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Diary of Arthur Oram : 1st January - 31st December 1902

Hely's scribbling diary for 1902

Abstract: The 16th of 33 diaries of John Oram’s son, Arthur Oram, farmer and land agent, County Mayo. Covers the period January–December 1902. Arthur's diaries record his day-to-day work on the farm, the management of the land under his care, the management of the animals and crops, the buying and selling of livestock at local markets. Also repairing fences, farm buildings, roads and ensuring their upkeep. The diaries also note the weather for each day, his commitments at the Assizes, attendance at the Petty Sessions and other community work relevant to his social standing. He alludes to his work as an elected representative on the Board of Conservators, his membership of the Drainage Committee and the Railway Committee, the surveying and valuing of land, the advertising and awarding of tenders, and the commissioning and inspection of work carried out in respect of these two committees. Arthur also refers frequently to the difficulty in collecting rents from tenants. The diaries record rents received, name of tenant and amount. He refers to events and milestones reached in his own family, attendance at church and the regular company the Orams kept with their neighbours and extended family. The diaries also make reference to current affairs.

In collection Diaries of John and Arthur Oram

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Burrishoole, Co. Mayo : Arthur Oram
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Includes: - Refers to a meeting of Conservators remarking that he handed in his resignation with a view to being appointed Clerk. Remarks that his resignation was not accepted owing to there being confusion over the legality of this action (18 February 1902). - Remarks that he interviewed a number of the Clogher Estate defaulters (7 March 1902). - Refers to a meeting of Conservators and remarks that Mr William Nixon was appointed clerk (12 March 1902). - Refers to a Vestry meeting at Newport where he is elected to continue as Treasurer and Secretary. Remarks that despite not receiving approval from Revd O'Connor it was agreed to approach the Representative Church Body concerning the poor state of the graveyard (31 March 1902). - Refers to the appointment of James Stevenson, a native of Athlone, to the position of Chief Constable of Glasgow (2 April 1902). - Refers to the arrival of Mr Anketell-Jones on his new yacht which set sail from Southend (2 July 1902). - Refers to a letter from Mr Stoney who has offered a further £20 subscription to the school on condition that certain texts for religious instruction are used in the school. Remarks that he submitted the letter to Revd O'Conor (11 September 1902). - Refers to the children's party in the school and the magic lantern and gramophone entertainment provided by Mr Anketell-Jones (30 December 1902).
Oram, Arthur, 1853-1919 --Diaries
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Burrishoole (Ireland : Parish)
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