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Dublin, Ireland : Ordnance Survey of Ireland
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1 map
70.5 x 104.9 cm
Physical description: The dimensions given are for the whole sheet and not the printed area of the map.
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Contains the following note: "This Map has been enlarged from that on a scale of 1:2500 and must not be expected to give measurements to a degree of accuracy greater than that to be expected from the smaller scale".
Map scale
1:1056. Five feet to one statute mile
Map centre point
55.088143348505,-7.698815882313 (WGS84 (EPSG:4326))
Map bounding box
southlimit=55.085247751346; westlimit=-7.706450001085; northlimit=55.09104041624; eastlimit=-7.691182536908 (WGS84 (EPSG:4326))
Donegal (Ireland : County)--Maps
Millford (Donegal, Ireland)--Maps
Ordnance Survey Ireland. DL036_07_en
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"County Donegal," held by Ordnance Survey Ireland. © Public domain. Digital content: © Ordnance Survey Ireland, published by UCD Library, University College Dublin <>

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