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Papers of Eugene O'Curry (1796–1862)

Abstract Correspondence relating to O'Curry's work with the Ordnance Survey and the Royal Irish Academy and general correspondence on antiquarian, genealogical, linguistic and literary matters; correspondence as Professor of Archaeology and Ancient Irish History in the Catholic University, mainly concerning his academic and research interests; some personal correspondence, and personal financial and family documents.

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Biographical History
Eugene O'Curry was born in Dunaha, County Clare on 2 November 1794, the third son of 'Eoghan Mor', a peddler and collector of Irish manuscripts. He received little by way of formal education but was taught to read and write in Irish by his father. He had a variety of occupations including farming and teaching before he moved to Limerick in 1824. He worked there as a labourer until he secured a position in the Limerick Lunatic Asylum.
In 1835 he successfully applied to join the staff of the Ordnance Survey (LA38/21), where he was employed as a researcher in the historical department, principally engaged in the study of Irish manuscripts for historical and topographical information. He remained with the Ordnance Survey until 1842 when the topographical staff was dispersed. That same year he was employed by the Royal Irish Academy to catalogue their collection of manuscripts. He also catalogued Irish manuscripts held in British repositories, especially those in the British Museum.
He was involved in the founding of both the Irish Archaeological Society (1840) and the Celtic Society (1845), and his pioneering work on early Irish law texts led to the creation of the Brehon Law Commission in 1852. He remained involved with the Commission until his death. In 1853 he became a member of the Royal Irish Academy and in 1854 was appointed the first Professor of Archaeology and Irish History in the Catholic University.
He published a collection of his lectures entitled 'Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History' in 1861. He died suddenly in Dublin on 30 July 1862. A second collection of lectures entitled 'Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish' appeared after his death.
O'Curry married Anne Broughton during his sojourn in Limerick. Anne died in 1858 (LA38/11). They had several children, four of whom - two boys and two girls - were still alive at the time of O'Curry's own death.
Acquisition Information
The papers in this collection were transferred to the Archives Department of University College Dublin in September 1988 from the College Library.
Scope and Content
The collection consists of mainly two types of documents: correspondence and academic or research notes. A great deal of the latter are extremely brief and are written on the back of what can best be described as scraps of paper, among them, for example, notices of Royal Irish Academy meetings.
The material covers the period of O'Curry's career from his time in the Limerick Lunatic Asylum to his death and encompasses aspects of both his private and professional life. However, the private material is of limited quantity and relates to the last two years of his life; while the professional material is quite fragmentary in nature, and in scope concentrates on the period following his involvement with the Royal Irish Academy.
The rather disjointed and fragmentary nature of the collection is reflected in the arrangement of the papers. The personal material is grouped together first and is arranged by type of document. A chronological arrangement is followed within each sub-section.
The second consists of correspondence arising out of positions O'Curry held. While some of these letters are written by O'Curry and relate to the positions he held, or to aspects of the institutions in which he worked, most consist of research queries written by a wide variety of individuals to O'Curry in his various capacities. Some of these have been grouped by individual correspondent. Again the overall arrangement is broadly chronological.
The third section consists of material relating to O'Curry's own research, and includes some correspondence as well as the majority of the research notes. This material is arranged by subject matter. The division between the material in this section and that in the previous section is not absolute.
The fourth section consists of material relating to publications or of published material and is divided between material produced in connection with O'Curry's publication and material produced by others.
O'Curry, Eugene, 1796-1862--Archives
O'Curry, Eugene, 1796-1862--Correspondence

Other Descriptive Information
The collection despite its unsatisfactory nature has a number of research uses. Principal among these is the study of Eugene O'Curry, the study of the histories of institutions such as the Royal Irish Academy and the Catholic University and the personalities who worked within them, the study of the development of interest in Irish manuscripts, folklore and poetry. The collection can also shed light on the intellectual atmosphere in Ireland in the middle part of the nineteenth century.
It should be noted that while O'Curry signed himself 'Eugene Curry' and 'Eugene O'Curry', the latter has been used throughout the list. It was under this name that he published and is most widely known today.

