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Diary of Arthur Oram : 1st January - 31st December 1898

Dollard's scribbling diary for 1898

Abstract: The 12th of 33 diaries of John Oram’s son, Arthur Oram, farmer and land agent, County Mayo. Covers the period January–December 1898. Arthur's diaries record his day-to-day work on the farm, the management of the land under his care, the management of the animals and crops, the buying and selling of livestock at local markets. Also repairing fences, farm buildings, roads and ensuring their upkeep. The diaries also note the weather for each day, his commitments at the Assizes, attendance at the Petty Sessions and other community work relevant to his social standing. He alludes to his work as an elected representative on the Board of Conservators, his membership of the Drainage Committee and the Railway Committee, the surveying and valuing of land, the advertising and awarding of tenders, and the commissioning and inspection of work carried out in respect of these two committees. Arthur also refers frequently to the difficulty in collecting rents from tenants. The diaries record rents received, name of tenant and amount. He refers to events and milestones reached in his own family, attendance at church and the regular company the Orams kept with their neighbours and extended family. The diaries also make reference to current affairs.

In collection Diaries of John and Arthur Oram

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Burrishoole, Co. Mayo : Arthur Oram
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108 p. : ill.
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Condition: Ink stains and text bleed through on many pages. Some of the blotting pages have been torn out.
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Includes: - Remarks that he spoke to two tenants: 'Mrs Muldone re rent which she is evidently not inclined to pay, spoke to Michael Grady re rent … who refuses to pay any rent …alleging that no rent having been demanded for many years he is now not liable I am astonished as I have regularly paid the 4th year for him' (6 January 1898). - Remarks that Michael Grady agrees to pay and that the case is settled. Remarks that he sent a wire to Mr M.J. Kelly to inform him of the outcome (7 February 1898). - Refers to a meeting of the Relief Works Committee. Arthur Oram served as Honorary Secretary on the Committee (14 February 1898). - Refers to a rumour that an Anti-grazing Crowd were to assemble and were planning a protest. Remarks that the police approached him, asking if he anticipated any trouble or if the crowd meant him any personal harm 'I informed them decidedly not.' Remarks that approximately 300 people arrived with Mr P Grady acting as spokesperson. On behalf of the crowd he asked for work on the land and failing that the land to be divided up among the people. 'I replied that I gave as much work as I could … that I had no land of any great extent Grady said "what about Teevemore?" I said that I believed they were all aware how I was treated about Teevemore, how I am and have being paying £60 a year or over … owing to Rev Canon Greally without saying a word to me buying it over my head … several in the crowd said they knew about it. Grady then asked if I would sell Teevemore if the Congested Districts Board, Canon Greally and I could agree, I replied "yes" but the first condition I insist on is that I am restored to the position I was deprived of by Canon Greally and that then I would meet the CDB, they said that was all they wanted, thanked me and left' (15 February 1898). - Includes a handwritten statement by Michael Dever, Water Bailiff, pasted into the diary. Describes coming across a boat with three men in it at the tidal area of the Burrishoole fishery. He was alerted to their presence by a noise 'as if an anchor was being thrown.' The men in the boat saw Dever and turned towards the sea. Dever eventually caught up with the boat and boarded it. Remarks that he demanded to inspect their net which the men refused. Describes a struggle. At Ardagh harbour Dever measured one of their nets using a penny and found that the mesh 'was considerably larger that the breadth of the penny. Names the men as John Fergus, A. Conway and M. O'Grady. Arthur Oram contributes to the statement remarking that Dever, during the struggle, threatened one of the men, Fergus, with the butt of his gun and pointed the muzzle at him (30 June 1898). - Remarks that he went to see the effects of Mr Carey's drainage of the lake and that he was shocked to see 'cracks and landslips' caused by the drainage (26 July 1898). - Remarks that he asked John and Owen Coyne to come to do some work on the farm but 'he expresses his great sorrow that he cannot, as if he does Pat, his son, will leave … John Coyne's health evidently failing under the coercion of the UIL.' (the United Ireland League) (28 July 1898). - Remarks that he discovered two boys trying to drive yearlings into the river and that he found two boats which he took. (15 August 1898). - Refers to the new owner of Burrishoole as Mr Anketell-Jones. Also provides a brief history of the owners of Burrishoole. Ashworth sold the estate to Captain Wyndham who in turn sold it to Mr Victor C. Kennedy. The estate then passed to Kennedy's son, Mr J. Kennedy whose executors sold it to Anketell-Jones (22 September 1898). - Describes the day appointed to collect rents from the Burrishoole tenants and the difficulty in reaching an agreement satisfactory to all parties (19 October 1898). - Describes the collection of rents from the Clogher Estate tenants (23 November 1898).
Oram, Arthur, 1853-1919 --Diaries
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