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Rathfarnham 1905

Abstract: Large, hard bound, light brown photograph album, containing 16 panoramic, black and white photographs, capturing buildings and grounds in Rathfarnham, and two sea views. Embossed on the front cover is 'Kodak Panorams'. This album should be viewed alongside M. Michael Corcoran's other images of Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham. Few of the photographs are captioned, most are not.

In collection M. Michael Corcoran's Photograph Albums

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M. Michael Corcoran
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still image
Physical description
1 album (16 photographs) : b&w and sepia + 1 postcard
20 x 45 cm
Presentation: Paged
Physical description: Photograph dimensions: 9 x 30 cm as viewed through mount.
Condition: In very delicate condition, mounts have become detached from binding.
Scope and content
The photographs capture various views of Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham, including two front views which are dated March 1905 and August 1905. A view of the Abbey taken from a roof; a front view of the house partially obscured by shrubs in the driveway; views of the rear of the Abbey which highlight the large agricultural hinterland which surrounded the Abbey are of note. In one photograph, secular visitors stand before the front steps, a horse and carriage behind them, it is unclear if they are arriving or departing. There are several photographs of pupils and Sisters gathered in playing fields to the rear of the Abbey – in many of these, dogs are also present; one such photograph is taken from a considerable height, and in some farm labourers are captured turning freshly cut hay. There are some photographs of Abbey fields or paddocks with sheep and lambs, in one a lay Sister feeds them from her apron, and the Abbey farm buildings and sheds are visible in the background. In another photograph of a paddock with sheep, lambs and poultry, four Sisters, one lay and three choir Sisters stand in the field with a group of young pupils, the number of young trees in bloom in the paddock is noticeable. In one photograph of the 'Lawn' at the Abbey, fifteen Sisters walk through the grass. In one photograph, the newly built wing which housed the art room, science room, etc is beautifully captured, along with adjacent formal flower beds, the gatehouse, farm buildings, farm sheds and the surrounding open countryside captured in the background. One photograph of the rear of the Abbey is annotated as being taken from the 'N. Past', and partially captures a conservatory in the Abbey grounds. A postcard from M. Aquinas [Cullinan IBVM] dated August 1913, has been inserted and features three children on the front lawn where hay has been cut but not harvested, with a terrier. There are two photographs of unidentified sea scenes, a view of an unidentified harbour, boats are anchored and a seven arch bridge on the left; and a view of a shoreline, with yacht in distance, which is captioned 'near Balbriggan'.
Previous reference number: IR/30.
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Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary --Photographs
Loreto Abbey (Rathfarnham, Ireland) --Photographs
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Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. IBVM (Loreto) Institute & Irish Province Archives . MC/PHO/6
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