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I. Correspondence, 1860-63

II. Death Certificates, 1839-60

III. Finances, 1838-62


I. Ordnance Survey, 1835-9

II. Royal Irish Academy, 1843-53

a. General correspondence

b. Father 'Mat' Horgan correspondence

c. Reverend William Reeves correspondence

d. James McCurtin correspondence

e. D. H. Kelly correspondence

III. Brehon Law Office, 1853

IV. Catholic University, 1855-62

a. General correspondence

b. Correspondence relating to Burke's Grammar


I. Irish Manuscripts

a. Source material

b. Correspondence

II. Poetry

a. Poetry in Irish

b. Poetry in English

III. Genealogy

a. Connell

b. Corr

c. O'Donnell / MacDonnell / O'Donnelly

d. O'More / O'Moore

e. Others

IV. Historical Research

a. Irish Brigade

b. Irish Parliament, 1782

V. Religious Research

VI. Folklore

VII. General Notes


I. O'Curry

II. Publications by others


I.   Correspondence, 1860-63

1 [Transcription of a letter from Rev. James Henthorn Todd to John E. Pigot, concerning an application to Government to put Eugene O'Curry on the pension list.] (1860-10-01)   [View...]
2 [Letter from Diarmaid O'Donobhuin Rossa (Skibereen, County Cork) to Eugene O'Curry, apologising for not calling to see him on his recent visit to Dublin.] (1861-11-12)   [View...]
3 [Transcription of a letter from [Alexander Penrose Forbes], Bishop of Brechin, to [William Forbes Skene], regarding a testimonial letter for Eugene O'Curry.] (1862-05-26)   [View...]
4 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to 'My Lord', regarding a dinner invitation.]   [View...]
5 [Letter from Richard Madin (9 Great Denmark Street, Dublin) to the Rev. Mother Superior of the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy (Adelaide, Southern Australia), regarding an appeal on behalf of the family of the late Eugene O'Curry.] (1863-02-28)   [View...]

II.   Death Certificates, 1839-60

6 [Certificate of Prospect Cemetery for the interment of John Curry, Bayview Avenue, North Strand, Dublin.] (1841-04-11)   [View...]
7 [Certificate of Prospect Cemetery for the interment of Joseph Curry, Bayview Avenue, North Strand, Dublin.] (1839-08-03)   [View...]
8 [Permit for the erection of a headstone dedicated to Joseph Curry, interred at Prospect Catholic Cemetery on 3 August 1839.] (1845-03-04)   [View...]
9 [Certificate of Prospect Cemetery for the interment of Anne Curry, Portland Street, Dublin, aged 10 years.] (1851-05-02)   [View...]
10 [Certificate of Prospect Cemetery for the interment of Eugene Curry, Portland Street, Dublin, aged 23 years.] (1857-04-24)   [View...]
11 [Certificate of Prospect Cemetery for the interment of Anne Curry [née Broughton, wife of Eugene O'Curry], Portland Street, Dublin, aged 52 years.] (1858-04-19)   [View...]
12 [Certificate of Prospect Cemetery for the interment of Henry Curry, 2 Portland Street, Dublin, aged 28 years.] (1860-05-06)   [View...]

III.   Finances, 1838-62

13 [Fifty receipts for payment of rent by Eugene Curry [O'Curry] for various Dublin properties.] (1838-03-16/1862-07-04)   [View...]
14 [Copy of a letter of contract between Eugene O'Curry and William Hodgens, for the tenancy of 5 Portland Street, Dublin.] (1848-09-22)   [View...]
15 [Two letters of correspondence between Eugene O'Curry and his landlady, Anne Hodgens (Blackrock, County Dublin), concerning the tenancy of 2 Portland Street, Dublin.] (1860-06-25/1860-06-29)   [View...]
16 [Receipt for payment of Wide Street Tax by Eugene O'Curry.] (1838-03-08)   [View...]
17 [Demands and receipts for Income Tax payments.] (1859-03-08/1861-12-20)   [View...]
18 [Receipts for payment of school fees by Eugene O'Curry.] (1860-01/1861-06-20)   [View...]
19 [Receipts for payment of school fees by Eugene O'Curry.] (1859-11-07/1862-07-19)   [View...]
20 [General receipts, memos and requests for payments made by Eugene O'Curry.] (1841-04-07/1861-05-14)   [View...]


