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Historic Maps Collection

Abstract: 18th and 19th century historic maps acquired by UCD Library from various sources.

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  1. Political Map of Ireland. Coloured to show respectively the representation in Parliament by Counties and Boroughs, in March, 1879 / By E. Shaw Lefevre
  2. M. H. Gill & Son's Large Scale Map of the City of Dublin and its Environs. Tram Routes shown in Red
  3. Fraser's Map of the County of Wicklow, including the Environs of the City of Dublin
  4. Fraser's Map of Dublin and Suburbs: with Street References
  5. Map of the Environs of Dublin, / Drawn and Engraved under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
  6. A Survey of the City Harbour Bay and Environs of Dublin on the same Scale as those of London Paris & Rome / by John Rocque Chorographer to his Majesty with Improvements & Additions to the Year 1773, by Mr. Bernard Scale
  7. Plan de la Ville, Havre, & Environs de Dublin sur la meme Echelle que ceux de Londres, Paris, & Rome, par Jean Rocque, Chorographe du Roi avec des additions jusqu'a l'annee 1773 / par Mn. Bernard Scale
  8. A Correct Map of Ireland Divided into it's Provinces, Counties & Baronies, Shewing the Roads and the Distances of Places in Computed miles by Inspection where Barraques are Erected &c.
  9. Ortelius improved or a new map of Ireland: wherein are inserted, the principal families of Irish and English extraction, who possess'd that kingdom on the commencement of the seventeenth century
  10. A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland, Divided into Province Counties and Baronies, Shewing The Archbishopricks, Bishopricks, Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Villages, Barracks, Mountains, Lakes, Bogs, Rivers, Bridges, Ferries, Passes; Also the Great, the Branch, & the By Post Roads, together with the Inland Navigation &c. / by J. Rocque Chorographer to His Majesty
  11. A Map of the County of Down, taken from Actual Survey Completed in the Year 1810 / by James Williamson
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The Historic Maps collection represents the 18th and 19th century historic maps acquired by UCD Library from various sources over time, including some maps originally owned by the Museum of Irish Industry Library.
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