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19th Century Social History Pamphlets Collection

Abstract: Collection of pamphlets relating to 19th century Irish social history, particularly the themes of education, health, famine, poverty, business and communications.

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  1. Twenty-first report of the directors of the American Asylum at Hartford, for the education and instruction of the deaf and dumb, exhibited to the asylum, May 13, 1837.
  2. A dialogue between a bilious patient and a physician / by a fellow of the College of Physicians, Dublin.
  3. A few suggestions addressed to the clergy upon the present state of the question respecting national education in Ireland / by Charles Richard Elrington.
  4. The Land Bill considered
  5. A letter addressed to His Grace the Archbishop of Cashel, on the subject of a charge purported to have been delivered at Killaloe and Limerick ... shewing, that the sentiments attributed to His Lordship on those occasions, are completely at variance with his avowed opinions upon the differences existing between the Churches of England and Rome / by N.
  6. A letter from the right honourable Edmund Burke to a noble lord, on the attacks made upon him and his pension, in the House of Lords, by the Duke of Bedford and the Earl of Lauderdale, early in the present sessions of Parliament.
  7. A letter on the Irish crisis / addressed by an Irish Positivist to an English co-religionist.
  8. A letter to His Excellency Henry Boyle, Esq., Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons in Ireland
  9. A remedy for the congested districts of Ireland / by professor Baldwin
  10. A representation of the state of the trade of Ireland, laid before the House of Lords of England, on Tuesday the 10th of April, 1750, on occasion of a bill before that House, for laying a duty on Irish sail cloth imported into Great-Britain.
  11. A scheme to prevent the running of Irish wools to France and Irish woollen goods to foreign countries
  12. A vindication of the conduct of the clergy, who patroned who petitioned the House of Lords against two bills relative to tithes, in the session of Parliament held in 1788 / by a Southern clergyman. With an appendix containing his former answers to certain 'allegations'.'With additions.
  13. Address delivered at the opening meeting of the Dublin medico-chirurgical society, session of 1837-8 / by D.J. Corrigan, M.D..
  14. An answer to a pamphlet entitled, a Speech to the Earl of Clare, on the subject of a legislative union, between Great Britain and Ireland / by Henry Grattan, Esq..
  15. An inquiry into the cause which renders the water of the Dead Sea unfitted for the support of animal life / by Robert James Graves.
  16. An essay on education and the state of Ireland / by An Irish Catholic ie. James Warren Doyle ; with explanatory remarks by W. J. FitzPatrick.
  17. An essay on the influence of the imagination and passions in the production and cure of diseases / by Arthur Jacob, M.D., to which is added, a translation of a memoir by C. Pfeufer, on the cures performed by the operation of the Prince de Hohenlohe.
  18. An essay to encourage and extend the linen manufacture in Ireland, by praemiums and other means.
  19. Atlas to accompany 2d report of the Railway Commissioners Ireland 1838.
  20. Catholic colleges and protestant universities.
  21. Charter of the Jervis-Street Infirmary.
  22. The condition and prospects of Ireland.
  23. A defence of the Protestant clergy in the south of Ireland, in answer to the charges against them, contained in the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan's speeches relating to tithes, as they are printed, and said to have been delivered in the House of Commons, on Thursday the 14th, and Tuesday the 19th of February, 1788. With a postscript containing some remarks on his last speech on the re-agitation of tithes, delivered the 11th of April, 1788 / by Authenticus.
  24. Essay on the present state of manners and education among the lower class of the people of Ireland and the means of improving them.
  25. Exposition de la nouvelle théorie de la physionomique du Dr. Gall de Vienne, fondée sur la recherche des opérations du cerveau.
  26. On famine and fever as cause and effect in Ireland; with observations on hospital location, and the dispensation in outdoor relief of food and medicine / by D.J. Corrigan, M.D. M.R.C.S.E.
  27. Fiscal relations of the United Kingdom and Ireland
  28. Free or fair trade?
  29. Hints on the means of forming a plan for advancing religious education, addressed to the members of the Association for discountenancing vice, and promoting the practice of religion and virtue.