I.   Ordnance Survey, 1835-9

21 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry (Lunatic Asylum, Limerick) to Colonel Colby, regarding O'Curry's application for a job at the Ordnance Survey.] (1835-10-22)   [View...]
22 [Letter from John Duggan (10 Ely Place, Dublin) to Eugene O'Curry, enquiring about the existence of any legends connecting Lough Neagh, round towers and an ancient city.] (1839-11-18)   [View...]

II.   Royal Irish Academy, 1843-53

a.   General correspondence

23 [Letter from Michael O'Reilly (Ennistymon, County Clare) to Eugene O'Curry (Royal Irish Academy), mostly regarding Irish herbs, songs and music.] (1843-06-28)   [View...]
24 [Letter from Robert Shipboy McAdam (18 College Square, Belfast) to Eugene O'Curry (Royal Irish Academy), regarding various Irish manuscripts.] (1844-01-13)   [View...]
25 [Letter from Eugene O'Curry (Royal Irish Academy) to the Marquis of Kildare, concerning payment for translation work.] (1847-04-05)   [View...]
26 [Letter from Lord Farnham (Cavan) to Eugene O'Curry, concerning the Ormonde pedigrees.] (1849-02-05)   [View...]
27 [Galley proof of a letter from Charles Graves to Edward Clibborn, regarding the purchase of a collection of manuscripts from Sir William Betham.] (1849-02-19)   [View...]
28 [Letter from E.[dward] C.[libborn] (15 Charles Place, Plymouth, England) to Eugene O'Curry, mostly regarding Clibborn's recent marriage and requesting information on the history of Devon and Cornwall.] (1850-09-03)   [View...]
29 [Letter from Miss [Quinn] (Tallaght, County Dublin) to Eugene O'Curry, regarding various mottoes and their translation.] (1851-07-31)   [View...]
30 [Letter from Edmund Getty (Harbour Office, Belfast) to Eugene O'Curry (Royal Irish Academy, Grafton Street, Dublin), regarding a 'Patent to James Hamilton 3rd James the 1st'.] (1851-11-10)   [View...]
31 [Receipt from the Royal Irish Academy for an entrance subscription paid by Eugene O'Curry.] (1853-03-16)   [View...]
32 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry (Brehon Law Office, Trinity College) to James Scanlan, concerning the possibility of Dr. Foley becoming a member of the Royal Irish Academy.] (1859-07-20)   [View...]
33 [Copy, in Eugene O'Curry's hand, of a letter from John Thurnham, mostly containing queries on etymology; and on the invasions of Galloway from Ulster.]   [View...]
34 [Draft letter, in Eugene O'Curry's hand, to an unnamed correspondent, concerning a publication which he refers to as 'The Great Dictionary'.]   [View...]
35 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to the Council of the [Irish?] Archaeological Society, regarding payment for transcription work done by O'Curry.]   [View...]

b.   Father 'Mat' Horgan correspondence

36 [Letter from Mat Horgan P. P. (Blarney, County Cork) to Eugene O'Curry, containing a translation of an address to Daniel O'Connell by the Bard of Desmond.] (1845-06-04)   [View...]
37 [Letter from Mat Horgan to Eugene O'Curry, containing the text of two songs written in Irish.]   [View...]
38 [Printed letter from Mat Horgan to the editor of the 'Examiner', including a prayer in Irish with an English translation.] (1839-01-15)   [View...]

c.   Reverend William Reeves correspondence

39 [Letter from William Reeves (Ballymena, County Antrim) to Eugene O'Curry, requesting information on genealogical matters.] (1846-06-12)   [View...]
40 [Letter from William Reeves (Parsonage, Ballymena) to Eugene O'Curry, enquiring about the pedigree of MacArtan.] (1846-08-07)   [View...]

