About the UCD Digital Library & Repository

The Mission of the UCD Digital Library is to capture, curate, and manage digital cultural resources and research outputs of the University College Dublin community as well as its collaborators and partners, to preserve and sustain the usability of these assets, and to enable their broad dissemination.

UCD Digital Library refers to the digital collections and online services made available by the Library of University College Dublin. It is an archive comprising an organisation, namely, the UCD Library and particularly its Research Services and Information Technology Services divisions, and technical systems, namely, the UCD Digital Repository and its services framework. It is a curated, preservation-oriented resource that seeks to comply to internationally endorsed best practices and standards for an OAIS-compliant Trusted Digital Repository.

Resources managed by the UCD Digital Library include:

  • digitised cultural heritage data: printed documents, archival materials, artefacts, etc.
  • research data arising from activity at UCD and elsewhere

UCD Digital Library staff also offer expertise in digital content management and preservation as well as related policy matters, such as Open Access. The UCD Digital Library as a service can

  • publish outcomes of your research, including research data
  • enable you to fulfill funders' Open Access requirements
  • help you increase the impact of your research activities with value-added services such as assignment of DOIs and registration of data in international data registries

The UCD Digital Library strives for interoperability with other, external repositories and databases. Collections information is currently exported to the following sites:

  • Europeana: a cultural heritage portal for all of Europe, and is a component of The European Library. UCD Library (through the IVRLA project) were the first Irish content aggregator. Europeana are currently referencing 17 UCD Digital Library collections.
  • ARTstor: a digital library of more than one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences, as part of an agreement between the UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy and ARTstor. Over 600 images, digitised from the 35mm slide collection in the UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy, have been included in ARTstor, 200 of which were digitised by the IVRLA project.
  • nomisma.org: an international database of ancient coins. Roman Republican Coins from the UCD Classical Museum have been documented using the NUDS metadata schema and have been exported in NUDS RDF-XML format for inclusion in the Linked Data resource nomisma.org, and in the forthcoming database of Roman Republican Coins Online.
  • DataCite: DataCite is an international registry of research data. Collections of data in the UCD Digital Library, from all research domains, are registered with DataCite, providing each resource with a citeable DOI and making descriptive information about the resources available via the DataCite Metadata Search service.
  • OpenAIREplus: OpenAIREplus is aimed at linking the aggregated research publications to the accompanying research and project information, datasets and author information. UCD became an active data provider to OpenAIREplus in August 2014.
  • Data Citation Index (Thomson Reuters): The Data Citation Index on the Web of Science proposes to provide a single point of access to quality research data from repositories across disciplines and around the world. Research Data registered with UCD Digital Library are reported to the Data Citation Index via agreements with both DataCite and UCD Library.

The UCD Digital Library' underlying infrastructure can be exploited to support "Sponsored sites"—large-scale sponsored research projects whose data are instantiated on separate web sites. For more information see "Sponsored sites."