0393)
  6. There were two men ploughing a field one day... (p. 0394-0395)
  7. Once upon a time there was a young man who was going to get married. (p. 0396)
  8. Jackeen and the Bull (p. 0397-0398)
  9. The fairies held a fair in a damp spot near Paddy Hennigan's house in Ballyglass. (p. 0399)
  10. In olden times there lived a man in Curracunane who was very wealthy. (p. 0400)
  11. One night two boys went stealing apples. (p. 0401)
  12. Tansy Mór and His Seven Sons (p. 0402-0403)
  13. Rushy Coat (p. 0404-0405)
  14. Strong Men of Curry District (Co. Sligo) (p. 0406)
  15. Townlands of the Parish of Curry, Co. Sligo (p. 0407)
  16. There was once a woman in Cloonaughill Co Sligo and her husband was dead. (p. 0409)
  17. There was once a man in Ballyglass, Co. Sligo who had a large farm... (p. 0410)
  18. Some of the Signs of Rain in which the Old People Believed (p. 0411)
  19. Local Marriage Customs (p. 0413)
  20. Some years ago the marriages were different to what they are now. (p. 0414)
  21. Fairy Fair in Ballincurry (p. 0415)
  22. There was once a man in Cully and his name was John. (p. 0416)
  23. Story (p. 0417)
  24. Cures (p. 0418-0419)
  25. Taking Lime out of the Eye (p. 0420)
  26. Authentic Story (p. 0421)
  27. Spinning Wheel (p. 0422-0423)
  28. Scéal (p. 0424)
  29. There lived in Montiagh, Curry, Co. Sligo once a man named Dominick Molloy. (p. 0425)
  30. There was a man in Bunnacranagh and his name was James Leonard. (p. 0426)
  31. Long ago there lived a widow woman who had three children and one of them died when it was young. (p. 0427)
  32. Faction Fight in this Area Long Ago (p. 0428)
  33. St Brigid's Cross (p. 0429)
  34. If a fish is worth 5/1 what is he worth when he is half eaten? (p. 0430-0431)
  35. Blackfoot (p. 0432)
  36. Local Children's Games (p. 0433)
  37. How Lime Is Burned in the Area (p. 0434)
  38. Game (p. 0435)
  39. The people in this district set early potatoes for using in August and late potatoes for using in July. (p. 0436)
  40. Method of Setting Potatoes in Curry in the Olden Times (p. 0437-0438)
  41. Growth and Spraying of Potatoes (p. 0439)
  42. Digging the Potatoes (p. 0440-0442)
  43. Bonfire Night (p. 0443)
  44. Rush Candles of the Epiphany (p. 0444)
  45. Calling Domestic Animals (p. 0445)
  46. Thatching (p. 0446-0447)
  47. Shoeing a Cart Wheel (p. 0448)
  48. Fairs (p. 0449-0450)
  49. Food (p. 0451-0453)
  50. Country Shops (p. 0454-0455)
  51. Old Houses (p. 0456)
  52. Halloween Customs (p. 0457-0458)
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Curry, Co. Sligo
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1 chapter (vol. 170, p. 386-458)
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CurryAn ChoraidhCurryAchonryLeynySligo
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Original reference: 0170/5

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