d.   James McCurtin correspondence

41 [Letter from James McCurtin (Moy, Lahinch, County Clare) to Eugene O'Curry, concerning McCurtin's translation of poetry and enclosing two poems.] (1845-11-22)   [View...]
42 [Letter from James McCurtin (Moy, Lahinch, County Clare) to Eugene O'Curry, enquiring about poetry sent to O'Curry and enclosing a poem with its Irish translation.] (1845/1846)   [View...]
43 [Letter from James McCurtin (Moy, Lahinch, County Clare) to James McGlashan (Dublin University Magazine), enclosing the first page of his biographical sketches of the modern bards of County Clare.] (1846-06-06)   [View...]
44 [Letter from James McCurtin (Moy, Lahinch, County Clare) to Eugene O'Curry, enquiring about pieces of writing he had sent to O'Curry.] (1847-02-04)   [View...]
45 [Letter from James McCurtin (Moy, Lahinch, County Clare) to Eugene O'Curry, regarding the fate of his biographical sketches.] (1847-04-20)   [View...]
46 [Letter from James McCurtin (Moy, Lahinch, County Clare) to Eugene O'Curry, regarding O'Curry's response to McCurtin's biographical sketches.] (1848-04-04)   [View...]
47 [Fragment of a poem in James McCurtin's hand, with notes in Eugene O'Curry's hand.]   [View...]
48 [Poem in James McCurtin's hand.]   [View...]
49 [Poem in Irish, in James McCurtin's hand.]   [View...]
50 [Pages from James McCurtin's biographical sketches.] (1846-06-06)   [View...]

e.   D. H. Kelly correspondence

51 [Letter from D. H. Kelly (Castle Kelly, County Roscommon) to Eugene O'Curry, returning a manuscript and including his own transcription of the same.] (1852-11-17)   [View...]
52 [Letter from D. H. Kelly (Castle Kelly, County Roscommon) to Eugene O'Curry, requesting advice on the translation of an Irish passage.] (1853-02-28)   [View...]
53 [Letter from D. H. Kelly (Castle Kelly, County Roscommon) to Eugene O'Curry, concerning the translation of an Irish text.] (1853-10-10)   [View...]
54 [Letter from D. H. Kelly to Eugene O'Curry, requesting help in the translation of a passage from 'Lebor na Huidre'.] (1854-09)   [View...]
55 [Letter from D. H. Kelly to Eugene O'Curry, asking for help in the translation of a lay.] (1850-07-07/1859-07-07)   [View...]

III.   Brehon Law Office, 1853

56 [Letter from John O'Donovan (36 Upper Buckingham Street) to Eugene O'Curry, concerning the work of the Brehon Law Commission.] (1853-09-01)   [View...]

IV.   Catholic University, 1855-62

a.   General correspondence

57 Letter from James O'Laverty (Portglenone) to Eugene O'Curry, discussing the discovery of six fonts in the shape of an Irish cross and a bronze vessel.] (1855-01-11)   [View...]
58 Letter from William Livingstone (54 Dale Street, Tradeston, Glasgow) to Eugene O'Curry (New University, Dublin), congratulating O'Curry on his appointment as 'Professor'; and discussing the study of the Gaelic literature of Scotland.] (1855-05-26)   [View...]
59 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to Edmund Getty (Ballast Office, Belfast), regarding research on the life of Saint Molaise of Devinish Island.] (1855-06-13)   [View...]
60 [Part of a letter from Eugene O'Curry (11 Judd Street, Brunswick Square, London) to 'My dear Doctor', regarding comments on the corrections of unspecified proofs.] (1855-07-24)   [View...]
61 [Letter from Timothy McMahon (Carrownisky) to Eugene O'Curry (No. 2, Portland Street, Dublin), concerning an inscription found on a tombstone.] (1855-07-30)   [View...]
62 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry (2 Portland Street North) to Dr. [George] Petrie, enlisting his support for Henry Alexander Donovan's appointment to a position with the National Board of Education.] (1857-08-18)   [View...]
63 [Letter from the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (24 George Street, Edinburgh) to Eugene O'Curry (Esq. M.R.I.A.), informing him that he has been elected as a corresponding member of the society.] (1857-12-04)   [View...]
64 [Copy of a letter from Eugene O'Curry (2 Portland Street North) to A. W. Barnett, concerning the erection of a monument to [John] Lanigan; and the skirmish between the 'Waterford Citizen' and the 'Irishman'.] (1860-02-19)   [View...]
65 [Letter from John O'Daly (9 Anglesea Street) to Eugene O'Curry, discussing a transcription of a fairy lullaby entitled 'An Seoithin'.] (1869-04-28)   [View...]
66 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to an unnamed correspondent, commenting on his poetry.] (1861-03-17)   [View...]
67 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry (2 Portland Street North, Dublin) to Rev. Philip Fitzgerald, concerning Irish poetry.] (1861-10-31)   [View...]
68 [Letter from [Jeremiah] Molony (Rosscarbery, Co. Cork) to Eugene O'Curry, requesting information on ecclesiastical history.] (1862-06-18)   [View...]
69 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to Rev. Harry Longueville Jones, accepting the status of honorary member of the Cambrian Archaeological Association.] (1862-06-26)   [View...]
70 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to William Lane Joynt, concerning a lecture to be given by Joynt.]   [View...]
71 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry, praising the unnamed recipient's ability to write the history of Limerick.]   [View...]

