Newtownanner, Cluain Meala

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Newtownanner, Cluain Meala (school) (Newtownanner Demesne, Co. Tipperary), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Proinnsias Ó Corcoráin.

Original reference: 0568/3

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Tipperary schools

  1. Story about Treasure (p. 098)
  2. Story about Treasure (p. 099)
  3. Story about a Mermaid (p. 099-101)
  4. Story about Fishing (p. 101-102)
  5. Riddles (p. 102-103)
  6. Two women went looking for their two husbands... (p. 103-104)
  7. (1) When the soot falls down the chimney it is the sign of bad weather... (p. 105)
  8. The signs of rain are, when there is a circle around the moon... (p. 105-106)
  9. If a cat was scratching wood, it is the sign of a storm... (p. 106-107)
  10. Near Killusty where is an ancient castle called Kiltinane... (p. 107-108)
  11. There was an old school in Ballinaraha... (p. 108-109)
  12. In olden times the people could not have any schools unless they were private ones... (p. 109-110)
  13. There was an old school in Kilcash a long time ago... (p. 110-111)
  14. The schools of long ago were not like the schools we have now... (p. 111-112)
  15. There was an old school at Cooney's bridge long ago... (p. 112-113)
  16. In the olden days the farmers used to make tallow candles out of the fat of the cattle... (p. 113-114)
  17. Old Trade (p. 115)
  18. Cures (p. 115-116)
  19. Cures (p. 116-117)
  20. Cures (p. 117)
  21. Cures (p. 117)
  22. In the Summer I make necklets with daisies and I make belts also... (p. 117-118)
  23. Cures (p. 118-119)
  24. My father Patrick Burke told me about this fort. (p. 119-120)
  25. There is a fairy fort in one of John Dee's fields in Kingcor... (p. 120-121)
  26. There is a fairy fort over in Ballynavin... (p. 121)
  27. There is an old-Lios near Powerstown called Lisronagh... (p. 122)
  28. In the winter time my Grandfather used to make cribs for catching birds... (p. 122)
  29. There was a man named Paddy Walsh long ago who sold needles and thread... (p. 123)
  30. There is a fort in Mr King's land... (p. 123-124)
  31. Famine Times (p. 125)
  32. Famine Times (p. 125-126)
  33. Famine Times (p. 126-127)
  34. Famine Times (p. 127-128)
  35. Famine Times (p. 128-129)
  36. Famine Times (p. 129)
  37. The games I play are Football, Hurling, Hide and Seek, Skittles, Cat, Marbles, and others... (p. 129-130)
  38. These are games mu Grandfather used to play long ago... (p. 130-131)
  39. I play games such as Hide-and-go-seek, Chain-Hunting, Tig... (p. 131-132)
  40. Local Road (p. 133)
  41. The old Dublin Road came in by Halloran's and along by Ballina Racecourse on through Priorstown... (p. 134)
  42. There are a lot of names on roads near my house... (p. 135)
  43. The name of my town-land is Moangariffe... (p. 136)
  44. My town-land is in Newtown Anner... (p. 136-137)
  45. My townland is Ballynavin... (p. 138)
  46. A cure for sore eyes is to pick the small flowers off Rose Mary bush put them in a bottle with a little water... (p. 138)
  47. Herbs (p. 139)
  48. Herbs (p. 139-140)
  49. Herbs (p. 140-141)
  50. Herbs (p. 141)
  51. Potato Crop (p. 142)
  52. Potato Crop (p. 143)
  53. Proverbs (p. 144)
  54. Proverbs (p. 145)
  55. Proverbs (p. 145-146)
  56. Old Customs (p. 146-147)
  57. Old Customs (p. 147)
  58. Old Customs (p. 148)
  59. Old Customs (p. 149)
  60. Animals (p. 150)
  61. Animals (p. 151)
  62. Churning (p. 152)
  63. Song (p. 153-156)
  64. Sony - Kitty from Kincor (p. 157)
  65. Song - The Derrinlaur Boy (p. 158)
  66. There is an old slate house not far from my home... (p. 159)
  67. Old Houses (p. 160)
  68. Old Houses (p. 160-161)
  69. Once upon a time there lived an old Giant and his sister in Kinsale... (p. 161-162)
  70. At the time of Cromwell there was a woman in Curragh-more named Fanny Power... (p. 162-163)
  71. Long ago the people had no chairs or tables like the have now... (p. 164)
  72. Long ago the people kept a dead person two nights in the house before they were brought to the chapel... (p. 164-165)
  73. Customs about Funerals (p. 166)
  74. Cow-Sheds (p. 166-167)
  75. Household Utensils (p. 167-168)
  76. Boat Types (p. 168)
  77. Mushrooms (p. 169)
  78. Mushrooms (p. 170)
  79. My Ancestors (p. 170)
  80. Nuts (p. 171)
  81. Caisleán Doire an Láir (p. 172)
  82. Caisleán Tigh Cinn Chora (p. 173)
  83. Planting Potatoes (p. 174)
  84. Mc Craith anf the Osborns (p. 175-177)
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Newtownanner DemesneBaile Nua na hAnnúireNewtownanner DemesneKilsheelanIffa and Offa EastTipperary
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Original reference: 0568/3

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