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Cill Mháille (B.), Inis

Abstract: A collection of folklore and local history stories from Cill Mháille (B.), Inis (school) (Kilmaley, Co. Clare), collected as part of the Schools' Folklore Scheme, 1937-1938 under the supervision of teacher Tomás Ó Cuinneáin.

Original reference: 0608/5

In collection The Schools’ Collection : County Clare schools

  1. St Maley (p. 371)
  2. The two names Templemaley (east of Ennis) and Kilmaley have puzzled O'Donavan as well as O'Curry. (p. 371-372)
  3. Máille - A Local Man (p. 373-375)
  4. Ruins - Ruin in Kilmaley Graveyard (p. 376-377)
  5. Pishogues (p. 378-387)
  6. Diarmuid and Grania while on their flight from Finn were supposed to have lived in a cave... (p. 388-390)
  7. At Coor Spa near Ennis in the bed of the Inch river... (p. 391-392)
  8. At the north side of the hill where the quarry is in Inch... (p. 392-393)
  9. Folk Cures for Consumption (p. 393-401)
  10. Jaundice (p. 402-404)
  11. It is not right to meddle with a fort as you would be made quiet. (p. 405-408)
  12. Crying is heard before a person dies... (p. 409-410)
  13. The belief that gold was hidden in Ballymacooda... (p. 411-413)
  14. Legends (p. 414)
  15. St Joseph's Well Loughbourke (p. 414)
  16. Holy Wells (p. 415-416)
  17. There was a mill near Tobairín Mhuire Kilmaley for grinding corn. (p. 417)
  18. Bandle Cloth Shirts (p. 417-418)
  19. Frieze (p. 418-419)
  20. The Gabhlóg, a fork made of sallow (sally) for turning hay. (p. 420-423)
  21. The Church in Kilmaley graveyard was supposed to be knocked down in Cromwell's... (p. 424)
  22. Cnoc an aodhaire overlooking Ballymacooda... (p. 425)
  23. Old Marcus Keane evicted 14 families from Beechpark... (p. 425)
  24. Mise maighdean ón muir atá ag imeacht... (p. 425)
  25. Tobar na halla in Mc Guane's place in Ballymacaula... (p. 425-426)
  26. Henry, Francey and Old Marcus Keane brothers... (p. 426-427)
  27. Hurling tournament held at Ruan... (p. 427)
  28. Malachy O'Quealy said to be a native of Ballymacooda... (p. 427-428)
  29. Fair of Connolly (p. 429)
  30. The Friars hid books in Michael Sheedy's place at Darragh Cross. (p. 429-431)
  31. Is beannuighthe an té bheannuigheas... (p. 431-432)
  32. Kilmaley people have always a big black stick or log for the fire... (p. 432-433)
  33. The greater part of the vast possession of Donal O'Brien... (p. 434-435)
  34. Thomas Sullivan who was the parish clerk in Kilmaley... (p. 436)
  35. Tuar a' toileáin in Knockatona, Kilmaley Co. Clare land owned by ... (p. 437-439)
  36. There used to be famous racesat Ballycorce near Ennis... (p. 439-443)
  37. When the digging of the potatoes was finished the largest were picked. (p. 443-448)
  38. May Day etc. (p. 448-450)
  39. There was a chalice found in Salach Bhuaile Lisroe, Kilmaley. (p. 451)
  40. A Trumpet was found in Buaile Bhrisin Kilmaley by Dan Greene... (p. 452-453)
  41. Daoine Cáiliúla (p. 454-456)
  42. Wedding Customs (p. 456-457)
  43. Daoine Cáiliúla (p. 457)
  44. Ráthanna agus Liosanna (p. 457-459)
  45. Homeless Friars lived in Ballyilaun, Kilmaley... (p. 459-460)
  46. Irish Words Used in Conversation in Kilmaley (p. 460-461)
  47. Stephen Hehir of Kilmaley fought at the Battle of the Boyne... (p. 462)
  48. Conor O'Brien of Ballymacooda used to be... (p. 462)
  49. Famine (p. 463)
  50. No farmer will sow... (p. 463)
  51. Forts (p. 463)
  52. There were a lot of people picking potatoes... (p. 464)
  53. Townlands in Kilmaley (p. 464-467)
  54. Loch na Mine (p. 467-468)
  55. Rudaí Faoi Leith go mBíonn Meas Orthu (p. 468-470)
  56. Churn (p. 470-472)
  57. If you bought a cow from any McGreal... (p. 472-473)
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