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Diary of John Oram : 11th July 1888 - 8th August 1898

Diary no. 5 : commencing the 11th July 1888

Abstract: The 5th of 6 diaries by John Oram, covering the period July 1888–August 1898. For the most part the diaries record the day-to-day administration of the estate managed by John Oram in Burrishoole, County Mayo. The estate was owned by Captain Alexander Wyndham. Each of the diaries consist of one-line entries recording the management of the herds on the estate, the purchase of feed, management of the fisheries, sowing crops, collecting rents, settling terms with existing and new tenants, drawing up leases, attending the Assizes, and the upkeep of buildings and roads. Also attending markets and the buying and selling of livestock. An observation about the weather is made for each daily entry. Also refers to unusual meteorological events, astronomical events, and current affairs. In general John Oram concludes his diary for each year summarising the number of days of rain and dry days, the harvest, prices for livestock and a few lines of religious verse.

In collection Diaries of John and Arthur Oram

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Lovington, England ; Little Weston, England : John Oram
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Includes: - Remarks that he has heard that Priest Greally has purchased Teevemore (22 October 1888). - Concludes his diary for 1888 referring to the weather and harvest and the entire area of the Wincanton division being declared infected due to foot and mouth disease (31 December 1888). - Records the death of Mrs E. Oram (9 January 1889). - Refers to an outbreak of cattle disease in Weston and remarks that 25 animals had to be killed (14 January 1889). - Remarks that he has received a letter from his son Arthur regarding the difficulty in settling the Teevemore account and rent arrears (18 March 1889). - Remarks that he has resigned the office of Guardian and Waywarden (25 March 1889). - Refers to a letter from America from his son John informing the family of the death of John's wife (12 January 1890). - Remarks that he has received a letter regarding the purchase of the Teevemore lease (29 April 1890). - Records that he 'gave up' Teevemore to his son Arthur (30 September 1890). - Remarks that he finished reading the Bible and that he has begun again (19 October 1890). - Refers to his cousin John Oram's funeral, 'aged 90' (15 January 1891). - Remarks that he reported 'sheep scab' in his flock and that restrictions were put in place (23 February 1892) - Reports that the restrictions have been lifted by the veterinary inspector (12 April 1892). - Remarks that John, James and '3 girls' arrived from America (14 June 1892). - Remarks that Emma married Alfred Hinxman (12 August 1892). - Remarks that he offered the farm and stock to Mr Emerson (22 August 1892). - Records that he received a letter from the Commissioners agreeing to the transfer to Mr Emerson (9 September 1892). - Remarks that he got the keys to the house at Weston Bampfylde (10 September 1892). - Remarks that he travelled to London with Mr Emerson to arrange the surrender of the farm (15 September 1892) - Records his departure from Lovington and arrival at Weston to live in 'Mr Lye's old house!' (17 September 1892). - Concludes his diary for 1892 describing the season as very 'trying' for farmers. Continues '… an extraordinary year on the whole—to me it is so on account of our family gathering in August and my giving up business and coming to live at Weston Bampfylde in September—having left it in August 1841 …' (31 December 1892). - Records the marriage of Edith to Walter Loveridge (15 February 1893). - Records that he made his will and had it signed and attested (26 September 1894). - Records the news of the resignation of the Prime Minister, Lord Rosebery (26 June 1895). - Refers to the election and reports that the Unionists have performed well at the polls (16 July 1895). - Remarks that he 'engaged with Mr Bennett to take charge of the manor' (10 October 1896). - Reports the news of William McKinley's election as the 25th President of the United States (5 November 1896). - Refers to Alfred's appointment [to the Ulster Bank] in Letterkenny (18 December 1896). - Records the death of Marshall Bartlett (12 June 1897). - Records the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria (20 June 1897). - Refers to his 50th anniversary (18 July 1898). -Concludes with list of tracts circulated in Little Weston.
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