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Ireland, India, Australia, etc. early 1900’s

Abstract: Medium sized, hard bound, green photograph album titled 'Ireland, India, Australia, etc, Early 1900's', containing 116 photographs (of assorted sizes), of Ireland, India, and Australia. Embossed on the album cover is 'Impressions of Places & People'. Note the title was attributed by a previous archivist, and cannot be attributed to the photographer, M. Michael Corcoran. The majority of the photographs are captioned, in the handwriting of M. Michael Corcoran.

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M. Michael Corcoran
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1 album (116 photographs) : b&w and sepia
19 x 24 cm
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Physical description: Photograph dimensions: varies from 8.5 x 8.5 cm to 5 x 3.7 cm as viewed through mount.
Condition: This album has suffered damage from previous handling and the binding is loose throughout. Viewing of the original item in the Archives is strictly at the discretion of the attending archivist. This digital surrogate is offered in lieu of access to that original item.
Scope and content
Photographs from Ireland include the grounds, buildings, swan at Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham along with images form and of the farm, including farm animals (lambs and dogs), thrashing, hay making, sheep being fed and men wrestling a pig into a cart at Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham. Photographs taken in Balbriggan include images of Sisters and pupils, children gathering on the streets and beach in Balbriggan, the harbour with boats docked and nets under repair, and M. Michael Corcoran with a watering can in the grounds of Loreto Balbriggan. A photograph captioned 'Fred and Jack Towers', two small boys floating toy ships in a rock pool, may have been taken in Balbriggan or Dalkey. (See MC/PHO/4 and MC/PHO/5 for further images of these boys.)
Scope and content
The photographs of India taken during General Visitation, include photographs of Sisters, buildings and staff members in Asensol, Entally and Darjeeling. Along with streetscapes in Asensol, are captioned photographs which include the cook Asensol, the Carpenter Entally, the Milkman, his wife and daughter, Darjeeling, M. Paul Asensol, a silk Merchant Lucknow, the Botanic Gardens Lucknow, Bhuttia women and children with M. Teresa, Darjeeling, the IBVM community at Morapai, and a church in Luckikantipur.
Scope and content
The photographs of Australia taken during General Visitation include photographs of Sisters, pupils, buildings and relations in Melbourne, Hornsby and North Sydney, along with streetscapes and views of Sydney Harbour. Sisters identified include M. Berchmans, M. Attracta, M. Killian on board a boat in Sydney Harbour; M. Attracta 'in the bush' in Hornsby; gathering ferns in Hornsby; Portland M. Raphael Galvin and M. Aloysius Macken; M. Berchmans with an Opossum; a Miss Cissie Barry (sister to M. Gonzaga); M. de Sales, M. Gonzaga Barry, M. Carmel, M. Mercedes 'in the bush', the IBVM community North Sydney; M. Attracta and M. Josephine 'in the bush'; and M. Gonzaga Barry and M. Dorothea Frizelle, Australia. Other photographs include Ballarat Church, Railway station Hornsby, On the Yarra Yarra, streetscapes in Melbourne, a cloister and the organ in Ballarat.
Scope and content
Photographs from Loreto community and streetscapes in Gibraltar are also present, including the community at St Francis Xavier, Gibraltar; Little Sisters Gibraltar and Santiago and family Gibraltar. M. Michael visited Spain (and Gibraltar) several times during her terms in office; it is difficult to provide an accurate date for these photographs, but most likely during her General Visitation in 1903. Photographs capturing a view of Bilbao from a boat; a view of Loyola and a view of the first house occupied by the nuns at Zalla are also present.
Scope and content
In 1903, whilst en route from India to Australia their ship encountered difficulties, M. Michael and her travelling companion, M. Attracta Coffey IBVM, sought shelter with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Colombo. During this time M. Attracta Coffey became ill and was hospitalised for a time. In her letters M. Michael writes in praise of the care and attention given to them, particularly by [Isabel]/Elisaba, (see 'Papers of M. Michael Corcoran IBVM, 4th Superior General I.B.V.M. (Irish Branch)' MC/PRO/1/2/12). Her photographs capture the Little Sisters of the Poor in Colombo, their 'begging cart', Elisaba with M. Attracta, and old women preparing meals with the Little Sisters of Colombo. Photographs from her sea travels include vessels docked in Port Said, vessels on the Suez, a view 'near Marseilles', passengers and crew on board the 'Orizaba', including M. de Britta, third class passengers, and a 'Miss Quirke' reclining on a lounger on an unidentified ship.
Scope and content
During the return journey to Ireland, M. Michael and M. Attracta spent some time in Rome, pursuing the union of the Institute, and some photographs clearly date from this visit. Of particular significance are photographs of members of the (Roman branch of the Institute) referred to as 'Nuns Blessed Virgin Mary Rome', including in the House of the Vestals, Rome. A photograph of a BVM Sister standing beside a Jack Russell terrier with field of hay in background, the location is most likely Ireland, indicating a visit to Ireland at a later date. Various views of Rome are also present. The album also includes photographs of the following identified Sisters, the context or locations are unclear: M. Josephine Lett with a crown of flowers for jubilee; a group photograph of M. Borgia Irwin India, M. Stanislaus Murphy Spain and M. Borgia O'Shaughnessy, Pretoria; M. Joseph Anne with small child; and M. Pulcharia.
Previous reference number: IRL/25.
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