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Paul Léon to Count O'Kelly : Donation by Leon to NLI

Abstract: Paul Léon to Count O'Kelly : 19 envelopes 'all private and business correspondence which I have exchanged during the last ten years with Mr James be donated to' NLI. Access not permitted until 50 years after Mr. Joyce's death. Carbon copy of letter from Paul Léon to Count [Gerald] O'Kelly, Minister ad. Int. of Eire, Legation d'Eire, 8 Place Vendome, Paris. Cur L 303b: ms 'copy made from typed notes accompanying the two boxes containing 19 envelopes... C.P.C.'

In collection Constantine Curran / Helen Laird Correspondence Part 1 : Letters by and relating to James Joyce

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1 letter + 1 note
27 x 21 cm
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Joyce, James, 1882-1941
UCD Library. UCD Library Special Collections . CUR L 303 a-b
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