b.   Correspondence relating to Burke's Grammar

72 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to [John Henry Newman], criticising the 'Rev. Mr. Burke's Grammar'.] (1856-04-26)   [View...]
73 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry to Rev. Burke, giving his opinion on the sheets of grammar sent to him.] (1856-04-28)   [View...]


I.   Irish Manuscripts

a.   Source material

74 [Copy of a catalogue in the British Museum by Eugene O'Curry.]   [View...]
75 [Notes on a manuscript in the British Museum.]   [View...]
76 [List of 'Manuscripts in the possession of the Highland Society of Scotland'.]   [View...]
77 [List, in Eugene O'Curry's hand, of enquiries from Dr. Todd concerning the Stowe manuscript of the Annals of the Four Masters; also, tracings of watermarks in same.]   [View...]
78 [Notes and references [by Eugene O'Curry] to various catalogues and lists of Irish manuscripts.]   [View...]
79 [Notes and quotations [in Eugene O'Curry's hand] with reference numbers from various Irish manuscripts.]   [View...]

b.   Correspondence

80 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry to Charles Graves (Brussels), mostly discussing research on the 'Tripartite Life of Patrick' and other manuscripts.] (1847-09-12)   [View...]
81 [Letter from Edward [Coury?] to Eugene O'Curry, discussing his family's involvement with the Annals of the Four Masters.] (1858-05-17)   [View...]
82 [Letter from George Stephens to Eugene O'Curry, discussing O'Curry's health; Irish manuscripts in Scandinavia; and the origin of a casket.] (1862-04-04)   [View...]

II.   Poetry

a.   Poetry in Irish

83 [Poem in Irish entitled: 'Incipit reglum Mochuta Rathin du Forcetul .x. Timma for cech noenduine', with notes by Eugene O'Curry.]   [View...]
84 [Untitled poem in Irish. Begins: 'Air leaba araoir do shoileas fein theacht'.]   [View...]
85 [Eight lines of Irish poetry, stanzas 55 and 61 from '[Lect 36. N.6]'.]   [View...]
86 [Irish poem headed 'No 4' and signed by 'E.C.H'. Begins: 'Cad leabhar is cóir do ghrádhadh nís mó'...]   [View...]
87 [Untitled Irish poem. Begins: 'Cid tain lib in laecraid laind'...]   [View...]
88 [Untitled printed Irish poem. Begins: 'Gabhas bean Chonian am brat a chuireas uimpe le rachd'...]   [View...]
89 [Annotated galley proof of Irish poem. Begins: 'Caras Pátruic Puirt Macha'...]   [View...]
90 [Letter in Irish from Tomás McGeathagáin, including three stanzas of an Irish poem.] (1830)   [View...]
91 [Poem/prayer in Irish entitled 'Amtha Leonhad'.]   [View...]

b.   Poetry in English

92 [Untitled poem in English. Begins: 'To call down vengeance on my bended knee'...]   [View...]
93 [Untitled poem in English by Eugene O'Curry. Begins: 'Hail to the Chief now, he's [loct] through wi[th] whiskey'...]   [View...]
94 [Poem in English entitled [Clorosticks]. Begins: 'Just when pale Cinthia's modest beam'...]   [View...]
95 [Verses in English to be sung to the air of 'Molly Astore'. Begins: 'The moon shot forth a silvery beam'...]   [View...]
96 [Poem in English entitled: 'O'Donoghoe of the Glen's lamentation for his little spaniel Drummeen'.]   [View...]
97 [Poem in English entitled: 'The Statue of Moore'.] (1856-10-15)   [View...]
98 [Poem in English: 'Translation of 'Mac Brodin's advice to Donough O'Brien by A. W. Harnett'.] (1841-02-03)   [View...]
99 [Galley proof of a poem in English, Irish and another Celtic language. English version begins: ' 'Twas on a day Finn went to drink'...]   [View...]
100 [Incomplete notes on the life and work of Alexander Pope.]   [View...]
101 [Poem in English entitled: 'Mac Liag's lament for the fall of Kincora'...]   [View...]