  30. Historical statistics of Ireland / by Denis Caulfeild Heron.
  31. History and regulations. The school of physic in the university of Dublin and list of medical graduates.
  32. Home rule for home reading
  33. Ireland and the imperial parliament / by Jonathan Pim.
  34. Ireland since the famine
  35. Ireland's external trade
  36. Ireland's recovery, or, Excessive emigration and its reparative agencies in Ireland
  37. Irish land and Irish rights.
  38. Irish loyalty and English gratitude
  39. Is distinct trading or the 'monster house' system most conducive to the public interest?
  40. Is our commercial depression due to free trade, and would it be relieved by limited protection
  41. Is the competition between large and small shops injurious to the community?
  42. Letters addressed to Lord Grenville and Lord Howick, upon their removal from the councils of the King, in consequence of their attempting the total repeal of the Test laws now in force, with respect to His Majesty's army and navy / by a Protestant.
  43. Medico-legal observations upon infantile leucorrhoea, arising out of the alleged cases of felonious assaults on young children, recently tried in Dublin / by W.R. Wilde, F.R.C.S.
  44. Medico-legal observations upon the case of Amos Greewood
  45. Municipal government and taxation
  46. National advantages to be derived from adopting the following plans
  47. National Education. The secural system, the Manchester Bill, and the government scheme contrasted / by Francis Close.
  48. National Exhibition of Irish Manufactures
  49. Observations on the address delivered by the president of Queen's College, Galway, at the close of the session 1849-50 / by the Rev. James Maher.
  50. On insurance certificates
  51. On mental strain and overwork / by Frederick MacCabe
  52. On pathogeny of squint / by Professor Donders, of Utrecht; translated from the German, with a preface, by F. Percival Wright.
  53. On poisoning with the berries of atropa bella-donna.
  54. On Richmond asylum schools / by D. Hack Tuke.
  55. On the function of the yellow spot of Sömmering in single vision.
  56. On the natural constants of the healthy urine of man / by the Rev. Samuel Haughton, M.A., FRS, fellow of Trinity College Dublin.
  57. On the physical, moral and social condition of the deaf and dumb / by William R. Wilde.
  58. On the possibility of long-continued abstinence from food / W.M. Wilkinson.
  59. On the relation of therapeutics to modern physiology.
  60. On the structure and pathology of the hernial sac.
  61. On the structural anatomy and physiology of the muscular system of animal life.
  62. Phosphorus in its elementary state as a valuable therapeutic agent for the cure of loss of nerve power, functional disorders of the brain and nervous system / As detailed ... from the experience of Prof. J. Ashburton Thompson ... and other eminent practitioners.
  63. A plea for the formation of an Irish land bank
  64. Reasons for refusing to co-operate with the Board of National Education restated, and addressed to the clergy / by William Le Poer Trench.
  65. Recent experiences in the emigration of Irish families.
  66. Remarks on the decay of the linen manufacture of Ireland.
  67. Remarks on the English woollen manufactury for exportation, and necessity of preventing the Irish wool being run
  68. Report of the medical commission of the Mansion House Committee / by George Sigerson,... and Joseph E. Kenny,....
  69. Report of the supposed progressive decline of Irish prosperity.
  70. Annual report on the affairs of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. By the President. 1875-76.
  71. Second letter to the apothecaries of Ireland
  72. Some observations on the present state of Ireland
  73. Some papers on intermediate education in Ireland.
  74. Some thoughts on the Bill depending before ... the House of Lords, for prohibiting the exportation of the woollen manufactures of Ireland to foreign parts
  75. Statement of facts with reference to grievances, and to claims for their redress.
  76. The alternative: or, How are the poor to be educated?
  77. The control of consumption by the public health authority.
  78. The disendowment of the Irish Church
  79. The golden fleece; or, some thoughts on the clothing trade of Ireland / by John Long.
  80. The Irish crisis of 1879-80
  81. University education in Ireland.
  82. The Irish education question
  83. The Kilmainham treaty; or, 'Lessons in massacre' (of the truth) / by the author of Letters to my son Herbert.
  84. The official railway handbook to Bray, Kingstown, the coast, and the county of Wicklow / by G.R. Powell.
  85. The potato epidemic and its probable consequences / by N. Niven.
  86. The teaching of manual work in schools.
  87. The Thirty-eighth Report of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland, (for the year 1871).
  88. The upas tree; or, an alternative for surrender or coercion.
  89. The wearing of the green in 1890.
  90. The Woodford evictions.
  91. Thoughts upon ecclesiastical reform.
  92. Three lectures on the principles of taxation.
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Special Collections holds thousands of pamphlets relating to Irish social history in the 19th century, specifically relating to education, health, famine, poverty, business and commerce. The 92 items in this collection are a small proportion of the pamphlets relating to these subjects available in Special Collection. The pamphlets are predominately from the 19th century but the collection also contains some 18th century material.
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