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Papers of Michael Collins (1890-1922)

Abstract In its totality this collection gives a glimpse of Collins' life in London and of his continuous involvement in the Irish social scene - the Gaelic League and Gaelic Athletic Association - and his close links with family and friends in Ireland. The collection also indicates his political awareness and willingness to address and question political matters and politicians.

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Biographical History
Born in Woodfield, Clonakilty, County Cork, in 1890, Michael Collins emigrated to London when he was sixteen years old, where he lived with his sister Hannah at 5 Netherwood Road, West Kensington, London.
He initially worked with the British postal service - Civil Service Customs and Excise Department - and later with Horne and Co., a firm of bankers.
He was heavily involved with the Gaelic League and the Gaelic Athletic Association during his years in London and in 1914 he joined a London company of the Irish Volunteers. Two years later he returned to Dublin where he worked for an accountancy firm, Craig Gardner and Co.
Custodial History
The papers were acquired by University College Dublin Archives Department on 10 June 1994 when Marquette University Library in Milwaukee, USA, transferred the collection to UCD. Unfortunately, it is not known where or how Marquette acquired the collection in the first instance, but it is possible that the collection was purchased in London.
Scope and Content
The papers, pertaining to the period when Collins lived in London, relate primarily to Civil Service examinations, the Gaelic League and Gaelic Athletic Association in London, together with draft articles and speeches written by Collins, and several personal letters addressed to him from family and friends.
The collection has been divided into nine sections with each further sub-divided, if necessary, to cover related matters.
Section I contains documentation relating to Civil Service departmental examinations undertaken by Collins during the period 1906-09. Most of this documentation is undated and largely consists of notes and examination papers issued by King's College, where Collins studied. The documentation in this section which the researcher may find of most interest are the essays [P123/5] written on a variety of topics by Collins.
Section II which relates to the Gaelic League of London and Section III which relates to the Gaelic Athletic Association should perhaps be viewed together as both organisations were closely associated and shared common members. Collins was involved in both at organisation and committee level [see P123/40]. A large proportion of the papers in both sections relate to financial matters.
Section IV consists of draft writings by Collins, possibly for speeches, or articles for newspapers or magazines, on topics such as the Famine (1848-50), Home Rule and Sinn Fein.
Section V consists of personal letters and notes received by Collins from family and friends, including a letter from his brother, Patrick, [see P123/46] which indicates that Collins had been contemplating emigration to America.
Section VI relates to shares purchased by Collins in the Industrial Co-operative Society.
Section VII contains notes made by Collins, one relating to Sinn Fein and the Irish language, and should be viewed in terms of his involvement with the Gaelic League.
Section VIII contains newspaper cuttings on a variety of topics such as Home Rule and Anglo-Irish literature.
[Finally, the last section includes items from a folder entitled 'Ephemera' which are not listed in the finding aid, most have original reference numbers, some of which have a line through them.]
Processing Information
The original processing of this material was carried out by Patria McWalter in January 1997.
Edited by the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (IVRLA), 2009.
Civil service
King's College (London, England)
Gaelic Athletic Association. Geraldine Club

Related Material
The original collection also contained two letters to Eamon Duggan which bore no relation to the rest of the material and they have been accessioned and described separately [P142; see Small Collections Index].

Record source
Finding aid encoded in EAD by the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (IVRLA) - DM 10 November 2008.