III.   Genealogy

a.   Connell

102 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry, (Brehon Law Office, Trinity College, Dublin), concerning an enquiry on the etymology of the name 'Connell'. ] (1861-02)   [View...]

b.   Corr

103 [Letter from Mathew Dawes (Westbrooke, Bolton, England) to Eugene O'Curry, concerning research into his family tree.] (1848-09-25)   [View...]
104 [Letter from Mathew Dawes (Westbrooke, Bolton, England) to Eugene O'Curry, concerning research into his family tree.] (1848-12-23)   [View...]
105 [Research notes on the names 'Corr' and 'O'Coir'.]   [View...]

c.   O'Donnell / MacDonnell / O'Donnelly

106 [Letter from Hodges & Smith to Eugene O'Curry, making enquiries about Red Hugh O'Donnel.] (1838-09-06)   [View...]
107 [Transcript from a book 'written by Calyen'.]   [View...]
108 [Notes, in Eugene O'Curry's hand, taken from a catalogue in Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin.]   [View...]
109 [Transcript of an inquisition taken at Dungannon Court, County Tyrone; and various notes.]   [View...]

d.   O'More / O'Moore

110 [Letter from Charles J. MacDonnell (Hotel de Londres à Liège, en Belgique) to Eugene O'Curry, discussing the genealogy of the O'Mores of Leix and Sarsfield; and sources on the history of the Irish Brigade.] (1850-08-06)   [View...]
111 [Short note with quotation from a speech by Sir John Davis given in parliament on 21 May 1616.]   [View...]
112 [Notes from a patent of the reign of James I, referring to the O'More and Moore families.]   [View...]
113 [Note referring to the O'More and Moore families.]   [View...]
114 [Notes from a manuscript giving the names of the leaders of the Leinster families during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.]   [View...]
115 [Poem in English beginning: 'Leinster expects her delivery '...]   [View...]
116 [Notes and references to the name 'O'Moore' in various manuscripts.]   [View...]
117 [General notes referring to the O'Mores of County Laois and County Offaly.]   [View...]

e.   Others

118 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry to George Petrie (Cahir), concerning research into the Cahir family and the Butlers.]   [View...]
119 [Draft letter from Eugene O'Curry (Royal Irish Academy) to an unnamed source, concerning the Irish origins of the name 'Dooley'.]   [View...]
120 [Draft title of a discussion on 'The History of the Geraldines [...] by Eugene O'Curry, 1847'.] (1847)   [View...]
121 [Notes concerning genealogies of members of the O'Malley family.]   [View...]
122 [Notes and references relating to genealogical research.]   [View...]

IV.   Historical Research

a.   Irish Brigade

123 [Letter from L'Abbé O'Brien (Brunoy, France) to Thomas O'Gorman (9 Jervis Street, Dublin), regarding payment for the signature of the 'Roy d'armes'.] (1789-03-07)   [View...]

b.   Irish Parliament, 1782

124 [Article from 'Walker's Hibernian Magazine [...]', entitled 'Mr. Grattan's Letter to his Fellow-Citizens of Dublin'.] (1797-07)   [View...]
125 [Article from a periodical headed 'A character of Lord Chatham'...] (1782-12)   [View...]
126 [Part of the text of an article from 'Walker's Hibernian Magazine', containing memoirs of James Fitzgerald.] (1800-01-07)   [View...]
127 [Article from 'Walker's Hibernian Magazine [...]', containing a biographical sketch of John Egan, Chairman of Kilmainham'.] (1800-04)   [View...]
128 [Article from 'Walker's Hibernian Magazine [...]', entitled 'Memoirs of Francis Dobbs'.] (1800-06-26)   [View...]
129 [Pages 289-296 (Chapter XIII) of a publication, outlining the life of Denis Daly.]   [View...]
130 [Transcription & cuttings from chapter XXVII of ['The Men of 1782'], entitled: 'Hussey Burgh: His Character'.]   [View...]
131 [Handwritten note referring to a list of marriages in December 1782 in 'Walker's Hibernian Magazine'.]   [View...]

