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Extract from the Annals Loreto College 53 St Stephen’s Green 1914 - 1918

Abstract: This contemporaneous account of Easter Rising 1916 captures the uncertainty, the confusion and the anxiety experienced by the religious community and the resident boarding pupils. In 1916 the Sisters were bound by the rule of enclosure, and were not permitted to leave convent grounds, unless for medical or other appointments. The Sisters were permitted to visit other convents, but only with the prior agreement of their Local Superior. A small number of boarders remained in the boarding school throughout the Easter holidays 1916, they were the daughters of parents working/living abroad or for whom, travel home, was not feasible or too expensive. The annalist was in a unique position to record the events of Easter Rising 1916 in St Stephen’s Green, as the community room overlooked the Green. The annalist records the activities in the Green on Easter Monday, ‘men and women busily going to and fro in Stephen’s Green park and having locked the gates proceed to dig trenches. Where the trees did not hide the paths shrubs were torn up to cover the railings. The trams were next seen drawn up in line but all were empty.’ ‘Close and constant firing’, sniper fire, efforts to safeguard the boarders by moving to the rear of the building, loss of communication, food shortages, the daily attendance by various priests who celebrated daily mass and heard confession, the transfer of patients to the neighbouring St Vincent’s Hospital, the staggered observance of Truce & surrender, and the gradual resumption of normality are recorded by the annalist.

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A religious community and boarding school were first established at 58 Harcourt Street by Frances Teresa Ball in 1833. In 1841, the community and school re-located to 53 St Stephen’s Green. A boarding school, day school and national school operated at 53 - 54 St Stephen’s Green. Within each community, a Sister was appointed annalist and was responsible for recording the community annals. The community annals are a unique record of community and school life, and record visitors, deaths, receptions, professions, changes in personnel, feast days and other celebrations, developments in the adjacent school and other occurrences in the daily life of the community. These annals include a daily, contemporaneous account of the Easter Rising 1916, beginning on Monday 24th April 1916 – 8th May 1916.
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This extract covers the days of the Easter Rising and the immediate aftermath, from Easter Monday 24th April 1916 to May 8th 1916. The volume from which this extract is taken covers the period from May 2014 to October 1918.
Ireland--History--Easter Rising, 1916--Personal narratives
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 53 Saint Stephen’s Green --Records and correspondence
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. IBVM (Loreto) Institute & Irish Province Archives . SSG/3
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