Finding aid author
Patria McWalter

I. Civil Service Custom and Excise Examinations, 1906-10

A. Examination course work

B. Documentation issued by Kings College London

C. Civil Service Hints

II. Gaelic League of London, 1907-15

A. Feis Lonndan - Gaels of London

B. Financial affairs

C. Examination certificate

III. Gaelic Athletic Association Geraldine Club, 1909-15

A. Correspondence relating to grounds

B. Club financial affairs

C. General club documentation

IV. Draft writings by Collins, 1910-15

V. Personal letters and cards received by Collins, 1914-15

VI. The Industrial Co-Operative Society, 1907-08

VII. Personal notes made by Collins, 1907-09

VIII. Newspaper cuttings, 1908-15

Ephemera, 1882-1922

I.   Civil Service Custom and Excise Examinations, 1906-10

A.   Examination course work

1 [Homework instructions issued by King's College London, Civil Service Department.] (1907-10/1909-06)   [View...]
2 [Algebra course documents issued by King's College London.] (1906-10)   [View...]
3 [King's College London arithmetic examination papers and answer papers completed by Michael Collins.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
4 [King's College London digest examination papers and digests completed by Michael Collins.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
5 [Composition examination paper issued by King's College with notes appended by Collins.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
6 [Essays written by Collins as College homework.] (1907/1909)   [View...]
7 [Geography notes and papers including several maps drawn by Collins.] (1906/1907)   [View...]
8 [Geographical maps and drawings by Collins.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
9 'History Notes' [Textbook issued by King's College, London.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
10 [Examination paper on 'History to 1189'] (1906/1909)   [View...]
11 [Four London County Council bookkeeping exercise books completed by Collins.] (1907)   [View...]
12 [Mathematics course papers including several documents written by Collins.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
13 'The Sloan-Duployan Phonographic Instructor.' (1886/1909)   [View...]
14 [Notebook containing dictionary type entries from A-I, by Collins.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
15 [Writing specimen and copying exercises.] (1906/1909)   [View...]

B.   Documentation issued by Kings College London

16 [Circular letter from R. Hinks, College lecturer, to Collins concerning Excise and Customs examination.] (1908-06-04)   [View...]
17 [Directive issued by King's College entitled 'Assistantships of Excise and Customs Evening Classes'.] (1906/1909)   [View...]
18 [Handwritten copy of timetables for evening classes.] (1906/1909)   [View...]

C.   Civil Service Hints

19 [Issue of Civil Service Hints. Vol. XXI, No. 9.] [Issue of Civil Service Hints. Vol. XXI, No. 10.] (1910-03-04/1910-03-11)   [View...]

II.   Gaelic League of London, 1907-15

A.   Feis Lonndan - Gaels of London

20 [Programme for Feis Lonndan, 1907.] (1907)   [View...]

B.   Financial affairs

21 [Reminder from D. O'Connor to S. Mac Cuirtin concerning money owed to An Cló-Chumann Ltd.] (1999-11-30)   [View...]
22 [Letter from Domhnall Ó Conchobhair to S. Mac Cuirtin relating to An Cló-Chumann Ltd.] (1909-12-04)   [View...]
23 [Letter from Mícheál Ua Donnchadha, Honorary Secretary, Connradh na Gaedhilge, to [Collins?] concerning Mr J. L. O'Sullivan.] (1910-01-15)   [View...]
24 [Receipts issued by J.W. Conway to Collins concerning use of hall.] (1914-10-30/1915-01-16)   [View...]

C.   Examination certificate

25 [Connradh na Gaedhilge Certificate awarded to Collins.] (1912)   [View...]

III.   Gaelic Athletic Association Geraldine Club, 1909-15

A.   Correspondence relating to grounds

26 [Letter from J. Harrisson to Collins concerning outstanding rent for playing field.] (1909-08-07/1909-08-09)   [View...]
27 [Letter from Collins to [A. Toley] concerning outstanding rent for playing field.] (1909-08-13)   [View...]
28 [Memorandum from A. Toley to P. Belton concerning outstanding rent for playing field.] (1909-11-08)   [View...]
29 [Draft letter from Collins to A. Toley concerning outstanding rent for playing field.] (1909-09)   [View...]
30 [Note from A. Toley to Collins enclosing a receipt for rent of playing field.] (1909-09-10)   [View...]

B.   Club financial affairs

31 [Letter from P. Barrett to Dan Murphy, Captain of the Club's football team, concerning his resignation from the club.] (1909-07-02)   [View...]
32 [Note from J.L. O'Sullivan to [Collins] concerning money owed for playing field, and Collins success in his examinations.] (1909-08-28)   [View...]
33 [Letter from J.L. O'Sullivan to [Collins] advising that he will not be able to attend a meeting and apologising for losing the money to pay the rent for the playing field.] (1909-09)   [View...]
34 [Letter from J.L. O'Sullivan to [Collins] enclosing money owed to the club.] (1909-09)   [View...]