V.   Religious Research

132 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry (14 Gloucestor Street, Queen's Square, Bloomsbury, London) to Lord [Buckingham], seeking permission to consult to a manuscript containing the 'martyrology of Aengus the Culdee'.] (1849-05-19)   [View...]
133 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry (Royal Irish Academy) to Arthur Sparrow (Penn, Moberhampton), mostly discussing prayers for the dead, invocations to the saints, the Book of Armagh, and his work with Irish manuscripts.] (1850/1859)   [View...]
134 [Notes by Eugene O'Curry, concerning the origin of the 'Ceile De (Servus Dei)'.]   [View...]
135 [Notes in Eugene O'Curry's hand from the 'Life of Saint Malachy'.]   [View...]
136 [Copy of inscription from a silver gilt chalice at Fernyhalgh, Lancashire.]   [View...]
137 [Index of place-names mentioned in the 'Life of St. MacCreiche', in Eugene O'Curry's hand.]   [View...]
138 [Short notes and references, in Eugene O'Curry's hand, concerning research into topics of a religious nature.]   [View...]

VI.   Folklore

139 [Letter from [J. Dillon] (Brakenstown) to [J. Todd], discussing the use of herbs in traditional cures.] (1848-02-01)   [View...]
140 [Letter from Ultin [J. Dillon] to Shemus of Ultina [J. Todd], giving an account of bonfires in his area.] (1848-02-09)   [View...]

VII.   General Notes

141 [Music notation [for harp] with counterpoint.]   [View...]
142 [Translation from a Scottish manuscript referring to a Lady Marion and the 'Tyrant of Lanark'.]   [View...]
143 [Short notes, scraps and brief references to a variety of topics and manuscripts.]   [View...]
144 [List of place names along with Irish equivalents and explanatory translations of names.]   [View...]
145 [Brief notes in Irish on various topics, and short sections of quotation from Irish manuscripts.]   [View...]
146 [Letter written in Old Irish to Eugene O'Curry from Tomás Mc[R]athghamhna, [concerning a job application].]   [View...]
147 [Text headed 'Egerton 174. p172 [...]'.]   [View...]


I.   O'Curry

148 [Notice for the publication of a course of lectures delivered by Eugene O'Curry.] (1860)   [View...]
149 [Copy letter from Eugene O'Curry (2 Portland Street North) to Rev. Dr. Woodlock, regarding the reception of a book of O'Curry's.] (1861-08-15)   [View...]
150 [Two copies of a galley proof of a review of Eugene O'Curry's publication on the manuscript sources of ancient Irish history.] (1855/1865)   [View...]
151 [Galley proof of a review article by James Duffy on 'Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History [...] by Eugene O'Curry'.] (1855/1865)   [View...]
152 [Printed leaflet advertising the publication of 'Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History [...] by Eugene O'Curry'.] (1855/1865)   [View...]

II.   Publications by others

153 [Handwritten transcript of an article entitled 'Impropriate tithes - Important Decision'.] (1837-12-16)   [View...]
154 [Transcribed copy of a letter to the editor of the 'Evening Packet' from 'An Irish Catholic', regarding the Catholic University.] (1856-01-19)   [View...]
155 [Handwritten copy of a letter from Michael Gibbons P.P. (Kilconly, County Kilkenny) to the editor of the 'Freeman's Journal', concerning [George?] Petrie's opinion of an inscription on the cross of Cong.] (1856-07-07)   [View...]
156 [Printed prospectus for proposed publication of a 'Literary and Scientific Periodical', to be published by the Catholic University.] (1857-05-06)   [View...]
157 [Printed advertisement for 'Dearforgil', a historical romance of 1152-1172 [...]', sent to Eugene O'Curry by the author.] (1857)   [View...]
158 Something about Poseys / by Robert Day Junior.   [View...]

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