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19th Century Pamphlet Collection

Abstract: Collection of 19th century pamphlets, predominantly of Irish interest and covering a broad spectrum of subjects.

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  1. The Re-Conquest of Ireland, A. D. 1895.
  2. The Fireside Story of Ireland, / by Dion Boucicault
  3. The gorgeous, brilliant, musical, fanciful, picturesque, humourous, funny, clever, well-written, magnificent, fairy-like, wonderful pantomime entitled Blue Beard, The Demon Ogre or the Seven Champions of Christendom / Written by Mr. Fred R. Evanson, and arranged and invented by Mr. Charles Wood
  4. Rathmore and its Traditions. / By M. E.M.
  5. A Wondrous Life. Story of Michael Davitt, Factory Boy, Fenian Organiser, Convict, Prisoner, Land League Chief, and Tribune of the Irish People, being the Chief Episodes in his Life of Suffering, Struggles, and Triumph.
  6. Ireland at the Bar! The State Trials - 1881. Speech of A. M. Sullivan, Esq., M.P. on behalf of Patrick Egan, Honorary Treasurer, Irish National Land League.
  7. The "Co." of Pigsbrook and Co. / F. J. Furnivall
  8. The Great Irish Famine of 1845-1846. A collection of leading articles, letters, and parliamentary and other public statements, reprinted from The Times.
  9. Irish Seditions; their Origin and History from 1792-1880. Ireland's Curse - England's Trouble. With Map of Ireland, indicating the parochial districts
  10. Gladstonian Legislation: Its Prompters and Proclivities. Letters to A. Z. / by William Sinclair, ...
  11. Mr. Gladstone in Ireland. / By H. E.
  12. Dublin United Tramways Co. (1896) Limited. Official Time Table, January 1940
  13. A Hand Book to Lisdoonvarna and its Vicinity. With map and woodcuts. Giving a detailed account of its curative waters, and tours to the principal places of interest in the County Clare.
  14. The Irishman in Egypt. / By H. E. Not embellished by a portrait of the author.
  15. Ireland and O'Connell. / By a Member of the O'Connell Centenary Committee.
  16. Curran and His Time: An Address, delivered before the Law Students' Debating Society of Ireland, at the Opening Meeting of the Forty-Seventh Session, in the Dining Hall, King's Inns, Dublin, on Monday Evening, 30th October, 1876. / By the Auditor Richard D. Crotty, ....
  17. The Feasibility of Compulsory Education in Ireland. Read before the Statistical Society, London, 6th May, 1879. / By W. Neilson Hancock ...
  18. Sunday Closing in Ireland. Report of Debate in the House of Commons, 12th May, 1876; with Division Lists, Opinions of the Press, etc.
  19. A Brief History of the Ancient Foundling Hospital of Dublin, from the Year 1702, with some account of similar institutions abroad. / edited by William Dudley Wodsworth, Esq. ...
  20. The Tortures of Boycotting. An Autobiographical Sketch. / By a Penitent Landowner.
  21. The Difficulties of Ireland, and the Way to Overcome Them. / By a Cosmopolitan.
  22. The History of the Irish Land League Impartially Reviewed. / By F. M. Holmes.
  23. Report of the Deputation of Cleveland Miners on the State of Ireland. From the "Middlesborough Yorkshire North-Eastern Daily Gazette," 21st June, 1881.
  24. Edmund Burke: Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents. / With an Introduction by Vincent Scully.
  25. The Abbey of Fahan in Inish-owen, County of Donegal. A paper read at a meeting of the Royal Irish Academy February 28th, 1881. With addenda. / By William J. Doherty, C. E., of St. Mura's, Fahan ...
  26. Report of the Proceedings at the Great Aggregate Meeting of The Irish Landlords, Held in Dublin, on Tuesday, 3rd January, 1882. His Grace the Duke of Abercorn in the Chair.
  27. Davitt's Life: In Sunshine and Shade. / By One who Knew Him.
  28. On the Medical Knowledge of the Ancient Irish. / By Thomas More Madden ...
  29. The State of Ireland. Brief Sketch of the Operations of the Emergency Committee, Appointed by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, and List of Subscriptions to 23rd June, 1881.
  30. Report on a Visit to Ireland in the Summer of 1881: / by Jessie Craigen, Member of the Delegation of the Democratic Foundation, 1882
  31. Fraser's Map of Dublin & its Suburbs. Reduced From the Ordnance Survey with Additions to 1855.
  32. Map of Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, County Dublin, Ireland, indicating Burial Places of Noted Persons and Communities, and containing some Illustrations.
  33. The History of Ireland from the Beginning of the World to the Present Time. / By H. E.
  34. Historical Handbook to the Monuments, Inscriptions, &c., of the Collegiate, National & Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, / by Rev. Alexander Leeper, D.D., Prebendary of St. Audoen's, and Canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin.
  35. Proposed Home or Refuge for Lost and Starving Dogs, in Dublin. / By Thomas F. Brady.
  36. Dublin Whisky. Report of the Late Trial. Roe v. The Dublin Whisky Distillery Company, Limited.
  37. New Dublin, or Health in Highways, Byeways, & Homes, / by J. W. Houghton, C E., Archt.
  38. The O'Byrnes and their Descendants. No. I.
  39. A Summary of the Law Relating to the Parliamentary Franchise in Irish Counties. Prepared for the Irish National League. / By Maurice Healy, Solicitor
  40. The Irish Court of Appeal and the Healy Clause, / by the Rev. David Humphrys, C.C.
  41. A "Nutshell" History of Ireland, from the earliest ages to the present time. / By A. M. Sullivan
  42. Our Liberties, Fancied and Real; or The True Liberator. A Word to Irishmen. A Lecture / by the Rev. A. Ross Crawford, A.M., L.L.D., Drogheda.
  43. The Battle of Talking; or, Dont Ye Wish Ye May Get It? A Metrical Version of the Home Rule Debates. / By A. W. A. P.
  44. Newry Bridge or Ireland in 1887
  45. Convent Schools. Correspondence / written by Rev. Thomas Quin, P.P., Rasharkin (Late of St. Peter's, Belfast)
  46. Rome and Fenianism. The Pope's Anti-Parnellite Circular. / By W. Maziere Brady.
  47. The Ulster Counter-Demonstrations. A Remonstrance and a Plea Addressed to his Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, / by a Leinster Loyalist.
  48. Parnell National Tribute. Analysis of Subscriptions.
  49. Remarks on the Necessity and Practicability of Railway Extensions in Ireland. / By J. W. K.
  50. Ode to Mellifont. / By R. J. Hughes. Delivered at Mellifont, on Sunday, 9th July, 1882.
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Special Collections holds a substantial collection of pamphlets, predominantly of Irish interest, dating from the 16th to the 20th century. Many of these were acquired as part of the O'Kelley collection. A subset of these pamphlets is featured here, showcasing 19th century material covering a broad spectrum of subjects.
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