C.   General club documentation

35 [Letter from J.S. O'Sullivan to Collins discussing match tickets and the previous day's hurling match.] (1910-01-30)   [View...]
36 [Geraldine Club resolution concerning procurement of the Gaelic Athletic Annual in order to learn Irish terms used in Gaelic football and hurling.] (1909/1915)   [View...]
37 [Draft minute of a Geraldine Club meeting concerning GAA members who competed in the Olympic Games for England.] (1913-07-15)   [View...]
38 [Letter from Hopkins and Hopkins to Michael Collins acknowledging receipt of funds.] (1915-05-15)   [View...]
39 [Notes for Geraldine Club cashbook entries.] (1915-07-05/1915-12-01)   [View...]

IV.   Draft writings by Collins, 1910-15

40 [Copybook containing draft articles/speeches and minutes of a Geraldine Club meeting.] (1910/1915)   [View...]
41 [Draft response by Michael Collins to Tom Kettle's article in the 'Morning Leader' entitled 'The Vanished Land'.] (1910)   [View...]
42 [Draft letter by Michael Collins entitled 'A Wail of Regret' concerning changes in Sinn Féin policy.] (1909/1915)   [View...]

V.   Personal letters and cards received by Collins, 1914-15

43 [Letter of invitation from G. Coffey to Michael Collins.] (1914-07-24)   [View...]
44 [Letter from Mary Collins [sister] to Michael Collins concerning recent family activities.] (1914-07-29)   [View...]
45 [Holograph letter from Siobháin Ní Chillín to Michael Collins discussing a camogie game.] (1914-10-06)   [View...]
46 [Letter from Patrick Collins [brother] to Michael Collins concerning the possibility of Michael going to Chicago.] (1915-03-08)   [View...]
47 [Letter from Kathleen Long to Michael Collins concerning her engagement and an accident.] (1915-04-26)   [View...]
48 [Letter from F. [Merson] to Michael Collins regarding stockbroking firms.] (1915-08-21)   [View...]
49 [Letter from Siobháin Ní Chillín to Michael Collins concerning her life in Dublin.] (1915-10-28)   [View...]
50 [Letter from P.J. Dunne to Michael Collins concerning his cousin's wedding.] (1910/1915)   [View...]
51 [Monochrome picture postcard addressed to Michael Collins.] (1910/1915)   [View...]

VI.   The Industrial Co-Operative Society, 1907-08

52 [Receipt from the Irish Industrial Co-Operative Society issued to Collins.] (1907-03-08)   [View...]
53 [Share Certificate issued by the Industrial Co-Operative Society to Michael Collins.] (1908-09-19)   [View...]

VII.   Personal notes made by Collins, 1907-09

54 [Holograph note entitled 'Sinn Féin'.] (1907-11-23)   [View...]
55 [Calendar for 1908 and 1909.] (1908/1909)   [View...]

VIII.   Newspaper cuttings, 1908-15

56 [Newspaper cuttings.] (1908/1910)   [View...]

Ephemera, 1882-1922

57 [Photograph of the Oath of Allegiance taken by members of the Dáil.] (1921)   [View...]
58 'No. 17 The Fenians' [Page 2 and Page 3 of a composition on the Fenians.] (1922)   [View...]
59 [Photograph of a list of ministers from the Dáil.] (1922)   [View...]
60 [Photograph of a diary page containing appointments and expenses.] (1922-01-21)   [View...]
61 'Licence to carry and have arms (except revolver), and ammunition in a proclaimed district.' [Granted to Matthew Stafford, by Henry Keogh - magistrate.] (1882-04-15)   [View...]
62 [Letter from the Lieut. and Adjt. 1st Bn. The King's Own Royal Regiment to Mr. M. Stafford concerning the storage of captured arms.] (1922-01-17)   [View...]
63 [Monochrome picture postcard addressed to G. Smith, 9 Ladbroke Square.] (1900/1950)   [View...]
64 'Mrs M.W. Lamaison to L.W.H. Lamaison ESQ: Copy. Power of Attorney.' (1911-11-09)   [View...]
65 [Writing exercise, 'No. 248'.] (1900/1910)   [View...]
66 'School of Art Sketch Book' [Cover only.] (1900/1910)   [View...]
67 [Envelope with 'Algebra C. and Geometry (C) Solutions' written on it.] (1900/1910)   [View...]
68 'Minutes of Evidence Precis, No. 38, Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee on Straits Settlements Currency, November 1902.' (1902-11)   [View...]

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