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Ireland, India, Australia

Abstract: Large, hardbound, green photograph album titled 'Ireland, India, Australia' containing 177 black and white photographs (of assorted sizes), capturing aspects of life in Australia, Spain, India, Colombo and Ireland. In 1903, whilst travelling from India to Australia their ship encountered difficulties, M. Michael and her travelling companion, M. Attracta Coffey IBVM, sought shelter with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Colombo. (Note the rear cover of the album has the following text embedded: 'Sunny Memories'.) Other miscellaneous photographs include a portrait photograph of a man captioned as 'A Cingalese'; unidentified pupil playing a violin and a photographic image of the 'Shroud of Turin'. Some of the photographs are captioned, many are not.

In collection M. Michael Corcoran's Photograph Albums

Original version
M. Michael Corcoran
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still image
Physical description
1 album (177 photographs) : b&w and sepia
33 x 29 cm
Presentation: Paged
Physical description: Photograph dimensions: varies from 13.1 x 10.3 cm to 6.5 x 5.1 cm as viewed through mount.
Scope and content
The album in particular features photographs of daily life outside the confines of the convent in India and Colombo, and as such offers unique images of individuals, houses, living conditions and street scenes in Calcutta, Bombay, Darjeeling, Asensol, Entally, Morapai, Lucknow, in India and in Colombo. They also include photographs of unidentified individuals, in national or local dress in Calcutta and Bombay; gardeners and 'servants' in Calcutta, Darjeeling and Asensol; and traditional musicians in Calcutta. Also of note are photographs of Sisters standing beside men riding camels in Lucknow; Sisters and pupils seated on an elephant in Lucknow; animals, groups of children and adults in theatrical costumes with elaborate masks; Sisters engaged in various work including carpentry, (most likely in India, but location unknown); a Sister at work in Asensol; a Sister looking through a telescope, and a Sister gardening in Morapai. In Colombo, M. Michael captured photographs of the Little Sisters of Poor with their cart, along with images from the streets of Colombo capturing of daily life.
Scope and content
Photographs from Australia are similar in theme to those found in the other albums in this series, and include photographs of Sisters and pupils in 'the bush' in Hornsby and images of Sydney Harbour. Of note are photographs of two pupils dressed in Celtic costumes for a play, location unidentified, and a group of pupils in costume in a tableau, location unknown, most likely Australia. The album also features two photographs of M. Gonzaga Barry IBVM, including one with M. Dorothea Frizelle IBVM seated together at a beach.
Scope and content
Photographs of her travels include views of harbours in Tilbury, farm animals in Castilleja, Spain; Sisters and other passengers on board 'The Orizaba'; views of Port Said; unidentified girls in traditional dress in Spain and images of Venice. Of particular interest are the images of Sisters from the Roman branches of the IBVM in Rome and Pompeii, some of which also features M. Stanislaus Murphy IBVM (Spanish Provincial) and M. Michael Corcoran IBVM.
Scope and content
A limited number of photographs from Irish convents are also present and include Sisters in the grounds in Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham; men turning hay in Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham; Sisters gathered at an unidentified beach, possibly Balbriggan; Boys playing 'wheelbarrow' on a lawn or field, in an unidentified location; a family in Kilkenny; a dog in Wexford; sea views in Balbriggan and Bray; Sisters seated with animals in Wexford; a Sister and pupil in Killarney which appeared in Loreto Magazine; and a group of pupils (girls and boys) identified as Killarney, some of whom are barefoot.
Previous reference number: IR/25B.
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