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Diary of John Oram : 1st January 1854 - 31st December 1857

Diary commencing 1st of January 1854 ending 31st December 1857

Abstract: The 1st of 6 diaries by John Oram, covering the period January 1854–December 1857. For the most part the diaries record the day-to-day administration of the estate managed by John Oram in Burrishoole, County Mayo. The estate was owned by Captain Alexander Wyndham. Each of the diaries consist of one-line entries recording the management of the herds on the estate, the purchase of feed, management of the fisheries, sowing crops, collecting rents, settling terms with existing and new tenants, drawing up leases, attending the Assizes, and the upkeep of buildings and roads. Also attending markets and the buying and selling of livestock. An observation about the weather is made for each daily entry. Also refers to unusual meteorological events, astronomical events, and current affairs. In general John Oram concludes his diary for each year summarising the number of days of rain and dry days, the harvest, prices for livestock and a few lines of religious verse.

In collection Diaries of John and Arthur Oram

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Burrishoole, Co. Mayo : John Oram
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Diary is written from Maryland House, a tower on the Burrishoole Estate. This was the first house occupied by John Oram and his family. Includes: -Records visit of Captain Wyndham, the owner of the Burrishoole estate from England (9 March 1854). -Notes the beginning of the salmon fishing season (14 March 1854). -Records that he sent salmon to the Duke of Leinster and Lord Fitzgerald (15 March 1854). -Records that 102 salmon were caught (20 July 1854). -Refers to a letter from Captain Wyndham expressing his wish to get rid of the dairy and to invest in a better breed of sheep (31 August 1854). -Refers to a riot at Knockbrega (1 October 1854). -Records the sale of the dairy herd and remarks '… gone at last a very good riddance …' (16 October 1854). -Remarks that he received a 'threatening' letter (8 November 1854). -Reviews the weather over the preceding year comparing the number of 'Fair' days and 'Rain' days (31 December 1854). -Records the move of his family to their new home in Corraunboy and remarks '… very glad to make the change' (18 January 1855). -Records that he caught fourteen salmon and notes that the boat crew got drunk. Remarks 'Whiskey and Popery the two curses of Ireland—the land cannot bear them both' (18 April 1855). -Refers to the fall of Sevastopol during the Crimean War (11 September 1855). -Notes a 'splendid harvest thank God' (14 September 1855). -Remarks that he was appointed agent to the Estate replacing the former incumbent Caine whom Captain Wyndham '… let off … without prosecution' (13, 14 November 1855). -Records his thankfulness to God for the end of another year and expresses his wish for continued good fortune (31 December 1855). -Notes his attendance at a preliminary meeting to establish a farmers' club at Newport (23 January 1856). -Records that a farmers' club has been established in Newport with Sir Richard O'Donnell as President (6 February 1856). -Refers to Sir Richard O'Donnell's resignation as President following a difference of opinion with MacQueen. Also notes that his son Charles is very ill (2 May 1856). -Records the death of his son. 'My poor dear Charley left earth for heaven this day—dear blessed babe, he is with James' (11 May 1856). -Records Charles' funeral 'Dear, dear innocent' (16 May 1856). -Records the laying of the foundation stone of the Wesleyan Chapel in Newport (5 September 1856). -Remarks that Captain Wyndham has refused to give him permission to act as an agent for Colonel Vaughan (13 December 1856). -Remarks that he sent a letter to Captain Wyndham '… telling him my mind as above …' (14 December 1856). -Records his thoughts on the last day of the year. Remembers his son Charley (31 December 1856). -Records the birth of his son James (9 February 1857). -Refers to the month of April as the coldest and wettest on record and remarks that hundreds of cattle died on the mountains (30 April 1857). -Records an account of his visit to England (7–28 June 1857). -Remarks that he was elected Inspector of Fisheries for Burrishoole and Achill (5 September 1857). -Records the finishing of the harvest and remarks '… a finer harvest never known in Ireland—thank God …' (19 August 1857). -Concludes his diary for the year referring to Captain Wyndham and the loss of his first wife. Refers also to the death of Captain Wyndham's daughter, her husband and child in the Indian Mutiny of 1857 (31 December 1857).
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