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Abstract: UCDscholarcast provides downloadable lectures, recorded to the highest broadcast standards to a wide academic audience of scholars, graduate students, undergraduates and interested others. Each scholarcast is accompanied by a downloadable pdf text version of the lecture to facilitate citation of scholarcast content in written academic work. Series Editor: PJ Mathews Scholarcast theme music by: Padhraic Egan, Michael Hussey and Sharon Hussey. Development: John Matthews, Brian Kelly, Vincent Hoban, Niall Watts, UCD IT Services, Media Services Series 1 and 2 Consultant Producer: Cliodhna Ni Anluain, RTE

  1. Scholarcast, Series 1 : The Art of Popular Culture
  2. Scholarcast, Series 2 : Archaeologies of Art: Papers from the Sixth World Archaeological Congress
  3. Scholarcast, Series 3 : Scholars off the Page
  4. Scholarcast, Series 4 : Reconceiving the British Isles: The Literature of the Archipelago
  5. Scholarcast, Series 5 : Reflections on Irish Music
  6. Scholarcast, Series 6 : The UCD - Notre Dame Lectures
  7. Scholarcast, Series 1: Introduction
  8. Scholarcast 1: PJ Mathews - Doing Something Irish: From Thomas Moore to Riverdance
  9. Scholarcast 2: Elaine Sisson - The Boy as National Hero: The legacy of Cuchulainn
  10. Scholarcast 3: Eddie Holt - W.B. Yeats, Journalism and the Revival
  11. Scholarcast 4: Anne Fogarty - James Joyce and Popular Culture
  12. Scholarcast 5: Neutrality and Popular Culture
  13. Scholarcast 6: Hollywood and Contemporary Irish Drama
  14. Scholarcast 7: Globalising Irish Music
  15. Scholarcast 8: Filming Friel: Lughnasa on Screen
  16. Scholarcast, Series 2: Introduction by Ian Russell
  17. Scholarcast 9: Art to Archaeology to Archaeology to Art
  18. Scholarcast 10: Dust and Debitage: An Archaeology of Francis Bacon's Studio
  19. Scholarcast 11: Art and Archaeology: Reflections of an Artist/Curator
  20. Scholarcast 12: Archaeoclash: Manifesting Art and Archaeology
  21. Scholarcast 13: Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living
  22. Scholarcast 14: Occasions of Sin: Sex and Society in Modern Ireland
  23. Scholarcast 15: Old and New Media After Katrina
  24. Scholarcast 16: Poems and Paradigms
  25. Scholarcast 17: Professions of English diaspora
  26. Scholarcast 18: Dynamism, deixis and cultural positioning in some contemporary poetry
  27. Scholarcast 19: Four Nations Feminism: Una Troy and Menna Gallie
  28. Scholarcast 20: Alright, Jack? Conflict and Cohesion in Britain, 2005-10
  29. Scholarcast 21: Scottish and Irish Second World War Poetry
  30. Scholarcast 22: Sensation and Modernity in the 1860s
  31. Scholarcast 23: Pliny's Encyclopedia: The reception of the natural history
  32. Scholarcast 24: England Versus English Literature
  33. Scholarcast 25: 'Dreaming of the Islands': The Poetry of the Shipping Forecast
  34. Scholarcast 26: Perspectives on Popular Music in Ireland from the 1960s to the mid-1970s
  35. Scholarcast 27: 'All Changed, Changed Utterly': Easter 1916 and America
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